K-1 'Dynamite 2008' Play-by-Play

Dec 31, 2008
Sherdog.com’s Tony Loiseleur reports from the Saitama Super Arena near Tokyo with live play-by-play of K-1 “Dynamite 2008,” which is headlined by Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Kiyoshi Tamura.

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Sherdog.com will offer live play-by-play of Dynamite's MMA bouts, which kick off shortly after 10 p.m. PST/1 a.m. EST. Scroll down for kickboxing-rule bouts.

Moments before the event was to begin, Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante entered the ring and announced that his bout with Joachim Hansen has been called off. Apparently, Hansen did not pass pre-fight medicals, and the Norwegian is currently being hospitalized for a "head injury."

Hansen, 29, was present at Tuesday press conference to promote the bout with "JZ."

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MMA Bouts Play-by-Play:

Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Errol Zimmerman
Round 1
Zimmerman gets a mid kick that Minowa catches and dives into a takedown with. Zimmerman grabs the ropes but goes down anyway, and Minowa begins the arduous task of securing a footlock. Zimmerman tries to hammerfist the pro-wrestler off his leg, but Minowa transitions until he’s got the toe hold. Zimmerman screams in pain while tapping. The official time is 1:01 of the opening frame.

Hideo Tokoro vs. Daisuke Nakamura
Round 1
Tokoro dives for a takedown and gets him down with a little effort, but Nakamura scrambles and pulls out an arm. He falls back with it, but Tokoro defends well and escapes. Tokoro scrambles to his feet, takes Nakamura’s back and Nakamura breaks his grip to dive for a kimura before transitioning to the armbar. Tokoro defends and rolls out, and is now on top with an armbar of his own. Nakamura rolls and stacks Tokoro in defense, taking a moment to rest from the frenetic two minutes of scrambling with the smaller fighter. Tokoro eventually gives up the arm and scrambles to take Nakamura’s back, but Nakamura chucks him off and manages again to get an arm for the armbar attempt. Tokoro’s leg is tied up in an awkward angle with Nakamura’s, but it’s not hurting his armbar attempt at all. Nakamura is wrenching back, hyperextending the arm as Tokoro is tangled up and unable to escape. Referee Moritaka Oshiro asks if Tokoro wants to give up and Tokoro shakes his head from under Nakamura’s legs. Oshiro calls the bout anyway at 2:23 in the first for Nakamura.

Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Andy Ologun
Round 1
They touch gloves and Sakaguchi gets to circling Ologun and pawing at him with his hands. Ologun reaches with a jab and misses. Sakaguchi pushes his way into the clinch and gets a takedown from the ring corner, landing in half guard. Ologun attempts to control Sakaguchi’s wrists to keep him from punching. Sakaguchi works his legs free and moves them up in an attempt to get a triangle from on top, but then falls back into the triangle as Ologun attempts to sit up. The triangle is locked in, but Ologun is able to flail at Sakaguchi with hammers, eventually breaking his grip. Ologun stands up out of Sakaguchi’s guard then and referee Samio Kimura stands them both up. Sakaguchi closes to throw a right hand, but Ologun evades, planting a solid right uppercut, left hook to send Sakaguchi to the canvas. Ologun lunges and lands a big left hand right to Sakaguchi’s chin, separating him from consciousness as referee Kimura lunges in to call the bout at 3:52 of the opening stanza.

Bob Sapp vs. Akihito "Kinniku Mantaro" Tanaka
Round 1
Tanaka comes down the ramp with a chubby kid in tow, both of them wearing Kinnikuman themed masks as the Kinnikuman theme song plays in the background. Following them, Bob Sapp comes out to Also Sprache Zarathustra. Sapp comes barreling forward, and Tanaka drops for a single leg. Tanaka gets it to the ground and passes to side. Sapp attempts to hold onto Tanaka’s head to keep him from posturing to drop hammerfists, but Tanaka drops them anyway, freeing himself in the process. Sapp pushes Tanaka away and gets it to standing, pursuing with punches. Tanaka takes him down again in defense however and resumes side mount. Tanaka transitions to north-south, dropping punches, then moves back to side for the judo press. Sapp throws up a single punch, and Tanaka switches back to side mount. Sapp is almost able to sit up, but Tanaka pushes him back down and punches him a few times in the face. Sapp frames his arms against Tanaka’s body to push him away but Tanaka just pushes his arms aside and continues slowly pounding away. Sapp looking anguished and under unwanted pressure, eating the punches. Apparently having enough of it, Sapp explodes up and reverses position on Tanaka. Sapp gets top in a sprawl position as his corner exhorts him to use all his weight to keep Tanaka down. Sapp delivers a knee to Tanaka’s head, and Tanaka pulls back, stands up and backs away. Sapp gives chase and begins throwing big, wild punches. Tanaka gets tagged with a few and turns into the ropes, his back to Sapp. Sapp continues punching to the sides of Tanaka’s head as referee Daisuke Noguchi jumps in to save Tanaka at 5:22 in the first.

