Floyd Mayweather Jr. Plans on Making Major Changes to Management Team Before May

By C.J. Tuttle Sep 17, 2014
Floyd Mayweather could be making some changes to his team. | Mike Sloan/Sherdog.com

There are some internal problems brewing with Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s “Money Team,” namely his prime business partner at Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe.

The undefeated boxer expounded on the issues in a recent article from FightHype.com, describing the rift as simply growing pains.

“I think we're just getting to a point where we're outgrowing each other. I think I just see things my way, and I think he sees things in another way. For example, this time around when I went out and fought, my WBC and WBA titles in both weight classes were on the line and I didn't approve of that at all. That's something I didn't approve of. Also, my daughter was sitting in the front row and her mother wasn't sitting next to her, so the ticket arrangements were totally wrong,” Mayweather said. “It just got to a point to where everyone wants to do what they want to do instead of communicating and compromising like we used to. We got to this point by us communicating and compromising. If I'm not mistaken, my dad wasn't able to work [Andrew] Tabiti's corner, his fighter. My dad, he got all his stuff, the things that he needed for the fight, extremely late. That's just very unprofessional. There's just a lot of other things within our team that's just not right. Leonard wasn't in my corner, so, you know, it's not any hard feelings. It's just people outgrow one another. I'm not mad at him. There's no hard feeling like I hate the guy; not at all. No hard feelings whatsoever. People just outgrow one another, just like when people get a divorce. They're no longer on the same page mentally.”

When questioned further about the new direction for his camp, Mayweather chalked the changes up to him continuing to want to get better even at this late stage in his career.

“It's just I'm growing in a different direction from everybody else. I'm at a new place in my life and I'm trying to get better. Even though I'm 37, I'm trying to get better and I want to become better and I want my team to become better, and if you're not on the same page as me, then there's nothing I can really say or do but say it's time for you to do your own thing since people may not want to do things the way I want to do things or communicate or compromise,” Mayweather explained. “There's no way that I go beat these fighters for these titles and then without me saying anything, someone tells me I got four titles on the line at two different weight classes. When I beat that guy for just one belt, I had three belts and beat him for one belt, and the next fight, after he already loses to me, I come back and say, here, I'm gonna fight you for four belts in two different weight classes? Come on, man. It doesn't make any sense; I don't think so.”

While Ellerbe seems to be the focal point of the problem, Mayweather makes it clear that boxing advisor Al Haymon will be going nowhere. The new look team could be in place prior to a rumored matchup with Amir Khan sometime in 2015.

“I just want to be able to communicate with anybody that I work with. Once people start making power moves without communicating with me, then I think it's time for us to move our separate ways,” Mayweather said. “I mean, I'm glad the fight is over with, but I think when May comes around and you guys see All Access in May, I'll have a totally new team and probably a totally new staff. We may make a lot of changes in my team, but Al Haymon ain't going nowhere.”


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