Marcin Held vs. Garry Tonon Play-by-Play: Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu

By Mike Sloan Jan 10, 2015 has live coverage of Saturday's Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT.

The event's rule set can be viewed here.

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Gi Match: Darragh O'Conaill vs. Max Campos

After a brief clinch, Campos drops down and pulls guard, but O’Conaill has none of it. The Irishman backs out and they return to their feet. After a short while of grip fighting, Campos looks to pull guard. They come back up and have another round of cautious grip fighting. O’Conaill continuously defends the guard-pull attempts of his opponent. Finally, Campos is able to suck him in, but Darragh’s defense forces Campos into an open spider guard. Campos inverts himself, hooks the left leg and sweeps O’Conaill. Max is looking to pass to his right but O’Conaill is thwarting him by underhooking his foe’s right leg. O’Conaill switches to an open half guard as he defends the pass. Campos has a tight grip of O’Conaill’s lapel as he patiently seeks out an opening to slide through to pass. O’Conaill latches onto Campos’ left foot from the X-guard and takes his foe down and onto his rear end. Campos rolls over to his left, latching onto O’Conaill’s belt. O’Conaill switches grips and control Campos’ right foot as they stall into a near stalemate. O’Conaill moves onto his feet with a knee shield, looking to pass to his right. Campos scoots out the back and stands back up, where they resume grip fighting.

Campos drops down in an attempt to pull guard but the Irishman defends brilliantly. Campos inverts himself and duplicates the sweep from earlier in the match until they both roll off the mat. After they restart in the center of the mat with Campos standing, O’Conaill uses butterfly hooks to defend the pass. From half butterfly guard, O’Conaill grabs a hold of Campos’ left foot, but Max easily defends. O’Conaill sweeps Campos onto his back and stands up, trying to pass to his right. Campos uses the lasso grips from his open guard but nothing comes from it. Campos scoots out the back and stands up after defending the pass. O’Conaill charges right at the Brazilian, but Campos backs away. Darragh is applying a ton of pressure and looks for the takedown, but misses. Campos looks to be tiring slightly. Campos continues to disengage, causing O’Conaill to raise his hands in frustration. Campos quickly backs up and tries to pull guard again, but O’Conaill eventually backs away. Campos catches a breather as he slowly reties his belt. Campos again pulls guard and goes to the X-guard briefly, but O’Conaill thwarts him. Campos moves to his knees and eventually triangulates O’Conaill’s legs. Campos is controlling his foe’s hips, but he still can’t pass. O’Conaill grimaces as he tries to break the triangle and finally gets his left leg free, but Campos is on him extremely tight. Campos looks to underhook O’Conaill’s neck, but the Irishman rolls over and sweeps him, and then stands up.

The Official Result

Darragh O’Conaill vs. Max Campos is declared a time-limit draw

Gi Match: Kit Dale vs. Victor Silverio

They immediately clinch and begin the grip fighting; Dale is in a dark blue and purple gi, while Silverio sports the casual blue. The Aussie quickly drops down and pulls to guard, opens it and looks for the leg lasso. Silverio breaks the hold and tries to pass to his right. Silverio is very aggressive in his pass but Dale is preventing him from doing do. Silverio goes to the knee shield as he resets while Dale moves onto his left side and latches onto his foe’s lapel. Silverio opens the Aussie’s gi completely as he looks to grip and explode into a pass. Dale, who apparently is dealing with a bout of tonsillitis, looks to wrap up Silverio’s arms with his own gi, but the Brazilian still scoots over to his right to pass. Dale defends the pass perfectly and regroups. The BJJ experts explode into a scramble, but Dale again latches onto his opponent’s lapel and keeps him at bay. Silverio stands up in an attempt free the grip but Dale snags his right foot. Silverio falls onto his butt and is forced to defend the toe hold, which he does. Dale figure-fours Silverio’s right leg into the 50/50 guard at the halfway point of the match.

The two are locked in the 50/50 guard for a few minutes. Dale opens his legs a bit and looks to be trying to set up the omoplata, but Silverio sees it coming a mile away. Silverio quickly grabs Dale’s right foot and goes for the ankle lock, but the Aussie defends it. Silverio lets the lock go immediately and they return to the 50/50 guard. After a short while, they explode up to their feet and reset. After a minute of grip fighting, Dale feints a judo throw but Silverio senses it. The two continue to grip fight on their feet with a minute remaining. Dale drops down and pulls guard with 15 seconds left and seeks out the ankle lock but misses badly.

