Josh Grispi Denies Hitting Wife, Denounces Domestic Violence on ‘Dr. Phil’ Talk Show

By Tristen Critchfield Oct 30, 2014

Josh Grispi denied hitting his wife and agreed that hitting a woman under any circumstances would be inappropriate during an interview on Thursday’s episode of ”Dr. Phil.”

The former UFC and WEC fighter spoke to host Phil McGraw by telephone from jail to address the charges related to an alleged assault on his wife that occurred in August. Grispi is currently awaiting trial on a number of charges including assault and battery, drug possession and animal cruelty.

Grispi’s wife, Kaitlyn, and her mother, Karen, appeared in studio for the show.

Grispi was unable to go into detail regarding the charges he faces because his case remains open. While the segment was not particularly revealing, Grispi denied physically abusing his wife while agreeing that inflicting any type of injury upon a woman would be inappropriate.

“Me and my wife have known each other for our whole lives,” Grispi said. “We’ve been dating since we were 13. Maybe we got too comfortable.”

Grispi allegedly assaulted his wife twice in four days and had his dog attack her as well.

“It’s the worst case of domestic abuse I’ve ever seen,” police officer Richard Harvey told the Taunton Daily Gazette in August.

Police said that they discovered a pot farm, weapons and ammunition upon searching Grispi’s Middleboro, Mass., home. Josh Grispi’s 3-year-old child was found next to a “box of unsecured guns and ammunition” when police arrived. More reports would later surface detailing a number of threatening text messages sent by Josh Grispi to his wife. The couple’s children are currently in custody of Kaitlyn Grispi’s mother.

While Kaitlyn Grispi admitted to being hit during the show, she also stood up for her husband, saying the incident was a “family fight blown out of proportion.”

“I would describe Josh as a great father, a great husband, a caring husband and a hard worker. Josh is a really loving, sweet person,” Kaitlyn Grispi said. “My husband Josh does not belong in jail. He’s not normal, but he’s safe to be outside. The police are trying to blow out of a proportion a family fight because Josh is with the UFC.

“The first times we started getting physical were actually my fault. I pushed Josh into getting really angry because I would not stop talking. When Josh hit me I did end up with a black eye and a bloody lip.”

Kaitlyn Grispi’s explanation of the what happened nearly three months ago painted a slightly different picture than the police report.

“My mom got some photos of me when I was hit. My mom went to the police station and showed them pictures and took it upon themselves to have the police come out. Even though I didn’t want Josh arrested, Josh was held in jail for a few hours,” she said. “Then the next night we got in an argument again. I went and hid in the bushes and finally he found me. When I went in the bathroom he busted open the door, and he did hit me in the head a few times. During that time my dog Buddy was running around like a little kid, got in the middle of it. Buddy bit me on my right leg, and Josh grabbed him by his choke collar. When Buddy was being put back in his cage, I decided to run to my neighbor’s house and she had to call the cops.”

The show eventually took a turn for the bizarre when Kaitlyn Grispi claimed that her family’s house was haunted, and that was responsible for influencing her husband’s behavior. At the show’s conclusion, an emotional Kaitlyn Grispi accepted McGraw’s offer to pay for professional help for both her and her husband.

Nicknamed “The Fluke” during his MMA tenure, Josh Grispi made his mark with 14 victories in his first 15 professional appearances, including triumphs over Mark Hominick and Jens Pulver in the WEC. The featherweight went winless in four UFC outings before being released by the Las Vegas-based promotion. He last competed at UFC on Fuel TV 7 on Feb. 16, 2013, dropping a three-round decision to Andy Ogle.


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