Leaked ‘TUF Brazil’ Results Anger Nova Uniao Coach Andre Pederneiras

By Gleidson Venga Mar 28, 2012

The coverage of mixed martial arts by the Brazilian television network Rede Record has angered members of the fight community, and some are beginning to take action.

Recently the R7 Portal, a website owned by Rede Record, revealed the finalists of “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.” The popular reality show’s season premiere aired Sunday on Globo, a rival television station, and drew an estimated 8 million viewers throughout Brazil.

The leak has drawn the ire of Andre Pederneiras, coach of the vaunted Nova Uniao camp in Rio de Janeiro.

"What the Record is doing against MMA is awful and absurd. My athletes are prohibited from giving interviews to R7 or the Record. I hope everyone from team leaders to [other] MMA personalities do the same,” he said.

Pederneiras didn't stop there, as he also criticized the way the station has chosen to compete against Globo.

"We are 30 years living in the desert. Now it looks like we finally found an oasis, and now someone appears who wants to throw sand on it,” Pederneiras said. “If you want to compete, create another product and compete. Defamation is a low form of competition."

Due to the overwhelmingly negative reaction, Eduardo Grimaldi -- an MMA blogger for R7 -- told Sherdog.com that the “TUF Brazil” results have been removed from the website.

Alan Oliveira contributed to this report


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