Ribeiro Impresses at Shooto Brazil

By Gleidson Venga Jan 28, 2008
RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan. 26 -- The beautiful Upper Academy was once again the stage Saturday for Shooto Brazil. An evening of excellent fights highlighted the event's well-organized fifth installment.

"I am impressed with what I saw here, a great organization, something first rate," Wallid Ismail (Pictures) said.

The night started well with a fight between Ralph Loren (RFT) and Dionizio Didi (Niteroi). After imposing his game in the first round, Loren traded blows with Didi and broke his nose at the start of the second round, forcing a doctor's stoppage.

Filipe (Nova União/Boxe Thai) was cornered early in his fight against Paulo Gonçalves (Tatá). Gonçalves fought with a good rhythm, but he was surprised in an exchange at the end of the first round. Reversing the early tide, Filipe connected with some good punches and knocked out his opponent.

In the third fight of the night, Alexandre Pulga (NG Combate) made his MMA debut against Johnson (Pequeno) and showed a sharp ground game. From the beginning, Pulga sought to fight on the floor. Even from the bottom he was more offensive, always trying to submit his foe and mainly attacking with omoplatas.

Pulga's victory came in the third round, when he reached the mount and ended the fight with a series of punches for the TKO.

Robson Relma (Relma MMA) pressed the action early against Diogo Brucutu (Ruas Vale Tudo). Brucutu remained calm and went on to take control with good takedowns and good striking.

The Ruas Vale Tudo fighter returned even better in the second round. After taking Relma's back, he submitted him with a rear-naked choke.

"Brucutu started slowly but soon found himself and imposed his game," said Pedro Rizzo (Pictures). "He trained a lot and deserves congratulations on the victory."

The tough Dinarti (Kimura/Nova União) traveled from Natal for the event and fought well against Jose Gledson (Tatá). Gledson came out straight after Dinarti, who defended himself and then assumed control of the fight. After passing the guard and taking the back, Dinarti punished his opponent with several punches before the ref stopped the bout.

Hernani (Nova União) and Francisco Pimba (Nocaute Fight) entertained fans with a very active fight. Pimba was all over his opponent, who defended well and struck back dangerously. In the second round, Hernani eventually reached Pimba's back, where he secured a beautiful armbar.

The seventh battle of the event featured Will Ribeiro (Minotauro Team/Boxe Thai) pushing an unbelievable pace against André Lobo (Carlos Henrique).

A former member of the Brazilian Olympic boxing team, Ribeiro showed his crafty hands and an extensive repertoire of techniques. He also had the advantage on the floor, where he punished his foe.

The end came on the feet after Ribeiro connected with two strong blows that knocked out Lobo in the first round.

"I trained quite a lot for this fight and I introduced myself very well," Ribeiro said. "I was very happy with this victory and with my presentation."

The bout between William Chiquerim (Nocaute Fight) and Claudiere Freitas (NG Combate) had a bustling first round. Chiquerim dominated the action on the ground by controlling the positioning. The following rounds were somewhat slower, but Chiquerim maintained the advantage and eventually earned a unanimous decision. After the fight, the winner dedicated the victory to his father, who had died one month ago.

Geovani Diniz (Nobre Arte/Nova União) and Francisco Silva (Hikari) were entertaining on the feet and on the ground. Known for having excellent boxing, Geovani surprised everyone by submitting his opponent with an anaconda choke in the last second of the first round.

In the main event, Eduardo Dantas (Pictures) (Nova União) once again thrilled fans. The fighter tried to knock out Hudson Rocha (BTT) with a flying knee and was eager to trade blows.

Rocha, in turn, sought the clinch to try to slow his opponent's momentum. However, Dantas managed a takedown. He then finished Rocha by battering his stomach with punches.

After the event, Shooto Brazil President Andre Pederneiras said he expects the next show to take place in March.
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