Conor McGregor Says His Weight-Cutting Is ‘Absolutely Perfect’ Ahead of UFC 189

By Mike Sloan Jul 8, 2015

The UFC’s most polarizing star was a guest on Wednesday’s edition of “America’s Pregame” on Fox Sports 1, and, as expected, he was in top form. Conor McGregor continued to lambast late-replacement opponent Chad Mendes, praised Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger and revealed how his infamous trash talk comes to be.

When the Irishman was asked about any disappointment that he’ll be going head-to-head against Mendes at UFC 189 instead of featherweight champion Jose Aldo due to the Brazilian’s rib injury, McGregor shrugged his shoulders, virtually brushing off the topic.

“It is what it is,” he said. ”‘The McGregor Show’ rolls on. We accept the situation and carry on. Another avenue has opened up, and we steamroll down that avenue at 100 miles an hour.”

Asked about Mendes’ prediction that he’ll be the first person to triumph over “The Notorious” inside the Octagon, McGregor scoffed and claimed that Mendes is only saying what he thinks he needs to. In fact, McGregor asserted, “Money” doesn’t really want the fight.

“I sense shakiness in his voice,” McGregor stated. “I sense a man who is putting on a front that he wants to be here, but he really does not want to be here. The fight will prove that. I will mash him down, I will break him up, and I will put him away.”

McGregor also cautioned fans to not believe what they’ve read regarding his alleged weight-cutting issues, claiming that his weight is “absolutely perfect.” Reports circulated on Tuesday that McGregor was 27 pounds heavier than the featherweight limit, but the confident fighter said that those numbers were not true and that he’s right where he needs to be in terms of his weight.

“It’s on-point,” McGregor said. “I am a professional inside the Octagon, and I am a professional outside the Octagon. I make weight every single time, I make it successfully, and I enter the Octagon as an absolute wrecking machine.”

McGregor did reveal that an unlikely celebrity is an inspiration to the Dubliner. One of the most iconic figures in all of Hollywood recently dubbed the fighter “The McGregornator,” which has served as motivation for McGregor. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California and star of such action classics as “Predator” and the “Terminator” franchise, has gone from a struggling bodybuilder into one of the biggest stars in history, has had the sort of success that McGregor covets.

“It’s absolutely inspiration,” McGregor admitted. “Arnold is an absolute legend. I mean, just look at his story. The man arrived on American soil butt naked, couldn’t speak one word of English. He actually could speak three words of English: ‘I’ll be back.’ And he translated them three words into eight figures, and then carried on an amazing career, some amazing films. He is an absolute legend, and to hear that from my good friend Arnold, it is inspiring and it is motivating.”

When asked if he has come up with a three-word quote that he can generate into millions upon millions of dollars, McGregor quickly responded: “I do. It’s a little Irish saying. It goes ‘Pog mo thoin’ ... It translates into ‘kiss my ass.’”

Before McGregor left the show, he was asked if he devises of his world-renowned trash talk and insults in advance, as did Muhammad Ali in his prime. McGregor flatly denied it.

“I do not write down things to say,” he explained. “It is off the cuff, as you say. I simply speak. If you ask a question, I answer it.”


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