TUF 8 Sherblog: My Best Friend Junie

By Krzysztof Soszynski Oct 9, 2008
The only thing I can say about this episode is Junie was a mess. I didn’t know if he was putting on an act or if he’s that messed up. I think it’s a little of both.

The episode was very accurate; Junie and Shane got trashed on wine and tequila during the pay-per-view. Junie, as always, started with verbal threats and called out everyone on Team Nogueira. Finally someone stood up to Junie and chaos erupted. We did not realize how far he would take it this time.

There was a notable moment not shown; most of us came together and decided that it was time to get Junie kicked off the show. We were going to antagonize him until he broke down and took a swing at one of us – just keep pushing his buttons.

I am not sure what made us go outside; I think it was the noise from the patio set breaking. The pool area was a mess with broken glass everywhere. The pool was full of chairs, cushions and statues. I never realized how much a soaked cushion weighs -- it’s heavy.

It was time to go to work: get this guy out of here before he really hurts someone. The boy has some great MMA skills, but threatening us with the beer bottle was the final straw.

How we all kept our composure and didn’t bash Junie’s head in is beyond me. We just kept egging him on until he broke. I was very surprised at how long it took for Junie to start swinging. Big props to Bader; good control on his part because after Junie swung at him Bader was ready to go.

On a funny note, the “This is Sparta” push kick by Junie was laughed at for a long time by all of us; Tom Lawlor did not live that down for quite a while. That was a perfect flop by Tom; he fell flat on his butt and even bruised it a bit.

It was really weird how fast everything calmed down. It took seconds. Junie was at the end of his merry-go-round routine, so he was crying. Polakowski was giving out free hugs to anyone who needed one. We were like a big family after an intervention. We all believed that Junie was going home, even Junie himself. Boy were we wrong.

I did not witness any of Shane’s antics. Taking care of one child was enough for Eliot and I. We were beat. There’s nothing more to say about Shane other than he was a puppy dog following his master.

When Dana made the announcement to keep Junie in the house, I was shocked. I could not believe it; we all looked at each other stunned. Dana’s statement pretty much allowed Junie to do anything he wanted to anyone without any consequences, but who am I to argue with the boss? Junie has the talent; everyone sees it and Junie’s crazy antics could equal ratings for the show. I kept my mouth shut and walked off with a smile on my face. At least if someone took a swing at me or got in my face I could now defend myself without being worried about getting kicked off.

To be honest, I did not care about anything that happened between the 155ers; I didn’t pay much attention to them. I didn’t know that Junie had it in for Efrain. When Junie jumped over the fence into the cage he was sober -- or at least I think he was. We never saw him act like this without a bottle in his hand.

I didn’t know what to think of Junie anymore. To call someone boring after a pretty good fight and a submission win and then try to get at them was insane. In my eyes, it was all an act to get camera time, that’s all it all was. I still believe that to this day.

Did anyone else notice the quick change in Shane Nelson after Dana told him he’d be fighting first? I got the feeling that Shane didn’t want to fight Efrain at all. He just did not look right. Maybe Shane should have had a few glasses of wine and a tequila shot before his fight. I am sure that the matchup would have been different if that incident with Shane and Efrain hadn’t happened. Shane would have probably made it to the semis, maybe even the finals. Amazing what alcohol does to people.
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