Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie Results: Metamoris 5 Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Nov 22, 2014

Sherdog.com reports from the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif., at approximately 5 p.m. ET with Metamoris 5 play-by-play.

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Garry Tonon vs. Zak Maxwell

They clinch only briefly as they go to the ground right away. Tonon is looking for a leg lock, but Zak defends. The lock is deep at the elbow, but Maxwell is calm, looking for a way out. After about 30 seconds or so, Maxwell is able to free himself from the arm lock, passes over to a quasi-oma plata and eventually achieves full mount. Maxwell is tight in mount, but Tonon eventually scrambles out and latches onto his opponent’s foot, looking for a heel hook. It’s relatively deep, but Maxwell is defending well using wrist control. Tonon rolls to his side to really apply the pressure, but Maxwell is able to snake out of it. After a wild scramble, they separate and are stood back up. They engage and quickly return to the mat. Maxwell scoots over to side control and looks to pass, but Tonon grabs a hold of the arm and applies a quick kimura. Maxwell rolls out and over to the side, freeing himself from the lock, but Tonon immediately attacks the foot again, looking for an ankle lock. Maxwell rolls to his right again and escapes, separating after another scramble. Again, they restart and they immediately go right back to where they are comfortable. Garry seizes the arm again and attacks via kimura and it’s tight. Tonon slips out of it, but Tonon once again attacks the foot, looking for another heel hook. He misses and Maxwell gets to his feet, standing over his foe. Maxwell passes Tonon’s guard and into side control. After a brief delay, Maxwell looks to mount, but Tonon scoots to half guard. Tonon moves to deep half, achieves the vaporizer and sweeps him perfectly. Maxwell opens up to rubber guard after the sweep and looks for a leg lock, but Tonon prevents it. They scramble quickly and land in 50/50, and Tonon grabs the foot again. Garry, like a bolt of lightning, locks on the heel hook and forces the tap. No official time is given.

The Official Result

Garry Tonon Def. Zak Maxwell Submission (Heel Hook)

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Matheus Diniz

They clinch, looking for wrist and arm control. Vinny cups the neck briefly, but Diniz yanks free and regroups. Diniz, a late replacement for Kevin Casey, looks for a single, but backs off just as soon as he shoots. They clinch and separate repeatedly. Diniz is more aggressive and then drops down for an arm drag, but he misses. Diniz drops down and looks for a single, but backs off once he realizes he can’t get it They clinch again; Magalhaes looks very relaxed where the Marcelo Garcia fighter appears to be more anxious. Diniz again looks for an outside single, but doesn’t come close. Four minutes in and the two are still clinching, looking for control. Magalhaes thinks about shooting in, but backs off as soon as he drops down. They separate and Diniz feints a shot. Diniz shoots in again, but Vinny stuffs him. Matheus grabs onto Vinny’s leg and lifts it up, but he can’t take the UFC veteran off his feet. Almost seven minutes have passes and they still are playing the clinch game. Diniz shoots in, gets Vinny off balance and almost gets him down. Magalhaes turns around and Diniz looks to seize his back, but they almost fall off the platform. The ref resets them and back to the clinch they go. Diniz again looks for the single but Vinny’s defense is superb. Very little action halfway through the match as Diniz simply cannot take Magalhaes off his feet.

