Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Gary Russell: Showtime Boxing Play-by-Play & Live Updates

By Mike Sloan Mar 28, 2015

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Jermell Charlo vs. Vanes Martirosyan

Round 1

They open the bout by snapping each other’s heads back with nasty left jabs. After that, it’s a minute of tentativeness and caution. Martirosyan is the one walking forward, but he’s following Charlo. Charlos just misses with a check hook. Hard right hand by Martirosyan but it’s/ countered by a left by Charlo. With about 30 seconds left, the Armenian-American cracks him with a right/left. Charlo avoids a four-punch combo at the bell. 10-9 Martirosyan.

Round 2

Hard right crushes Charlo’s body seconds into the round. Charlo winces but counters with a right that misses. Charlo seems to be a little hesitant to throw; Martirosyan’s jabs and body work is keeping him honest. Charlo opens with up with a right/left, but they are grazing blows. Martirosyan digs a left to the body but Charlo complains that it’s low. Russell Mora disagrees and says it’s legal. Martirosyan continues to force his will onto the Houston fighter’s guts and then ducks under a vicious left hook. Another damaging right to the body from the “Nightmare.” Left-left-right from Martirosyan near the bell. All Martirosyan. 10-9 Martirosyan.

Round 3

Hard left/right by Charlo just misses its target. Charlo rushes in with a right hand, lands it off-balance and then is clinched by Martirosyan. Charlo is more relaxed and is throwing his left jab more and more. However, Martirosyan continues to dig rights and lefts to the body. Hard left hook/uppercut hybrid by Charlo with a minute left. Martirosyan lands two more thudding lefts to the body but eats a counter right for his effort. Another vicious body shot by Martirosyan near the bell. Charlo whiffs on a huge left hook at the bell. Very close round. 10-9 Martirosyan.

Round 4

Nice stiff jab from Charlo opens the round. Martirosyan tries to make it a brawl on the inside, but Charlo is moving well, using his jab to defend. Charlo lands a decent straight right. Martirosyan seems to be a little confused with the movement at the midway point and then absorbs a hard right hand to the jaw, Charlo’s best punch thus far. Martirosyan opens up with a right to the body, but misses his next three follow-up shots. Martirosyan quickly goes to a two-punch combo that is clean. Charlo goes back to the jab but takes a nasty right to the gut at the bell. 10-9 Charlo.

Round 5

Charlo opens the round by walking down Martirosyan, using his jab to get inside. Martirosyan is backing away and looking to jab. Charlo bobs and throws a left/right, though neither is particularly hard. Charlo eats a 1-2 and then answers with one of his own. Right hand, jab, wild right cross by Charlo, but Martirosyan avoids it. Charlo is nailed by a jab during a wild left hook that he misses badly with. Stiff left jab by Charlo snaps Martirosyan’s head back near the bell. 10-9 Charlo.

Round 6

Martirosyan has decided to abandon the body attack as he walks side to side, looking to counter. Charlo, meanwhile, is jabbing nicely and has taken control of the bout. Sweeping left hook by Charlo glances off the Armenian’s face. Finally, Vanes goes back to the body with a powerful right hand. Nifty counter right to the head by Charlo, who ducks under a right to land it. Charlo is boxing beautifully now, perplexing Martirosyan with his footwork and jabs. Martirosyan misses badly with a wild right and left and then eats a jab. 10-9 Charlo.

Round 7

Martirosyan is a little more aggressive early in the round. They trade lefts and rights, but neither is able to land anything flush. Charlo throws a right/left, backing up Martirosyan with his offense. Clean left hook by Charlo backs up Martirosyan. Jab-jab by Charlo as he escapes away from the pressure. Martirosyan’s eyes are beginning to swell a little but. At the samr time, some blood trickles down from Charlo’s nose. Martirosyan pops him with an overhand right, but has to take a right in return. Stiff left jab by Charlo, followed by a counter right hand over the top. Close round. 10-9 Charlo.

