Fabricio Werdum: Colby Covington is a ‘Nobody’

By Nathan Zur Mar 14, 2018

Like a number of other fighters in the modern mixed martial arts game, Colby Covington is a self-promoter. His antics in the past have caused a lot of friction between himself and other fighters.

In November, he famously clashed with Fabricio Werdum while touring in Sydney, Australia, for UFC Fight Night 121. The pair had several run-ins during the tour, with Covington accusing Werdum of punching him in the face outside their hotel room. Covington pressed charges against the Brazilian as a result of the alleged assault.

Werdum recently talked with MMAJunkie.com and stated that he’s ready to put his altercations with Covington aside:

“I had some problems with Colby (Covington), who’s an insignificant fighter. I didn’t provoke him. He’s the one who called me a ‘Brazilian animal.’ For me, that’s in the past. He’s a nobody. He’s never won anything. He only talks crap. He badmouths an entire country -- so he has zero credit. I compare him to someone who first arrives in America with no credit. He’s a guy with no credit. He’s never been a champion. I think he was brave to provoke me like that, but he was also stupid. If it happened in Brazil, I would have beat the hell out of him, so he’d learn to respect another country. But that’s in the past now, as is Ferguson.”

Werdum will take on the dangerous Russian striker Alexander Volkov when the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to London this weekend at the O2 Arena at UFC Fight Night 127.


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