The Official Result

Kit Dale vs. Victor Silverio is declared a time-limit draw

Gi Match: Angelica Galvao vs. Michelle Nicolini

The ladies immediately clinch and Galvao pulls guard. From the seated position, the two battle for grip control. Nicolini scoots up and looks for the triangle, but Galvao blocks it. Nicolini clears the leg and sits up, fully mounting the Atos girl. Galvao tries to buck to create some space, but the Team Checkmat representative is all over him. Nicolini grabs deep into the lapel around Galvao’s neck on the right side, setting up the Drysdale choke. Galvao is defending the choke well, but she is still in serious peril. Nicolini is now digging in for Galvao’s left arm, possibly looking to set up an arm lock; Galvao simply defends as she can’t create enough space to escape. Nicolini traps the arm and leans to her left, which allows Galvao to quickly roll over and sweep her. Nicolini pulls guard and neutralizes the Atos fighter’s arms. Nicolini working from a high guard now, keeps it closed and opens Galvao’s lapel. Galvao goes to the knee shield and kick-sweeps her. They rolls off the mat and restart in the center, with Galvao on her right side and Nicolini sitting. They explode off their seats and scramble, but Galvao maintains tight pressure and secures side control. Nicolini is able to hip escape to create space and bring the battle back to the sitting position. They grip fight until Nicolini rolls over, inverts herself and latches on a tight toe hold. It’s deep and Galvao can’t free herself, eventually tapping around the 9:30 mark of the match.

The Official Result

Michelle Nicolini def. Angelica Galvao via Submission (Toe Hold)

No-Gi Match: A.J. Agazarm vs. Oliver Geddes

The first no-gi match begins with Geddes squatting low and then sitting down. The two have fought four times before in various competitions, so they are very familiar with each other. Geddes scoots forward, trying to secure Agazarm’s wrists. They scramble as Agazarm looks to pass when the Gracie Barra fighter seizes Geddes’ arm in a kimura attempt. Geddes defends and somersaults forward, but Agazarm is all over him, locking on an arm bar attempt. Geddes eventually frees himself and explodes out. They scramble hard and Agazarm tackles his opponent. After another brief scramble, Agazarm slides his legs up and over for a triangle. It’s a deep choke, but Geddes is defending it well. Geddes rolls over onto his back and grabs his own leg, trying to alleviate some pressure. Agazarm hovers over his rival, slowly pulls out his own mouth guard, examines it, and then slowly places it back into his mouth. He chuckles and then continues to keep the triangle locked in but he’s not squeezing too hard. Agazarm frees the lock and Geddes immediately escapes. They crawl to the center of the mat, attack and Geddes sneaks his legs around Agazarm’s right leg, looking for the knee bar from his back. Geddes switches up attacks and latches on a toe hold. It’s deep but Agazarm rolls to his left several times until he’s free. Geddes pulls half guard, seeking a sweep. Agazarm is tightly pressuring him from the top, looking to baseball slide to side control. Geddes hugs his opponent closely to defend the pass.

The Team Roger Gracie fighter frees himself and sweeps Agazarm, who goes to open guard from his back. Agazarm pulls out his mouth guard again but this time he stores it behind his right ear. He changes his mind and takes off his jiu jitsu Bluetooth and pops it back into his mouth just before they scramble back up to their feet. Agazarm shoots in and lands in half guard. Geddes hugs his foe tightly from the bottom, shoots his arm through and seeks out the sweep, but the Gracie-Barra fighter defends it. Agazarm eventually latches on Geddes’ right arm and goes for the arm lock, but it’s stuffed. Deep half guard from Geddes who is trying to explode up but Agazarm tries the kimura and then quickly switches to the arm bar. Agazarm rolls out a quasi-figure-four around Geddes’ neck as he continues to trap the arm. A.J. takes a few deep breaths and then instantly crushes his foe with a bicep slicer. Geddes taps as soon as it is landed, around the twelve-minute mark. Agazarm springs up, scoops Geddes up around his shoulders and spins him around.

The Official Result

A.J. Agazarm def. Oliver Geddes via Submission (Bicep Slicer)

Gi Match: Eduardo Telles vs. Mike Fowler

Both in white gis, Fowler grabs the lapels of Telles and immediately drops to guard. Telles stays tight while Fowler digs his underhooks, looking for a sweep. Telles scoots over to half guard while the American continues to search for the sweep. Telles tries to slide his leg through but Fowler prevents him from doing so. Telles switches his position, scoots his leg free and goes for the mount, but the Team North Shore fighter immediately target his half guard to the other leg. Kind of a stalemate five minutes in as they remain in the same position. Fowler explodes out with a reversal attempt, but he runs out of steam at the end; Telles pushes him back onto his back. After a terse scramble, Telles frees his leg and secures side control. The Brazilian stays extremely tight, pressing all of his weight onto Fowler. The American grimaces from his back under the weight and pressure of Telles. The Nine Nine representative is cross body and isolates Fowler’s right arm, but nothing comes from it at the halfway point.

