Karate Combat Announces Streaming Deal with UFC Fight Pass

By Matt McNulty Jul 19, 2018

Karate Combat’s next event will be streamed live on UFC Fight Pass, the promotion announced on Thursday. The full-contact striking promotion is set to hold its second event in Athens, Greece, on July 28 after the smashing success of their debut card in April, which was chock-full of brutal and spectacular knockouts.

UFC Fight Pass confirmed on Thursday that they will be live streaming Karate Combat events, beginning with next Saturday’s sophomore event.

Brand ambassador and color commentator Bas Rutten enthusiastically lent his services to the promotion for the first Karate Combat event, and will return to the commentary booth next weekend for what he describes as the next big thing in combat sports:

“This is a brand new sport within traditional karate,” Rutten said in a press release. “This isn’t the points-system you may have seen before -- this is full-contact competition with full-force combinations, spinning back-fists, flying kicks, sidekicks and amazing action.

“The karate athletes have been waiting for this – the chance to show the world what elite karateka (karate experts) can really do. Some of the competitors told me they were frustrated fighting in the points-style, and are so excited to let it all hang out under these new Karate Combat rules. This is their platform to fight under karate rules, in a beautiful setting, and using full-contact rules.”

Rutten, an Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran and striker in his own right, broke down Karate Combat’s unique rule set, with the fights taking place in a ‘pit’ like ring:

“While hardcore MMA fans will be familiar with many of the techniques -- and maybe even know some of the Japanese names for the strikes -- there are also some major differences to what you see in MMA, kickboxing or Thai boxing. There are no uppercuts -- every strike is at range, which makes for great knockdowns and knockouts. Leg kicks are allowed, but not above the knee. And you see a lot more spinning back-fists, jumping kicks and spinning kicks. Ground and pound is allowed, but the referee will halt the action after five seconds and restart the fight on the feet.”

Karate Combat’s first event garnered quite a bit of press and attention from fight fans, with several MMA veterans competing in the karate-based promotion. Four of the six bouts ended in an early and violent knockout.

Their second event will be live streamed on Fight Pass from the ancient and historic Zappeion Courtyard in Athens on July 28, and will feature fighters from all over the globe.


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