Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Andrzej Fonfara Results: Showtime Boxing Play-by-Play

By Carlos Arias Apr 18, 2015

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Andrzej Fonfara

Round 1

Chavez comes out and fires off a right after the bell sounds to start the fight, but it's just a glancing shot. Both fighters are looking to land meaningful shots. Fonfara rips off a couple left hooks to the body and a left hook to the head. Chavez eats them. Chavez complains about a low blow, but the referee isn't having it and tells him to fight. More complaints from Chavez. Chavez misses with a right and Fonfara nails him with left. 10-9 Fonfara.

Round 2

Chavez better start throwing more punches and less complaining. Chavez lands a straight right, but Fonfara doesn't budge. Chavez pushes Fonfara into the ropes, but doesn't do much and then Fonfara fights his way off the ropes. Chavez lands left hook to body and Fonfara answers with left upstairs. Fonfara is starting to pump his jab. Chavez is landing left hooks to body, but not doing any damage. 10-9 Chavez.

Round 3

Fonfara is the aggressor to start the round. Chavez eats a right uppercut and clubbing right. Chavez bangs to the body. Good uppercuts by Fonfara connect. The fighting is taking place in close quarters and both are getting in their licks. Chavez misses with a left hook and Fonfara answers with three stiff jabs. A short overhand right by Chavez connects. The round ends with the two fighters exchanging hard shots. 10-9 Chavez.

Round 4

Chavez showing some movement to start the round after Fonfara backs him up with a couple straight rights. Left hook to the head and left to the body by Chavez finds their marks. Fonfara gets in a three-punch combination inside. Chavez digs a left hook to the body. More lefts to the body by Chavez. Fonfara with a combo to the body and head. More body shots from Chavez. 10-9 Chavez.

Round 5

Fonfara gets warned for a low blow early in the round. Both fighters are forehead-to-forehead exchanging punches for most of this fight. Chavez forces Fonfara into ropes, but Fonfara fights off the ropes. Chavez eats some uppercuts and keeps coming forward. Fonfara connecting with some combos. Chavez is trying to be the aggressor, but Fonfara is landing some serious leather. 10-9 Fonfara.

Round 6

Fonfara has opened this round with a purpose and he is connecting hard shots that are backing Chavez up. Now Chavez backs Fonfara up with a right to the face. Fonfara doing a good job mixing his attack to the body and head. Chavez's left cheek is swelling up. Fonfara taunts Chavez, then whacks him with a jab. Chavez has swelling around left eye now. 10-9 Fonfara.

Round 7

Fonfara doesn't have a mark on him and Chavez is getting busted up. Chavez tries to forge ahead and Fonfara continues to dish out the damage. The referee just deducted a point from Fonfara for deliberately shouldering Chavez in a clinch. Chavez tries to pin Fonfara on the rops and ends up receiving a right uppercut and a right to the jaw for his troubles. 9-9.

Round 8

Fonfara is very accurate with his combos, especially, on the inside. Fonfara responds with a combo every time Chavez goes to the body. Chavez taking a lot of damage, but they are from close range. Fonfara backs up Chavez with a volley of shots to the head. Chavez tries to come bck in closing seconds of the round, but too little too late. 10-9 Fonfara.

Round 9

Fonfara is on the attack to start the round and a left hook to the jaw catches Chavez's attention. Fonfara can't miss with his uppercuts. Chavez backs Fonfara into the ropes, but Fonfara lands a series of hooks to get off the ropes. Chavez lands a left hook to body and Fonfara lands a left hook to the jaw that sends Chavez crashing to the canvas. Chavez beats the count and is trying to fight back. Chavez and Fonfara exchange wild punches to end the round. 10-8 Fonfara.

The referee is checking on Chavez between round and then waves off the fight. Fans are throwing beer cans at the ring. Still waiting on the official word. OK, it's official. Referee stopped the fight on suggestion from Chavez's corner.

The Official Result

Andrzej Fonfara def. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. via TKO (Corner Stoppage) R9, 3:00


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