Semmy Schilt vs. Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga
Round 1
Schilt leads with a push kick and a lead leg kick to the body. Mo engages Schilt in the clinch, and both men grapple on the feet. Schilt lands several knees to Mo’s body before Siliga barrels him over to take top position in half guard. Schilt, his arms still in over under position, holds on to keep Mo from posturing. Mo eventually breaks free though and tries to posture and punch. Schilt tries to pull him down by controlling the head, but not before Mo gets off a few good punches. Schilt eventually gets wrist control, but Siliga just attempts to punch his way free rather than break his grip. Siliga is posted up on his feet, trying to punch, while Schilt uses the wrist control to climb his legs up for a submission. Siliga is breathing hard, but he’s still making a good effort of trying to land big punches, now to Schilt’s body. Mo dives for a punch to the face, right back into Schilt’s guard. Taking a moment to rest, Schilt is punching at Mo’s head, resting on his chest. Schilt transitions from the armbar, but Siliga pulls it out and lands some punishing punches on Schilt’s face before he’s able to spin back around and get Mo back in guard. Siliga tries to drop more punches from inside Schilt’s guard. Schilt creeps his legs up and locks an awkward looking triangle. Panicked and likely winded, Siliga drops to his knees and taps out at the 5:31 mark.

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Katsuyori Shibata
Round 1
Shibata comes running forward and Mach attempts a spinning back kick, looking surprised. The kick misses, and Mach tries to go for the takedown, but Shibata sprawls on him and pushes him off. Shibata opening up with a barrage of punches as Mach tries to press in for the clinch. Sakurai looks surprised as he closes in to try and get Shibata to the floor, eating punches and then knees in the clinch. Sakurai whips Shibata to the canvas then and lands on top in half guard, working on Shibata’s right arm for the kimura. Shibata isn’t giving it up, so Sakurai postures up and drops punches. Shibata tries to punch up, and so Mach takes the opportunity to hop up into full mount, dropping the occasional punch as his corner tell him to push Shibata’s face down and posture up. Mach does so and starts pounding away on a shelled up Shibata. Shibata tries to pry Mach off with a leg, but Sakurai falls to his belly to keep the position. Shibata manages to get him off, but Mach takes sidemount instead and drops more punches. Mach looks cut around the vicinity of his right eye, blinking away bloody tears. Mach drops punches and now some knees to the face of Shibata from side position. The crowd chants for Shibata to rally as Mach plants his knee on Shibata’s belly, still punching him in the face. Sakurai’s pace is slowing a bit, but he’s still delivering the punishment, locking Shibata’s arm in a crucifix a la Matt Hughes-BJ Penn to drop small shots to the forehead. Another big knee from Mach, followed by more hammer fists as Shibata absorbs the beating. Sakurai goes to the mount again, then back to knee on belly. Shibata crunches his legs up and captures Sakurai in his guard. Sakurai stands to drop a punch before passing to half guard, and then mount. Mach drops more punches and the referee steps in, having seen enough, at 7:01, awarding Hayato Sakurai the TKO victory.

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Hong Man Choi
Round 1
Choi begins walking Crocop down, and Cropcop circles on the outside, dropping low kicks to the legs of the Korean. Choi is follows Mirko, trying to paw at him with non-committal jabs and push kicks. Mirko attempts a high kick that just misses a flinching Choi. Mirko lunges with a left hook and gets pegged in the face with a hard jab for his troubles. More circling from both men before Mirko throws a mid kick that Choi catches and upsets his balance. Mirko stumbles back but Choi is unable to capitalize, allowing the Croation to get to his feet. They return to circling, Choi at the center, throwing small jabs as Mirko looks for openings, throwing the occasional low kick. Mirko parries Choi’s jabs as he retreats. Choi tries to chase Mirko down with a few punches, but Mirko runs and only gets grazed. Choi finally corners Crocop and pushes him into a corner. Mirko attempts to get underhooks and knees Choi to the body once. Referee Noguchi breaks them apart and warns both Choi and Crocop for what appears to be inactivity. They resume the game of circling again, Crocop backpedalling once more. Referee Noguchi stops the bout and issues a yellow card to both men for inactivity and evasiveness. Upon resuming, however, Mirko backpedals as Choi lumbers after him. Choi pumps some jabs at Corcop and traps him momentarily in the corner before Mirko spins out and lands a low kick to Choi’s groin. They stop the bout momentarily for Choi to recover. Upon recovering, Mirko slams a big left kick to the left leg of a forward moving Choi, who attempts to check it, but gets hurt doing so. As Choi’s leg drops, it cannot support his weight, and the Techno Goliath falls. Choi grasps his knee in pain as referee Daisuke Noguchi jumps in to call the bout at 6:32 in the first.

