Eddie Wineland: I Felt My Fist Sink Into Scott Jorgensen’s Face

By Sherdog.com Staff Jun 14, 2012

Eddie Wineland’s UFC on FX 3 win over Scott Jorgensen was a brutal one.

After dropping Jorgensen in the first round, Wineland was cut wide open over his left eye in the second.

“I didn’t know how bad it was,” Wineland told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show.” “Apparently everybody said for what the cut was, I didn’t bleed as bad as I probably should have. I did have a little bit of blood in my eyes. Obviously it wasn’t enough to stop me from fighting.”

Not only did Wineland keep fighting, he won. And not only did he win, he knocked Jorgensen out.

“When you hit that homerun, you can feel it on the bat,” Wineland said. “It’s just that sweet spot. I felt my fist sink into his face. I felt him crumble.”

Jorgensen dropped, and Wineland followed up with more punches until referee Troy Waugh intervened 4:10 into the round.

“I knew that he was out, but I have done that in the past,” Wineland said. “I hit somebody, dropped them and stood back, thinking it was going to be over. That’s not the old Eddie Wineland. The old Eddie Wineland is just relentless. I’m going to punch him in the face until the ref pulls me off of him. If he’s unconscious, he’s unconscious. So be it. That’s the ref’s discretion whether or not he should stop the fight. I’m just going to keep swinging until he pulls me off.”

Jorgensen is a quality opponent, but considering the horrendous gash he put on Wineland’s head, it was an especially impressive win.

“You should never, ever count me out,” Wineland said. “I fought Chase Beebe for three and a half rounds bleeding out of the side of my skull. I just knocked out Scott Jorgensen with a gash on my face. I’m very durable. I can take a beating and I can keep coming. … I don’t care if my head is split open. I don’t care if my mouthpiece is out and you punch me in the face and knock my tooth out. Whatever. I can get a fake tooth. That’s a small price to pay for glory.”

The performance earned Wineland a $40,000 bonus for Fight of the Night. As for what’s next, he just wants to keep making money.

“I just honestly want to get paid,” he said. “Fortunately, I’m going to be able to pay my car off with that bonus. Next I’ve got to start looking at my house. I believe I’m up for contract renegotiations. Hopefully I’ll be able to up my pay scale a little bit with this win. I’ve won five of my last seven fights. Three of them were knockouts. Three of them were bonuses. My only two losses were to [Urijah] Faber and [Joseph] Benavidez. I think I’m riding a pretty high roller coaster right now. I just hopefully can get my house paid off before I retire.”

Listen to the full interview (beginning at 1:36:18).


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