Jose Aldo Talks Possible Lightweight Move: ‘Now That Pettis Has Lost, I Don’t Know’

By Andreas Hale Mar 24, 2015
Jose Aldo continued to tease a big announcement this week. | File photo: Dave Mandel/

LAS VEGAS -- Ever since Jose Aldo made his World Extreme Cagefighting debut in 2008, he has made mincemeat out of the competition.

Aldo’s stranglehold on the featherweight division -- which began when he tore the WEC title away from Mike Brown in November 2009 -- has been one of the most dominant tenures in all of MMA.

His divisional supremacy has caused numerous conversations as to whether Aldo will eventually move up to the lightweight division, and while he has been open to the possibility due to his well-documented struggles with making weight, for one reason or another, the move simply hasn’t materialized. Fight fans salivated over a possible superfight between Aldo and Anthony Pettis, but those plans were scrapped when an injury forced “Showtime” out of the 2013 fight.

With Conor McGregor being the last intriguing opponent left standing in the division, talk of Aldo making the weight class jump has started again. The discussion was only fueled by the Brazilian teasing a big announcement after his fight at UFC 189.

On Monday, asked the UFC featherweight champion about his desire to move up in weight, and it appears that Pettis may have once again derailed those plans.

“When Conor McGregor came, it was good for the division because things were a little shaky,” Aldo said. “I’m not thinking about the future right now, but after the fight, I’ll leave that up to the UFC to decide my future.”

What about that big announcement?

“It was going to be a good announcement,” Aldo said. “Now that Pettis has lost, I don’t know how things are going to be, because that fight has cooled down a bit.”

Aldo wouldn’t go as far to say that the announcement involved a move to 155 pounds, but his comments certainly pointed in that direction. Nevertheless, the Nova Uniao fighter said there will be an announcement of some sort after UFC 189.

“I have to win this fight before I make my big announcement,” said Aldo.

Let the speculation begin.


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