Cotto vs. Geale Results: HBO Boxing Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Jun 6, 2015's live HBO Boxing updates kick off at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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Miguel Cotto vs. Daniel Geale

Round 1

Geale comes right out with the jab but they fall short. Cotto counters quickly with a nasty left hook to the body. Geale cracks him with a sweeping left hook and then an overhand right, but Cotto shakes it off. Geale flicks the jab out repeatedly, but Cotto fends them off. Geale steps in with a nice right to the body. Cotto pops the Aussie just as Geale was coming in for a right and it stuns him. Geale takes a step back to regroup and once he is rest, he lands a good left hook of his own. Triple jab by the Puerto Rican, who follows it up with a left hook. Cotto blocks a three-punch combo late. Cotto digs a left uppercut to the midsection just as the bell ends the round. 10-9 Cotto.

Round 2

Cotto pecks away with a four-punch combo to start the round but everything is blocked. Geale steps in to punch but he is whacked by another hard left hook. It hurts him, and he stumbles a little back to the ropes. He regroups quickly before Cotto can close the gap. Cotto sticks his foe with a straight left to the gut. Geale is trying to let his hands go but the Boriqua nails him with another vicious left hook to the body. Cotto misses a left hook and Geale is down, but veteran ref Harvey Dock correctly rules it a trip. Geale is able to get off a good jab and then follows it up with two more. Cotto misses a left hook to the head but his right to the body is clean with about 25 seconds left. Cotto again goes downstairs with the left hook. 10-9 Cotto.

Round 3

Geale comes out a little fiercer with the jab, but Cotto avoids them. Cotto doubles up his own jab and both punches snap Geale’s head back. Geale ducks under to dig to the body but he’s nailed by a choppy overhand right. Cotto remains in control midway with the jab, but Geale isn’t active enough for him to counter. Geale again steps in but his body is crushed by a left hook. Another. Geale isn’t the biggest fan of that left hook to the body he keeps absorbing and he’s now guarding his ribs with his right arm. Geale misses with a wild right and left, but he pays for it with another left to the guts. Geale is able to land a good left hand but he eats a right hand just before the bell. He staggers back into the ropes but the round ends. All Cotto. 10-9 Cotto.

Round 4

Cotto comes out with a double jab and straight right. Geale is bouncing on his toes, but he’s not letting his hands go too much early on. Geale throws a left hook and misses but Cotto is there with a sensational counter left hook that sends the Aussie down and into the ropes. He is in bad shape and barely beats the count. Dock allows him to continue and Cotto is all over him. Another big left hook sends him into the ropes and Cotto closes the gap. Geale needs to hold on but he can’t. Cotto digs a furious assault into the body and Geale escapes off the ropes. Cotto chases him down and unloads again. Geale tries to fight back, but a flurry, capped by a right cross drops him again. Geale beats the count but when Dock asks him if he’s OK, Geale shakes his head “no.” Dock waives it off.

The Official Result

Miguel Cotto def. Daniel Geale via TKO (ref stoppage) 1:28, R4


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