Diniz drops down for a double, but Magalhaes stuffs him and then pulls guard. Magalhaes quickly beings his right leg up behind Diniz’ head, looking for a possible oma plata/triangle. Vinny is keeping his foe tight and once he looks to explode, Diniz safely backs out, though he’s still in full guard. Magalhaes is very relaxed on his back, with his guard closed. Matheus is trying to open the guard, but Vinny sucks him back in, bringing his right leg up again, but only briefly. Magalhaes scoots over onto his side, but his guard is still closed. The ref restarts the two in the center of the mat as they were getting dangerously close to the edge. Diniz again looks to open the guard, but he’s being thwarted. Vinny goes to rubber guard and is looking for the triangle. Diniz explodes out of the submission and is scrambling like a man possessed to pass the guard, but Vinny turns with him perfectly. Diniz sprints to his right, trying like hell to pass, but the ADCC champ eventually sucks him right back into his closed guard. The Syndicate MMA representative slides his left hand under Diniz’ right leg, looking for a potential flower sweep. He decides against it and then slides off to his right, going back to rubber guard. Now in mission control position, Magalhaes is looking for the oma plata/triangle, but Matheus slips out of it, likely due to them both being slick with sweat. Diniz grabs a hold of Vinny’s right wrist, looking for a lock, but the Las Vegas-based fighter simply grins as he easily escapes. Vinny thinks kimura with 2:30 left, but quickly abandons it. Diniz is frantically looking to open the guard but can’t. Vinny again goes to the rubber guard with the invisible collar, looking for the oma plata again, but Diniz defends it well and eventually scoots over into Vinny’s half guard. With a minute left, Diniz needs to pull a miracle out of nothing. Magalhaes is very relaxed, preventing the pass. Diniz scrambles out onto his feet, but Magalhaes quickly sucks him right back into closed guard. Diniz sighs in frustration and is going for broke, but Vinny returns to the rubber guard. Matheus jumps out to half guard as time expires. The official ruling is a draw.

The Official Result

Vinny Magalhaes Draw Matheus Diniz 20:00

Yuri Simoes vs. Keenan Cornelius

They circle around as Keenan is looking for a grip. Simoes shoots in, but misses the single. Simoes then grabs the lapel and looks to drag Cornelius down, but the Atos fighter prevents it. They clinch as Simoes looks for a better grip, but Cornelius drops down and goes to an inverted guard, then to the more traditional spider guard. Simoes is very relaxed as he stands up, trying to pass, but Keenan shoots his legs up, almost locking on a triangle. Simoes defends it, pushes the legs to the side, but falls back into his opponent’s guard. Cornelius lassoes Simoes’ right arm, but the Brazilian eventually breaks free. Simoes looks to pass to his right, but Keenan latches onto his foe’s sleeve, disallowing it. They scramble and reverse roles as Simoes reaps Cornelius’ right leg. Keenan twists out and drops down into Yuri’s half guard. Simoes inverts himself, searching for a sweep. Simoes rolls over and goes to donkey guard, but it lasts a few seconds. Cornelius is sitting on Simoes’ right leg and turns over, breaking the lock. Simoes recovers immediately and locks back in the guard from his back; Keenan is sitting on Simoes’ stomach. They stall for a while to rethink their approach . Keenan looks to wriggle free but Simoes, in the blink of an eye, latches on a deep knee bar. It’s extremely tight but Keenan doesn’t panic. Simoes torques his hips, gunning for the finish, but Cornelius patiently slithers out of it and goes to 50/50. Cornelius digs down and locks on Simoes’ right arm, looking for the arm bar. The Brazilian wants none of it and breaks looks and then inverts himself. Keenan tries to force Simoes off his inverted guard, staving off the leg attacks. Simoes rolls over onto his back and into spider guard. Cornelius stands up and passes to his left. Cornelius snakes his arm through under the arm and locks on a pretty tight Ezekiel choke. It’s deep and Simoes is in trouble. He eventually defends it well and frees himself, but Keenan immediately switches to the Brabo choke. Simoes escapes and is able to pull guard just past the halfway mark.

