Former IFL Welterweight Patrick Assaulted

By Andy Cotterill Jul 29, 2008
One-time International Fight League welterweight Claude Patrick (Pictures) was assaulted in a hotel room early Sunday following a Freedom Fight event in Gatineau, Quebec, and sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The former Toronto Dragon, promoter Peter Rodley, and others were cornered on the room’s eighth-floor patio and attacked by up to ten men wielding taser guns, according to the Ottawa Sun. Patrick had not competed at the event earlier that evening.

Patrick, 28, was reportedly tasered from behind and later placed in a medically induced coma by doctors. Patrick was revived on Monday.

“All I know is that I walked into my friend Pete Rodley’s room to say goodnight and thanks for the show, and next thing I woke up in the hospital,” Patrick told Monday. “I’m assuming I got tased from behind. They said I got hit with a stun gun or a taser and that’s all she wrote.”

Mississauga native Patrick said he has little recollection of what transpired.

“Dude, I was hoping you were calling me to tell me what happened,” Patrick joked. “They kept me in an induced coma for 24 hours and I just got up today. Actually, I thought today was Sunday.”

Patrick believes he was kept unconscious because he had fallen and hit his head during the attack, and physicians wanted to monitor any swelling of the brain. Patrick said a CT scan performed Monday did not show any adverse effects. Patrick was released from the hospital and is currently at home resting.

Patrick didn’t escape injury-free though.

“I chipped a tooth and I bit my lip,” he said. “I guess you kind of chatter your teeth when you’re getting shocked.”

A report by identified another assault third victim as ring announcer Chancey Voulgaris, who described the bloody melee as a “murder scene.” Voulgaris told that one of his friends was stabbed in the eye with a broken beer bottle and that all of the room’s trapped occupants were tasered multiple times each.

The conditions of Voulgaris and Rodley, as well as the identities of the assailants are not known. In the report, Voulgaris said Rodley had been the target of the attack stemming from a dispute over payment for sound and lighting services provided at the show.

Patrick attended the Freedom Fight event to participate in a Canadian-based MMA reality show.

“I’ve definitely been worse, but at the same time it wasn’t a great ending to the weekend,” said the 7-1 fighter, who last competed in May. “To miss an entire day like that is a weird situation.”
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