Round 8

They trade jabs immediately, and then Charlo lands a decent left hand. Charlo pops him with a hard right hand and then they clash heads. Martirosyan is cut above his left eye because of it. It’s in a bad spot but it’s not a horrendous cut. Martirosyan can’t open his eye and tells the ringside physician that “it’s blurry.” Martirosyan tells the doctor that he can’t open his eye. He says, “Let’s go!” and the fight resumes. Martirosyan immediately swarms his foe, but doesn’t land anything noteworthy. Hard left/right by Martirosyan just misses. Charlo is on his heels, jabbing to keep his nemesis away. Charlo loads up on the right hand, but can’t land it. Martirosyan is very aggressive, though he’s not effective with it. Martirosyan is fighting desperate, but he continually eats jabs/ very close round. 10-9 Charlo.

Round 9

Double jab by Martirosyan kicks off the frame, but Charlo answers with a stiff jab of his own. Martirosyan goes to the body with a right and then follows it up with a left. Martirosyan goes back to the body with a left and they clash heads again. Mora actually warns Martirosyan for a low blow, though. Charlo is stalking the lanker Martirosyan, landing single lefts and rights. Martirosyan goes to the body again, but Charlo complains that it’s low. Again Martirosyan digs a left to the ribs and this one is clean. Charlo is on his bike, trying to stay away. Martirosyan is all over him, tearing his body up. 10-9 Martirosyan.

Round 10

The fight is hanging in the balance; it can go either way. A knockdown for either man would be huge. Martirosyan immediately walks right after his foe, trying to goad him into a brawl. Charlo is not engaging at all; rather, he’s moving swiftly and flicking meager jabs out there. Martirosyan comes in, but he walks right into a decent counter right by Charlo. Nice right hand by Charlos comes behind a double jab; his best shot in a few rounds. Martirosyan is looking to go back to the body but he’s having a hard time catching his rival. Martirosyan counters with a right over the left jab. Martirosyan is desperate with 30 seconds left and lands a decdent right hand. Charlo dances away from Martirosyan with ten seconds left, nullifying any last-second charges. Very, very close round to end a fight that can go either way. 10-9 Charlo (Charlo 96-94).

The Official Result

Jermell Charlo def. Vanes Martirosyan via Decision (Unanimous) [Byrd: 97-93, Giampa 96-94, Moretti 96-94] R10

Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Gary Russell

Round 1

Russell comes out with the right jab, keeping his distance. Gonzalez is in a crouch, looking to unload. Russell’s jabs are blistering, preventing Jhonny from opening up. Russell’s speed advantage is impressive and Gonzalez can’t yet figure out the timing. Hard right to the body from Russell as Gonzalez stumbles over the shorter American’s foot. Russell jabs to the head and body seemingly whenever he wants. Russell digs a left to the stomach with 30 seconds left. All Russell. 10-9 Russell.

Round 2

Russell continues to dominate with the lightning-quick jabs. Gonzalez paws with his left jab, but he can’t get into any rhythm at all. Russell jabs to the head and body from all angles. Gonzalez finally lands a decent punch; a counter right hand. Gonzalez connects with a left hook/right cross. Russell goes back to the jab and lead left. Hard straight left down the pike from Russell near the bell. Closer round but Russell is still in control. 10-9 Russell.

Round 3

Gonzalez storms out of his corner and tries to establish his jab. Russell simply ducks under it and counters with his own jab. Hard jab/straight left from Russell. Russell lands a hard left and then a right/left to the face that backs up Gonzalez. However, Jhonny answers with a hard left of his own that barely clips Russell’s face. Gonzalez is starting to open up his attacks more, making for a more entertaining round. Gonzalez is slowly closing the gap between the two and is starting to land more of his shots. Russell continues to jab to the body and head. Russell nails him with a counter left cross and then follows it up with a scorching right hook. Gonzalez stumbles forward, his gloves touches the canvas and then he falls onto the seat of his trunks. Gonzalez is hurt but he gets up and continues to fight, but the round ends immediately. 10-8 Russell.

Round 4

Russell races out of his corner and swarms his foe, who still looks wobbly. Flurry of punches overwhelms Gonzalez, who crumbles onto his knees and gloves. Gonzalez is in serious peril and struggles to his feet. He is virtually out on his feet but Tony weeks allows it to go on. Russell unloads a monstrous onslaught, felling Gonzalez again. As soon as Gonzalez crumbles in a heap, Weeks stops it. Impressive knockout for Gary Russell, Jr. who snatches Gonzalez’ WBC featherweight championship.

The Official Result

Gary Russell def. Jhonny Gonzalez via TKO (Referee Stoppage) 0:37, R4


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