Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ordered by NAC to Answer Questions About Gym, Marijuana

By C.J. Tuttle Sep 18, 2014
Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been ordered to appear by the Nevada Athletic Commission in order to answer questions regarding possible unsafe training conditions at his Las Vegas gym.

According to a report from ESPN.com, the commission is concerned about portions of the second episode of the Showtime "All Access" series that aired in the lead-up to Mayweather’s rematch against Marcos Maidana.

Francisco Aguilar, Chairman for the NAC, offered this reasoning as to why Mayweather has been called to appear before the panel.

“On Sunday, I watched the episodes when they were sent to me by another commissioner,” Aguilar told ESPN.com . “I was watching the part with the sparring sessions. Our main concern is the health and safety of the fighters and not just on fight night, but also in sparring and in training.”

The incident in question revolves around footage involving amateur boxer Sharif Rahman, who takes a serious beating from Donovan Cameron while Mayweather watched. Hasim Rahman Jr., becomes angry that his brother had taken such a vicious beating in just a sparring session and challenged Cameron to get into the ring with him.

The two go on to fight for 31 consecutive minutes until Cameron can no longer continue and Rahman was declared the winner. Mayweather was present and shown cheering feverishly.

"The point of asking him to come to the meeting is not to accuse anyone of anything," Aguilar said. "We want to get a clarification about what happened on 'All Access.' There were situations in sparring sessions that we need to talk about. One thing is to talk about making sure you have two equally paired fighters and that you're not putting one fighter in danger. The other is the round that went 32 minutes."

Aguilar also points to scenes where Mayweather looked on as several girlfriends are seen rolling marijuana joints and smoking them in the boxer's home as another topic of interest for the board.

"There is also the marijuana situation in there and some commissioners are upset about it. I think that's a minor issue compared to the sparring situation," Aguilar said. "I understand the value of TV and drama, so the marijuana part was not a major concern for me, but is of other commissioners. My priority is the health and safety of the fighters."

The NAC meeting is also set to include a punishment for Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier stemming from their brawl at a press conference in August.


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