After the bout, Mirko announces that he will be taking the next six months off, on account of knee surgery.

Mark Hunt vs. Melvin Manhoef
Round 1
Manhoef circles on the outside, wary, as from the center of the ring, Mark Hunt primes himself to lunge and attack. Hunt lunges to flurry, and Manhoef counters with a huge left and right hook combo that land square on the Samoan Monster’s jaw, sending him crashing to the mat at a mere 18 seconds in the first round for a stunning KO.

Shinya Aoki vs. Eddie Alvarez
Round 1
Alvarez takes a middle kick to the ribs as he’s chasing Aoki down, trying to close the distance to deliver some punches. Aoki shoots for a double and Eddie sprawls and pulls away. Aoki scoots toward him on his butt, chasing him about the ring. Aoki jumps up to try and kick Alvarez’s head, but misses and lands. Aoki begins scooting toward Alvarez again, chasing him on his posterior until the ref stands him up. Eddie throws a middle kick that Aoki catches, at which point he flies onto Alvarez’s back in the clinch. Alvarez is quick to execute a beautiful harai-goshi to land on top in mount. Aoki scrambles out from underneath, and puts Alvarez into guard. Aoki then goes for a leglock, dragging Alvarez to the canvas. The both of them still dry, Aoki is able to get enough grip to catch and torque the heel hook for the tap at 1:32.

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Kiyoshi Tamura
Round 1
Kazushi Sakuraba's ring entrance looks to be an homage to long-running Japanese children's program, Kamen Rider. Sakuraba is first seen being tended to by some of the action shows villain henchman who put gloves and pro-wreslting shin pads on him as Sakuraba protests before capitulating, saying, "wow... this is so nostalgic." As Sakuraba emerges from the elevator, flanked by the henchman and clad in his mask, a voice rings out saying, "wait! stop!" Off to the left side of the stage, the real Sakuraba, unmasked, but wearing the Kamen Rider red scarf, rides to the ring on a small bicycle. Sakuraba evades or checks two low kicks before dropping for the single leg. Tamura drops to his knees and tries to defend the takedown. Sakuraba grabs Tamura’s foot on the leg opposite from his single, attempting to take out his base. Tamura reaches around, trying to pry Sakuraba off, but the IQ Wrestler stays doggedly in place. Sakuraba transitions to the back for a moment before Tamura explodes and reverses Sakuraba, landing on top in side mount. Tamura is all tangled up in Sakuraba’s limbs for the moment however, giving way to Sakuraba putting him into full guard. Tamura attempts to pound from on top as Sakuraba reaches up to control Tamura’s posture. Sakuraba climbs his legs up, looking to lock up a sub. Tamura bursts free from a half-hearted triangle attempt and begins hammering. Sakuraba goes for wrist control, then briefly attempts the armbar before Tamura pops out and resumes hammer fist assaults. Sakuraba with the occasional punch from the bottom now, but he’s eating the majority of Tamura’s shots. Sakuraba pushes Tamura off and Tamura stands up from Saku’s guard. Sakuraba rolls into a leg lock on Tamura’s left leg. Tamura drops to his haunches and punches Sakuraba’s face and the side of his head in defense. Sakuraba half-heartedly tries to cover up, waiting for Tamura to tire before pursuing the leg lock. Sakuraba flips over to his back and puts Tamura in guard then. Referee Noguchi repositions them in the ring, and Tamura drops more punches on a weary looking Sakuraba as soon as the bout is resumed. Sakuraba’s corner tell him that there’s only three minutes remaining, and the veteran wearily responds “hai.” Sakuraba throws up his legs in another half-hearted triangle, trying to pull Tamura’s left arm out. Tamura thus pounds hammer fists down with his right hand until Sakuraba traps both hands and hugs them to his chest. Tamura stacks Sakuraba, and then sits back, freeing his arms. Tamura breaks Sakuraba’s guard and stands up, looking to drop punches. The opening doesn’t really present itself, so he settles back into guard to grind it out with small shots. Sakuraba tries again for the armbar, locking up Tamura’s left arm from bottom. He cannot extend it before the bell however. If the 10-point must system were in use (it isn't), Sherdog.com would score the round 10-9 for Tamura.

