Garcia vs. Salka: Showtime Boxing Play-by-Play & Live Updates

By C.J. Tuttle Aug 9, 2014 reports from Brooklyn, N.Y., with live Showtime Boxing play-by-play and updates.

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Undercard Bouts

Daniel Jacobs vs. Jarrod Fletcher

Round 1

Jacobs immediately coming out looking to establish the jab. Fletcher is coming in, trying to attack. Big crowd support for Jacobs as he is fighting in his hometown. Jacobs scoring at will suddenly. A left hook from Jacobs send Fletcher to the mat. Referee Mike Griffin counts to eight and Fletcher is to his feet. Jacobs has Fletcher on the ropes again, teeing off on his opponent going back and forth from the body to the head. Fletcher is really hurt here. Absolutely dominant round for Daniel Jacobs: 10-8.

Round 2

Fletcher coming out in the second a bit more active, but Jacobs picking his spots and landing big shots to the body. Jacobs showing very sharp counters to anything Fletcher throws. Fletcher throws a punch that makes it through the guard of Jacobs and puts him up against the ropes. Now Jacobs is stalking, cutting down the angles, but a good round from Fletcher. 10-9 Fletcher.

Round 3

Fletcher pawing at Jacobs with the right hand, Jacobs looking light on his feet bouncing in and out and landing the jab with ease. Nice one, two through the guard from Jacobs. Uppercut from Jacobs lands flush. Fletcher pressing Jacobs, closing the distance. Jacobs tries to keep the space between them by throwing stiff jabs. Jacobs lands three clean punches to end the frame. 10-9 Jacobs.

Round 4

Fletcher coming forward again, showing a tendency to close the space. Out of nowhere a huge shot lands to the jaw of Fletcher, wobbling the Australian. Jacobs pouring it on again, smelling blood. Fletcher doing a better job here in the fourth of rolling with the shots though and manages to weather the storm. Jacobs continuing to target the body, doing a great job of mixing up his shots. Another round in the bag for the incumbent champion. 10-9 Jacobs.

Round 5

Jacobs has utilized the left hook to perfection thus far in this fight, it has been the big shot that has really hurt Fletcher. 30-seconds into the fifth, not much action to speak of. Both men pawing at the other with their jab. Fletcher straying away from picking up the pace here, allowing Jacobs to go back to his jab. Fletcher with a big combination out of nowhere, Jacob drops his hands egging on his foe. Now a right cross from Jacobs lands, Fletcher returns fire. Jacobs throws a body shot that appears to be below the belt. Now a sharp right hand wobbles Fletcher, Jacobs going for the finish, pouring it on. He lands another right shot that send Fletcher to the mat with two seconds left in the round. Griffin comes in and waves it off. The fight is all over folks. That marks the 25th knockout win of Jacobs career, impressive. aniel Jacobs defeats Jarrod Fletcher at 2:58 to capture WBA middleweight title.

The Official Result

Daniel Jacobs Def. Jarrod Fletcher KO R5 2:58

Lamont Peterson vs. Edgar Santana

Round 1

The IBF welterweight title is on the line here. Edgar Santana comes in to the fight a huge underdog, Lamont Peterson seems calm and ready to defend his title. Peterson landing the first big shot of the fight, attacking the body with a strong left hand. Mostly long-range jabs being lobbed here early in the fight. Santana doing more of the stalking, while Peterson countering nicely. Barclays Center in New York strongly behind Peterson here. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 2

Peterson’s footwork is a sight to be seen, Santana attempting to cut down angles but the champion has no issues working his way around it. Good hook by Peterson lands flush, Santana keeps coming forward. Uppercut from challenger narrowly misses, Peterson flashes the jab in response. Santana whiffs on a left hook, lands a nice jab then follows with a big right shot. Peterson comes back with a liver shot of his own. Peterson using the jab like a fencer, hurting Santana from distance, will be interesting to see if the 35-year-old could handle this for 12 rounds. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 3

Big difference in punches landed two rounds in. Peterson putting a lot behind his punches here in the third. Santana grimacing following a few of these shots here. Santana needs to counter with these or he will be feeling this in his liver for weeks to come. Peterson continuing to utilize the ring to his advantage. Three punch combination from Peterson again. Santana going long periods without scoring any points. Wild punch from Peterson misses. The two come together and tie up as the round closes. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 4

