Bobby Lashley: With Proper Training, Kurt Angle Could Be Successful in MMA

By Tristen Critchfield Oct 30, 2015
Kurt Angle’s long-term future with Bellator MMA remains a mystery. | Jeff Sherwood/

Like most of the mixed martial arts world, Bobby Lashley is uncertain what the future holds for Kurt Angle in Bellator MMA.

However, the heavyweight fighter calls Angle a very good friend and has worked with the Olympic gold medalist for years on the professional wrestling circuit. Based on that experience, Lashley believes that Angle, even at 46 years old and with a laundry list of injury issues, could succeed in mixed martial arts if he chose to do so.

“Kurt’s one of those people that from the looks you don’t think that he can do as much as he can, but when you go with him, you realize Kurt can do more than most people would think,” said Lashley, who faces James Thompson at Bellator 145 on Nov. 6. “I’ve had matches with him before, where people were like, Kurt’s hurt or Kurt’s not doing well, and then we go out there and have a 30-minute match and he’s moving around like a freaking machine. If he gets the proper training, I think he can do it.”

For now, Angle is only scheduled to appear at Bellator MMA’s Fan Fest ahead of the promotion’s tent-pole event in St. Louis next week. Prior to that revelation, both Angle and Ken Shamrock recently teased major announcements on Twitter, leading to speculation that the two sports entertainment veterans could square off in the Bellator cage. However, Angle’s subsequent statement on a Bellator 145 conference call left most questions unanswered.

“All the speculation on the Internet yesterday, that was a lot of fun to read. I had a lot of fun doing that,” Angle said on Thursday. “There are definitely a few intriguing matchups for me, and for anyone else to watch. Especially Pitbull vs. Straus, that’s going to be great. And one of my favorites, Bobby Lashley vs. Thompson. I’m looking forward to an incredible night at the fights at Bellator ‘With a Vengeance.’”

In short, Angle offered no hints as to any type of role with the California-based promotion past next week. Meanwhile, Bellator officials didn’t offer much in the way of insight either, instead indicating that Angle’s situation will be addressed in the future.

“Again, we’ll have some big, fun announcements for that night, but for the time being, let’s focus on the stars of our [upcoming] show...,” Bellator President Scott Coker said.


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