After a brief scramble Simoes goes to deep half, but Cornelius is mostly in half mount. He goes cross body, digging for the far side kimura. Cornelius is trying to free his right leg from the deep half while applying the kimura, but Simoes is defending it perfectly. Simoes explodes up and escapes back to his feet, where they separate. They clinch after a few seconds to catch their breaths and Cornelius pulls guard. Simoes tries to pass the open guard but can’t. Keenan sits up and grabs onto his opponent’s lapel, but lets go and drops back down to his guard. They roll out and switch positions, where Simoes again inverts himself, but Cornelius is undaunted. Simoes dives back under, looking for Keenan’s leg, but the Atos fighter is too quick for him and seizes his back. Cornelius locks on a tight body triangle and searches for the choke, but Simoes is defending well. Cornelius instantly switches to an armbar from the back, falls to his side and tries to lock it in, but Simoes thwarts it just as soon as it starts. Keena doesn’t let go and looks for the oma plata, which Yuri defends well. Cornelius again tries the oma plata and then the paper cutter, but Simoes breaks free, rolls out and applies a triangle. Cornelius defends it, breaks free and seizes his foe’s back again during a scramble. Keenan traps Simoes’ right arm, going for either a kimura or arm bar, but Simoes intelligently rolls out, escaping. Cornelius pulls his trademark worm guard with the lapel, but Simoes blocks the ensuing attacks. With 90 seconds left, Simoes tries to pass to his left. He does, but Keenan explodes to his feet. Cornelius tries a flying triangle, misses, and then inverts himself. Simoes again looks to pas, but this time Cornleius thwarts it. Cornelius grabs onto his foe’s lapel, spins under him but nothing comes from it. Simoes, now on his back, tries a last-second knee bar but he misses as time runs out. The bout is a draw.

The Official Result

Yuri Simoes Draw Keenan Cornelius 20:00

Secret Match: Jake Shields vs. Roberto Satoshi

They clinch for brief spurts on and off early on. Shields thinks standing guillotine for a few seconds before letting go. Satoshi pulls guard and closes it, overhooking Shields’ left arm. Once Satoshi breaks his hips to transition, Shields explodes out and stands, locking in a deep guillotine. Shields drops to guard and locks it in, but Satoshi breaks free. They scramble but Shields locks on another guillotine, but it’s not deep; Satoshi frees himself, reverses positions and pulls guard. Satoshi overhooks Shields’ left arm again and looks to open up his game, but Shields defends it as he tries to pass to his right. Satoshi blocks the pass and tries an oma plata, but lets go within seconds. Back to closed guard, Satoshi regroups. Shields explodes up and tries to pass, but he can’t. The Cesar Gracie fighter stands and backs away, letting his opponent up. Satoshi fakes a shot and looks for the jumping guillotine, misses, and then jumps to guard. The Tokyo fighter rests on his right hip, but nothing comes from it. Again, Satoshi overhooks the left arm and then the right. Satoshi scoots to a higher guard, but Shields is well aware of the tricks. They scramble out to their feet when Satoshi tried a sweep and clinch in the center of the mat. Satoshi shoots in for a single but Shields sprawls perfectly. Satoshi again jumps to guard. Satoshi switches his overhook from the left to the right arms, but can’t make anything come from it. Shields moves to the knee shield, digs for the double underhooks of his foe’s legs and explodes to his left to pass, but he misses. Back on their feet, they clinch again. Again, the Bonsai Jiu Jitsu representative jumps to guard. Shields is trying to open the guard to pass, but Satoshi prevents him. Finally, Shields opens the guard and passes, but Satoshi back rolls out. Shields is all over him and moves to side control. Shields presses all of his weight onto him and digs his shoulder into Satoshi’s face at the midway point.

Satoshi is trying to buck under Shields to hip escape, but the American is all over him, eventually achieving full mount. Satoshi looks a tad desperate to get his heavier opponent off, but Shields is all over him. Shields is now looking for an arm triangle, but Satoshi is defending well. Shields digs his hips down into Satoshi, who finally bucks him up and recovers his guard. Satoshi tries a meager cross choke from his back but he abandons it quickly. Shields scoots out of the guard and falls into a half triangle, but Satoshi misses it. Shields explodes to his left and passes easily, and then lands in full mount. Satoshi is starting to look frustrated , scrambles and then goes to half guard. It’s short-lived as Shields again pass out and into side control. Satoshi creates a few inches of space and front rolls into a knee bar attempt. He misses it and pulls full guard. Finally, the two men are beginning to breathe heavily with five minutes left. Satoshi thinks triangle for a seconds but backs off. Shields breaks the guard and they scramble to their feet. Shields stuffs a takedown attempt, goes to a front headlock after a whizzer, but Satoshi defends and backs up to his feet. Again, Satoshi jumps to guard. With three minutes left, Jake breaks the guard and easily passes to his right. In an instant, he goes to mount. Satoshi bucks his foe several times but Shields is very heavy, digging his hips into his gut. Shields thinks armbar , but once Satoshi sees it coming, he lets go. Shields moves up to high mount and tries the triangle, but Satoshi defends it. Shields moves to north-south position with a minute left, but Satoshi scrambles, looking to recover his guard. Shields disallows it, though he does wind up in his opponent’s half guard. Shields looks for a guillotine and then, with five seconds left, rolls over for an armbar. He almost nails it but Satoshi is too wet and slides out as time expires. The match is a draw.

