Dana White: Donald Trump Previously Said He’d Attend UFC 205 if He Won Election

By Tristen Critchfield Nov 11, 2016

Before he became President of the United States, Donald Trump told Dana White that he’d attend UFC 205 if he won the election.

Now that Trump as president has become a reality, White acknowledged that it might be a little difficult for the New York native to attend the Las Vegas-based promotion’s debut in the Empire State. UFC 205 takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday night and is headlined by a lightweight championship bout between Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor.

“Donald originally told me that he would come to the fight if he won,” White told TMZ Sports. “I don’t think Donald really realized what his duties were going to be had he won. I think he’s meeting with [Barack] Obama [on Thursday] and then I don’t know, we’ll see.

“No pressure to come, but it wouldn’t suck that he came.”

White has been on record as a Trump supporter and even spoke at the Republican National Convention on his friend’s behalf earlier this summer. While White said the two men have been close for 15 to 16 years, he doesn’t expect to be in frequent contact with the new president.

“He’s the president now. You know what I expect from him? I expect nothing,” White said. “Good for him. He went out there and did it. He worked hard, he campaigned. He’s the president now, he won. I don’t expect to be on the phone with him every day or anything like that. I’m happy for him. Hopefully he gets in there and does some good things for this country.”

However, once it became official that Trump had defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, White did confirm that he was invited to join the victory celebration.

“His family reached out to me that that night. I was in my hotel room watching the results. They had me come down to the party, so I went down to the party,” he said. “They’ve been very good to me, so good luck to them.”


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