CSAC Director on Transgendered Fighter’s Licensure

By Greg Savage Mar 12, 2013
Should California license Fallon Fox to compete against women? Tell us below. | Photo: Keith Mills/Sherdog.com

Fallon Fox, the first known openly transgendered mixed-martial artist, is only a couple of steps away from receiving a license to compete in California according to California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer Andy Foster.

Fox applied for a license in the Golden State but she will have to wait to hear from the commission while they await a recommendation from the state’s Medical Advisory Committee. She will likely have to provide records showing what surgical procedures and medical therapies she has undergone before getting the green light to compete in the state.

Foster spoke with Sherdog.com today and outlined the process that should unfold over the next couple of weeks.

“I have been trying to get Dr. Paul Wallace and the Medical Advisory Committee together but it has been tough to get six doctors together in the same room,” said Foster. “We’ll take it up and I am sure they will ask for more information from the applicant.”

Foster stated that he believed Fox would be granted licensure in California providing she meets the guidelines laid out by the Association of Boxing Commissions -- a set of standards developed to mirror Olympic protocols regarding transgendered athletes.

“I suspect it is more of an ‘if’ rather than ‘when’ question at this point, but we will have to wait and see,” said the executive officer. “If everything is in order and the doctors recommend licensure, I will recommend licensure as well.”

Foster also noted that once Fox is licensed she will not be subject to added scrutiny by the commission.

“Should she be granted licensure in the state of California she will be treated the same as any other licensee.”

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