The Official Result

Jake Shields Draw Roberto Satoshi 20:00

Rory MacDonald vs. J.T. Torres

They immediately clinch after a fierce staredown. Rory thinks a single leg, but lets it go quickly. Torres sneaks in a quick arm drag and scores a takedown and lands in MacDonald’s half guard. Rory scrambles out to his side and tries to pull guard, but Torres is all over and lands in side control. JT quickly digs the knee on belly and then digs down for the underhook. MacDonald slithers under and regains half guard, but can’t hang on as Torres reverts back to knee-on-belly. Going to cross body, Torres locks on a kimura, but MacDonald powers out of it and tries to pull him into his guard. MacDonald can only get to butterfly guard, which Torres pass out of easily. Back to side control. The Atos fighter is searching for the cross body underhook, but the UFC welterweight contender scrambles out and back to his feet. After several clinches, Torres misses a jumping guillotine. Torres misses the arm drag and then stuffs a double from Rory. MacDonald jumps down and rolls into an armbar, but Torres sees it coming and defends it perfectly. MacDonald shoots back up to his feet and they clinch again. Torres climbs up and pulls guard, closing it. MacDonald is looking to open the guard of the New York native and finally does, standing over him. MacDonald steps to his right and tries to pass, but JT prents him. MacDonald has foot control but as he goes to pass, Torres locks on a heel hook, though it’s not deep. He switches to a calf slicer but MacDonald slips out of it, back to his feet. Torres leaps onto his opponent and pulls him down into his guard. They battle for wrist control in JT’s guard at the halfway mark.

MacDonald grabs Torres’ left foot and latches on a heel hook, but like his opponent’s a few moments earlier, it’s not tight and he loses it. They scramble and Torres, like a tiger, passes to side control and then explodes into a full mount. Torres searches for a choke from mount, but can’t find it. MacDonald is breathing somewhat heavily now and can’t buck Torres off. Finally the Tri-Star fighter creates space, hips out and scrambles to his feet. MacDonald attempts a flying leg scissors, but misses, falling onto his back. Torres is patient and passes to his right. Rory tries to invert himself, but Torres is all over him. Torres quickly passes to his right completely and gets side control. MacDonald desperately recovers his guard and then, after a scramble, they are back up on their feet. JT drives forward with a double, but MacDonald stuffs it. Torres pulls guard and closes it. MacDonald is trying to open the guard but is having some issues. Finally, he breaks open Spider Man’s guard, but Torres rolls under for a leg lock. Rory defends it and stands back up, but Torres returns to the scissor sweep, nails it and forces the Canadian down. Torres quickly passes to side control, then mount. Torres triangles MacDonald’s neck as he goes for the cross body kimura. It’s very deep and MacDonald grimaces in discomfort. MacDonald fights through it but he’s in deep trouble. Torres torques the arm but MacDonald is able to finally break out of the submission for good. MacDonald moves to half guard with about two minutes left, but Torres passes almost as soon as he’s there. Now with another knee-on-belly, Torres goes for the mount but MacDonald again explodes up to his feet. Torres drops to his back, trying to sucker MacDonald into his guard. MacDonald drops down and goes for the heel hook, but Torres obliges and follows suit. They both fight for the heel hook until Rory lets go. JT relinquishes the lock and then pulls to closed guard. MacDonald breaks it open and stands back up. Torres drops back down with 30 seconds left; MacDonald stands over him. MacDonald drops to his knees, looking for a foot lock. He stands up as time expires and then grabs Torres’ handing, helping up.