Round 2
Sakuraba evades a low kick, but the second low kick lands hard into his left leg, prompting him to drop for the single. Tamura stuffs him and Sakuraba flops to his side. Tamura drops some punishing blows before Sakuraba reverts back to guard. The referee repositions them in the center. Sakuraba takes both of Tamura’s wrists, but Tamura breaks free and drops several hard punches. The referee orders a break, eliciting an expression of depressing futility from Sakuraba, who stays lying on the canvas. The ref issues a yellow card to both fighters for not fighting aggressively. Two Tamura low kicks toSak’s lead right leg, and Sakuraba absorbs them, wobbly. Tamura throws another that clips his left before shooting for the takedown. Sakuraba sucks him into a loose guillotine, but Tamura pops out and resumes dropping hammer fists. Another break and standup comes from referee Noguchi. Sakuraba shoots for the tD and gets it this time, landing in Tamura’s guard. Sakuraba eats a few punches from Tamura before passing to half guard at the last minute. Tamura takes a hold of Sakuraba’s right arm, holding him down, not allowing him to punch or pass. Sakuraba tries valiantly to get in and ending barrage in the final moments, but it looks like it’s too little too late. Tamura takes Sakuraba’s hand in both of his, shaking his hand as he gets to his feet to return to the corner for the decision. Had standard scoring been in place for this bout, the round would go to Tamura, 10-9.

Judges Matt Hume, Yuji Shimada and Yasushi Miyake unanimously give the bout to Kiyoshi Tamura.

Kickboxing Bouts:

Gegard Mousasi vs. Musashi
Round 1
Mousasi gets a big right hand to start things off as he comes charging in on Musashi, dropping him for the KD. Mousasi goes to town, flurrying on Mushashi before pushing him off from the clinch. Mousasi blitzes Musashi again, hitting to the face and body before dropping him for a second time with an uppercut, hook combo. Musashi answers the count, but a forward pressing Mousasi won’t be denied, flurrying on a Musashi against the ropes who clearly can’t defend himself. The bout is called at 2:32 in the first round.

Alistair Overeem vs. Badr Hari
Round 1
A huge left knee to the face, followed by a left hook knocks Hari silly and puts him down for the knockdown. After answering the count, Hari gets a few punches in before Overeem compresses and explodes with a huge left hook, countering a wide Hari right, dropping the Moroccan for the KO at 2:07 of the first round.

“For all MMA fighters, and everybody, who think respect is important: there you go,” said Overeem in his post-fight comments.

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Kozo Takeda
Round 1
Kawajiri comes charging in with punches and sparks Takeda, dropping him for the KD. Takeda stands up and shells up under Kawajiri’s assault which is fierce and unrelenting. Takeda begins bleeding from the nose and Kawajiri drops him again with a big left hook for the second KD. Kawajiri surprises with a huge flying right knee to Takeda’s face, putting him down for the KD a third time. A bloody Takeda tries to meet Kawajiri in the center upon answering the count, but goes down again with a huge left hook to the jaw. The referee steps in and calls it there, at 2:37 of round one.

Kawajiri thanks the crowd in his post-fight, in-ring comments, stating that next year, he’ll be aiming for the lightweight belt, and that he’ll be the man to represent Dream -- a reference and subtle challenge to Shinya Aoki who has been publicly saying the same as a kind of personal catchphrase.

Kickboxing Quick Results:
Koya Urabe Def. Tatsuya Kusakabe 2:21 R3 TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
Hiroya Def. Shota Shimada Decision (Unanimous) R3 3:00 (30-29 x3)
Artur Kyshenko Def. Yoshihiro Sato Decision (Majority) R3 3:00 (30-29, 29-28 and 29-29)
Hiroya Def. Koya Urabe via Decision (Unanimous) after four rounds to claim the Koshien kickboxing tournament. Hiroya needed an overtime round, which gave him a score of 10 - 9 on all three official scorecards.
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