's Guide to TUF 7

By Scott Holmes May 1, 2008
Every dog has its day, and last week an old dog beat up on a pup when Tim Credeur finished off Matt Riddle.

Quinton Jackson (Pictures) gets annoyed watching Credeur's win, but Forrest Griffin (Pictures)'s team celebrates their winning streak. Credeur thanks Riddle for a good fight and even offers to buy the kid an Xbox with his earnings.

"I feel like I won," Riddle says about the offer.

While Riddle muses about playing the new UFC game, though, Jeremy May (Pictures) deflates him by joking that he's getting an Xbox for "not defending an armbar."

Riddle and the rest of his team in the van don't take it too well. A new rivalry starting to sizzle? Stay tuned.

Back at the house, May's still on a roll, locking some of his housemates out and blaming it on boredom.

"I miss having sex like two or three times a day," he adds.

By golly, who wouldn't? May goes on to threaten to break his girl's back when he gets home. Classy.

Nick Klein weighs in on the annoyances of May by saying that he acts like a kid after May had chalked up the ceiling with "B.A.M.," which stands for something you may have heard Samuel L. Jackson say in "Pulp Fiction." Klein contends that May has never done anything on the show that would afford him the right to call himself a "B.A.M."

Jesse Taylor (Pictures) has his issues with May as well: "I don't like his two cents or his sense of humor."

Rampage decides to bring a former TUF winner on to help light a fire under his team. Michael Bisping (Pictures) arrives just in time to get some sparring in with the fellas and offers some advice.

"If you want to make it as a fighter, this is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Changed my life completely. Don't slack in any training, don't get drunk at the house. Eat right, get your sleep in … you know, everything I didn't do," says Bisping with a laugh.

Forrest gets his team ready for training and announces that they'll be sparring but cautions Matt Brown not to hurt anybody. Brown's teammates seem to respect him, saying that he works hard and hits hard.

"Matt Brown is just one tough, intense son of a b--ch," says Jesse Taylor (Pictures).

Jeremy May (Pictures) is still captaining the S.S. Annoyance as he decides to put limejuice into Brown's can of snuff. Housemates like Tim Credeur are puzzled by the move: "Put limejuice in Matt Brown's dip? What in the God's green universe could you possibly have been thinking? Matt Brown is one of those human beings that you do not mess with at all. I think Matt Brown is going to punch holes in him."

Sure as shootin', Brown does not like limejuice in his dip. In a pretty direct way he lets May know that he does not appreciate the change in flavor. Tobacco users are particular about their brands, and after their conversation May knows of this as well. Brown tells May that he's going to fight him next.

"I don't think Matt Brown has a sense of humor," May says. "I guess I get to beat his face in in the next couple of days."

Time to announce the next matchup, and Team Griffin throws out the carefully edited curveball that Brandon Sene will be fighting Dante Rivera (Pictures).

Rampage calls Sene a tough guy and thinks that he has a good chance of "knocking Rivera the hell out." Sene's a former Marine who says Rivera has more to lose and that his composure will make up for lack of experience.

Rivera is pretty calm going into the fight, knowing that he's the elder statesman and claims to train with better training partners back home. Rivera thinks Sene hasn't been tested yet, especially with his jiu-jitsu.

"The main game plan for me is to take him down and submit him," says Rivera, tipping his hand.

Sure enough Rivera makes the first half of round one look very easy. His opening flurry backs Sene into the fence. From there, Rivera works for his underhooks and then easily passes Sene's guard into side control once they hit the ground.

Sene then spends the next minute or so defending Rivera's takedowns and pummeling for underhooks. Rivera finally gets under Sene and elevates him for a hard slam, but Sene responds with elbows after pushing Rivera down and away in his guard. Rivera tries for two last-second sub attempts, dropping down on the legs and then attacking an arm, but the bell sounds ending round one.

In the second round, Rivera begins scoring with takedowns. But once on the ground, Sene continues to find a way to be more active and keep Rivera at bay with elbows and backhands. Rivera seems content to slowly work to pass, but Sene explodes, sweeping Rivera onto his back. With a minute left in the fight, Sene begins to throw crude elbows and punches to end the round.

Knowing that it was close, both coaches get their fighters ready for a third round.

"Stand right there. Show him you ain't tired," Rampage tells Sene.

Another round begins, and the two weary fighters stall out while standing. After a reset, Rivera continues the trend of taking Sene down and eating some punishment in the process.

Finally Rivera catches a break, taking side control during a scramble. He begins to look dominant by keeping Sene focused on defending an arm while delivering knees to the body and also elbows and hammerfists. In the end, Rivera is awarded the decision while Rampage fumes in his team's dressing room.

"Got to punch to win a fight!" screams Rampage to his cornermen. "You whooped his ass!" he says to Sene.

Sene is a tough guy and will probably be seen again soon. A little more time in the gym and he'll be difficult to deal with.

TUF is kind enough to give us a little teaser to look forward to next week by announcing the fight between Matt Brown and Jeremy May (Pictures) will be on. Brown isn't smiling as he stares intently at May when they go nose to nose. May grins at him, but Brown's teammates are foreboding.

"Jeremy picked on the wrong guy," says Luke Zachrich. "I know Matt from home, and he's the last person I would ever f--- with."

According to Forrest Griffin (Pictures), there's a good reason for this matchup: Skoal.

"There's one thing you do not do to a Southern man," says Griffin "and that's put lemon juice in his tobacco. That's unacceptable."
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