Jose Aldo: Injured Foot Halted Low-Kick Output in UFC 163 Victory Over ‘Korean Zombie’

By Mike Whitman Aug 4, 2013

Jose Aldo had a good reason for neglecting his devastating low kicks during his UFC 163 victory over Chan Sung Jung at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Aldo, who stopped “The Korean Zombie” in the fourth round of their pay-per-view headliner, his right foot might be broken.

“When the fight started, the first thing I did was kick him, and he [checked it with] his knee. I don’t know if I broke my foot. It’s very swollen,” Aldo (Pictured, file photo) said at the post-fight press conference. “We tried to control [the fight] in a different way. Everyone always expects me to be throwing low kicks, but I’m a complete fighter, and I always try to practice everything. Wherever the fight goes, I try to use all my weapons. I have a whole arsenal of weapons for whoever is out there.”

In response to his foot injury, Aldo began to steadily work his jab in the first three rounds, continually beating Jung to the punch. Still, Aldo’s measured approach was interpreted by many in the MMA media and online fan community as a possible lack of conditioning. Not so, said Aldo, who asserted that he was simply fighting intelligently.

“I knew that I won the first three rounds. I just wanted to slow down a little bit so that I wouldn’t be exposed against him,” Aldo told Fox Sports. “Normally, I slow down a little bit in the fourth round, because I don’t want to be exposed. I hold the belt, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Every time people think I’m getting tired, but I’m not. My cardio is great.”

Aldo’s fifth UFC title defense came to a gruesome conclusion when Jung appeared to separate his shoulder after throwing an errant overhand right. “Scarface” jumped on the opportunity, kicking at the Korean’s wounded appendage fiercely before finishing his foe with ground-and-pound.

“When he swung, I noticed that his right arm popped out. Then I took him down and started to punch him,” said Aldo. “I did [express my regret] to his coaches. It wasn’t the best way, but I won the fight.”


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