Canelo Alvarez vs. James Kirkland: HBO Boxing Results & Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan May 9, 2015

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Canelo Alvarez vs. James Kirkland

Round 1

Kirkland comes right out at Alvarez but he throws nothing. “Canelo” tags him with a nice overhand right and then follows it up with a one-two. Kirkland is unfazed and buries his head in his chest, throwing punches un bunches. Kirkland has a right hand get through and it’s clean but they separate. Csnelo nails him with a short left hook and Kirkland is rocked. He wobbles backward and Cenlo cracks him again. Kirkland is in serious peril as Canelo opens up. Huge right hand by the Mexican is clean and Kirkland already is down. He is in bad shape but he gets up. On very wobbly legs, James tries to end it with a series of bombs but they all miss. Canelo crushed him with a left hook. Another and Kirkland is stepping in holes all over the places. Kirkland is about to go as Alvarez unloads a furious barrage to the head and body. A monstrous right hand nearly ends the fight at the bell. Somehow Kirkland survives the round. 10-7 Canelo.

Round 2

Canelo is eager to let his hands go but Kirkland meets him in the center of the ring. A quick left staggers the American right away and he stumbles into the ropes. Canelo unloads a flurry of shots to the body and then the head. Kirkland lands a left hook and then moves off the ropes. Csanelo backs up, giving Kirkland some life. They stand forehead-to-forehead and swing away. Canelo now backs into a corner while Kirkland swings away. He clips the Mexican with a left hook but it’s not clean. Straight right by Alvarez is clean but Kirkland walks right through it. They go toe-to-toe briefly before Canelo backs away, gathering his breath. Two right uppercuts with 12 seconds left followed by two thudding hooks to the gut by Canelo. 10-8 Canelo.

Round 3

Kirkland comes right after Canelo to start the round. James digs to the body and then to the head. Canelo backs into the ropes and lets Kirkland unload, blocking most of the shots. Kirkland is in “kill mode” as he stalks Canelo down, throwing everything he has. Canelo stays on the ropes, mostly blocking. Kirkland has slowed down a little at the midway point and then eats a hard right hand. Double left to the by Canelo is brutal. Saul follows it up with a clean right uppercut, instantly sending Kirkland down onto his knees. He’s up at eight and in terrible shape. He’s allowed to continue, backs into the ropes, and then is completely iced by a crushing right hand. Kirkland falls onto his side, completely out cold from what could be the knockout of the year. Kirkland is on his back now, appearing to be trying to throw or block punches.

The Official Result

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez def. James Kirkland via KO (punch) 2:19, R3


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