Pros Pick: UFC 87

By Mike Sloan Aug 7, 2008
With one of the more intriguing tripleheaders in recent memory taking place at UFC 87 on Saturday, turned to the pros for predictions on Georges St. Pierre (Pictures) vs. Jon Fitch (Pictures), Roger Huerta (Pictures) vs. Kenny Florian (Pictures) and Brock Lesnar (Pictures) vs. Heath Herring (Pictures).

Georges St. Pierre (Pictures) vs. Jon Fitch (Pictures)

Nick Thompson (Pictures): St. Pierre via TKO in the second.
Ricardo Liborio (Pictures): GSP.
Nathan Marquardt (Pictures): St. Pierre by TKO in round three.
Gabe Ruediger (Pictures): Personally I think GSP and Fitch can go either way.
Bryan Harper: GSP by either submission or ground-and-pound.
Vinicius Magalhaes (Pictures): GSP by either ground-and-pound or submission.
Din Thomas (Pictures): GSP’s standup has vastly improved, but his chin is still a question mark. I don’t think Fitch can take him down and keep him down. He has to test GSP’s chin. That’ll be difficult to do so. I’ll say GSP by decision in his toughest test yet.
Alan Belcher (Pictures): GSP third-round TKO.
Rob Kimmons (Pictures): St. Pierre.
Chris Lytle (Pictures): I like GSP.
Mike Whitehead (Pictures): Fitch.
Cung Le (Pictures): Jon Fitch (Pictures).
Jason Lambert (Pictures): It’s a pick ‘em.
Cub Swanson (Pictures): GSP.
David Loiseau (Pictures): GSP. He will surprise everyone, maybe even himself on how well he will perform. I’ve been training with him for years, and his progression is incredible.
Doug Marshall (Pictures): GSP.
Eddy Millis (Pictures): GSP via sub.
Spencer Fisher (Pictures): Fitch.
Pros picking GSP: 13
Pros picking Fitch: 3
Pros undecided: 2

Roger Huerta (Pictures) vs. Kenny Florian (Pictures)

Nick Thompson (Pictures): Florian via decision.
Ricardo Liborio (Pictures): Florian.
Nathan Marquardt (Pictures): Huerta by decision.
Gabe Ruediger (Pictures): Florian by submission.
Bryan Harper: Florian by submission.
Vinicius Magalhaes (Pictures): Florian by submission.
Din Thomas (Pictures): Florian will out-technique Huerta due to a masterful game plan devised by a superb coaching staff.
Alan Belcher (Pictures): Florian split decision.
Rob Kimmons (Pictures): Huerta.
Chris Lytle (Pictures): I like Florian.
Mike Whitehead (Pictures): Florian.
Nathan Quarry (Pictures): Florian. I love Huerta, but Florian is just on another level right now.
Cung Le (Pictures): Roger H.
Jason Lambert (Pictures): Huerta
Cub Swanson (Pictures): Florian
David Loiseau (Pictures): Huerta. Heart of a lion, will never quit, insane stamina. He will take the decision.
Doug Marshall (Pictures): Ken Flo.
Eddy Millis (Pictures): Huerta by decision.
Spencer Fisher (Pictures): K-Flo.

Pros picking Huerta: 6
Pros picking Florian: 12

Heath Herring (Pictures) vs. Brock Lesnar (Pictures)

Nick Thompson (Pictures): Brock via decision.
Gabe Ruediger (Pictures): Lesnar by ground-and-pound.
Bryan Harper: Lesnar by ground-and-pound.
Vinicius Magalhaes (Pictures): Lesnar by ground-and-pound.
Alan Belcher (Pictures): Herring second-round TKO.
Din Thomas (Pictures): Lesnar will smother Herring in a boring decision.
Rob Kimmons (Pictures): Herring.
Chris Lytle (Pictures): I like Lesnar.
Mike Whitehead (Pictures): Herring.
Cung Le (Pictures): Brock.
Jason Lambert (Pictures): Lesnar.
Scott Lighty (Pictures): Herring to win. He’s one of my favorite fighters.
Cub Swanson (Pictures): Lesnar.
David Loiseau (Pictures): Herring. I think MMA experience will be a huge factor that will get the victory.
Doug Marshall (Pictures): Herring.
Eddy Millis (Pictures): Herring by KO.

Pros picking Herring: 7
Pros picking Lesnar: 9
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