Nice dirty boxing from Peterson here, Santana attempts to punch out with an uppercut. Left jabs landing continue landing nicely from Peterson. Santana pushes Peterson up against the ropes, but Peterson manages to punch his way out of it here. They both trade right and left hooks in unison. Then Peterson lights up the body of Santana to end the frame, close round but I side with Peterson. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 5

Santana comes out guns blazing in the fifth and eats a big uppercut for his efforts. The crowd senses a knockdown, Peterson going to town on Santana against the ropes. Santana doing nothing to counter, the body shots of Peterson have really broken down Santana and it’s already showing here. Santana doing what he can to cover his body but it opens him up for the headshot. Peterson loading up on the left shot to the body. Overhand right from Santana misses. Accidental clash of heads here, Santana taking advantage but Peterson lands a big shot to the temple. Santana is cut above the left eye. These men just trading in the center of the ring, great round. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 6

Santana walking Peterson down, landing a few shots to the body of his own. Uppercut lands from Peterson. Santana doing all the chasing here, the total power punches landed according to Sho Stats thus far is 140 punches for Peterson to 40 from Santana. That’s a dramatic difference. Peterson leaning in on Santana continuing to use his left to damage the body of his opponent. It’s all one way here, Santana not throwing any punches, literally. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 7

Peterson playing Santana to open the second half of the fight. Santana lands a nice double hook early. Three unanswered punches from Santana, surprising as it’s the biggest output we have seen from him thus far in the fight. Peterson wakes up here, throwing uppercut after uppercut, he’s able to do this at will as Santana has nothing to offer in response. Another easy round for the champ. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 8

Santana trying to get active but the jab keeping him at bay. Peterson obliging on fighting inside here, just pouring it on. It’s surprising that Santana is still upright at this point. Just continuing to get tagged. Right, left uppercut combination. Santana finally throws something and it lands, Peterson shrugs it off. Santana countering but Peterson doing a good job of getting his hands up. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 9

antana just leaning in on the champion and taking abuse. There’s nothing more to it, Santana is just completely outmatched here. Suddenly Peterson wakes up in the final 45-seconds and seems to be going for a finish, but Santana is too tough thus far. The left hook to the body and chin is just relentless. Another round for Peterson. 10-9 Peterson.

Round 10

Santana looking to win a round in this fight, having a bit more output here. It almost seems as if Peterson was just playing possum and letting Santana punch himself out. Santana continuing to score here, now eats an uppercut. Left hook from Santana gets countered with a right from Peterson. Now the champion wakes up again, landing two big shots. The total punches landed now is 271 for Peterson and 94 for Santana. In the corner of the screen, the doctor gets up on the ropes and waves off the fight. There is a bit of confusion, but this one is finished. Peterson retains his title.

The Official Result

Lamont Peterson Def. Edgar Santana 2:48 R10

Danny Garcia vs. Rod Salka

Round 1

Danny Garcia looking to avoid a huge upset here against Rod Salka. The champion is very reactive here in the opening round. Big shot lands here for Garcia. Salka coming out tentative, not using his world-renowned jab as of yet. Salka eats a left overhand right. Garcia lands a four-punch combination, Salka bounces up and down and smirks. Salka closes with a mini combination of his own. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2

There’s that jab from Salka, opening the second with a solid shot to the body of the champion. Garcia starting to fall into a rhythm, Garcia rocks him with a shot. Salka crumples to the mat, he waits for an eight count and stands. Salka is on spaghetti legs here. Garcia rocking Salka with a left hook, going for the killshot. Salka eats too much and takes a knee. He waits till nine and stands again. Garcia is going for it, Garcia LANDS A HUGE RIGHT HOOK THAT SENDS SALKA TO THE MAT. That’s a knockout. This one is all over, Garcia making a big statement here.

Danny Garcia defeats Rod Salka via knockout at 2:31 of round two

The Official Result

Danny Garcia Def. Rod Salka Knockout 2:31 R2


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