The Official Result

Rory MacDonald Draw J.T. Torres 20:00

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie

The two legends embrace just before they clinch and the anticipation for this fight is through the roof. Sakuraba grabs Renzo’s left leg and drags him down. Sakuraba doesn’t follow him, instead allowing him to stand back up and clinch. Sakuraba shoots in for a single but Gracie sprawls perfectly. After about a minute of clinching, Renzo almost fells Sakuraba with a leg sweep. The Japanese superstar simply regroups and clinches his old nemesis in the center of the mat. Renzo snaps Sakuraba’s head down and goes for the arm-in guillotine, drops to his back but his arms slip out of the choke. Sakuraba is now in Gracie’s full guard, looking to open it. Gracie pulls his foe close, looking to set up an arm lock, but Sakuraba sees it a mile away and postures up. They fight for wrist control as Renzo slips an underhook, but Sakuraba peels his right arm back to safety. Gracie pulls Sakuraba’s head down into his chest, controlling the Japanese fighter’s posture. Fighting at a slow pace, Sakuraba still can’t open Renzo’s guard. Gracie traps both of Sakuraba’s arms and moves onto his right side, but Sakuraba’s is nullifying the attack. Sakuraba looks like he’s getting a little frustrated with Gracie’s closed guard and picks up his own pace slightly. “The Gracie Hunter” is digging his elbows into Gracie’s thighs, but still he can’t break open the guard at the halfway point.

Gracie finally opens his guard and fishes for an arm lock, but Sakuraba has none of it, defending like the seasoned pro he is. Back to closed guard, but only briefly. Gracie opens it and scoots back in a scramble, allowing Sakuraba to grab his foe’s foot. Sakuraba lets go and dives onto Renzo, locking in a deep choke. The guillotine is tight and deep, but Gracie remains calm and eventually breaks free and reverses position. Gracie thinks about a guillotine of his own, but he’s not close and abandons it. Gracie explodes up and flips Sakuraba over, getting double underhooks of Sakuraba’s legs. Gracie patiently passes to his right and lands in complete side control. Gracie has a tight underhook of Sakuraba’s neck and holds him down. Gracie is very close and tight on his rival, not allowing Sakuraba to move at all. Renzo digs his right shoulder into Kazushi’s face but Sakuraba is preventing him from sinking in a submission. With five minutes left, Gracie has plenty of time to latch on something deep, possibly exacting revenge from their Pride 10 matchup from 14 years ago. Gracie eventually scoots to north-south position and traps Sakuraba’s right arm. Gracie tightens his knees around Sakuraba’s head, possibly looking for the kimura. He slowly moves over to more of a side control position as he overhooks Sakuraba’s left arm. Renzo slithers his left leg around and behind his foe’s head, searching for that revenge kimura but he lets go moments later. Sakuraba is very calm on his back, nullifying Renzo’s advances. Renzo returns his left leg around and underneath Sakuraba’s head, but he switches back to north-south again. Gracie can’t fully trap his foe’s left arm and looks up at the clock: 90 seconds left. Sakuraba explodes up and scramble, pulling Gracie in his half guard. Sakuraba rolls onto his left hip, looking for a kimura of his own. Renzo thwarts him and tries to pass to his right, With 30 seconds left, Sakuraba squeezes him tightly, preventing the pass. Gracie dogs his chest in Sakuraba’s face, but he can’t pass. Time runs out and Renzo laughs as he hugs his old rival on the ground. They get up, kneel down and bow to each other. Gracie helps Sakuraba up and they both smile and embrace again.

The Official Result

Renzo Gracie Draw Kazushi Sakuraba 20:00


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