Fowler explodes up with a bridge and hip escape but Telles remains right on him. Telles triangles the top leg of Fowler and slowly sets up a possible knee bar. Fowler is defending well but the Brazilian is very patient. Fowler eventually breaks the figure-four and looks to escape out the side, but Telles won’t budge. Telles reaches across Fowler’s gi and grips the legs as he passes to side control for the second time. Telles digs his hips deep into Fowler with less than five minutes left, and then scoots to north-south. Telles opens the gi and is feeding Fowler’s gi up, looking for a choke. In the blink of an eye, Telles achieves full mount. The American is very uncomfortable and quickly explodes into a sweep. Telles turtles up as Fowler searches for an opening. Fowler finds nothing and moves to the front, pulling his opponent into butterfly guard. From half guard, Fowler is desperately trying to free himself; Telles remains like a boulder on his hips and gut. Fowler sets up the roll and almost lands the sweep, but he can’t close the deal. With 90 seconds left, Telles steps up and feints a pass. Fowler hugs him closely and then grabs the far-side lapel. Fowler pulls him back into half guard and seems content on riding it out. That’s where the fight ends.

The Official Result

Eduardo Telles vs. Mike Fowler is declared a time-limit draw

No-Gi Match: Pablo Popovitch vs. Eduardo Rios

Popovitch walks right after his no-gi counterpart and clinches. He shoots in for double and nails it. Rios inverts himself but can’t latch onto anything as Popovitch collapses himself down onto his opponent. Popovitch slowly passes to his right and gets side control, but Rios is giving him very little room to work. The American hops over to his left, but Rios is able to sneak his right foot in on the inside and pull to half guard. Popovitch stands up and presses all of his weight onto the smaller Brazilian, keeping his foe at bay. Popovitch shoots to the side but Rios scrambles out and reverses roles. Popovitch, now on his back, goes to the De la Riva. Rios kneels down and then switches to the knee shield, trying to pass to his left. Popovitch dives in for the deep half and then inverts himself, but the Front Line Academy rep backs away. Back on their feet, they clinch. After about two min of clinch fighting, Popovitch shoots in for a deep double and nails it again. Rios moves to his side and defends the pass. Rios inverts himself and defends the pass and seeks out the arm drag, but Popovitch thwarts it. Popovitch springs up to his feet and baits the Brazilian to oblige but he opts out. Popovitch sighs and then dives back down and into Rios’ half guard.

After about a minute of stalling, Popovitch shoots up and attacks. Rios rolls over to defend but Popovitch latches onto his arm. Rios defends the arm bar but Popovitch quickly slides to Rios’s back seeking out the rear naked choke. Rios is defending it perfectly but Popovitch’s hooks are deep. Rios turns his head to his left and slowly rolls onto his belly, but he can’t free himself of the hooks. Popovitch loses the choke but is still on the Brazilian’s back, digging his hips in deep. “Teta” is defending well, but he can’t escape out from underneath Pablo’s weight. Popovitch again looks for the rear naked choke, can’t get it and then switches to the face crush. Rios desperately escapes the face crush and turns onto his belly again, but Popovitch is all over him. Popovitch switches from the choke and attacks Rios’ left arm. He misses the arm bar and Rios quickly reverses position and pulls guard. They scramble back to their feet with a minute left. Popovitch shoots for a second and then opts out halfway through. The fight ends with Rios looking for an arm drag and missing it.

The Official Result

Pablo Popovitch vs. Eduardo Rios is declared a time-limit draw

No-Gi Match: Marcin Held vs. Garry Tonon

Tonon paws with his right hand to gauge the distance early in this no-gi co-main event. Tonon shoots in and they scramble, where Held immediately looks for a leg lock. Tonon defends perfectly and sits out. Held switches to a heel hook, but his leverage is off. Held inverts himself and rolls over, going back to sitting. They fight for foot locks, but neither is in danger. Held goes inverted again and wriggles out of the straight ankle lock. Tonon goes to his back while Held looks to pass. Tonon goes for the sweep and electric chair, but the young Pole again inverts himself and frees himself from the danger. Held goes again for the heel hook but it’s not close. Tonon rolls over and locks on a sneaky and lightning-quick ankle lock, forcing the tap around the four-minute mark.

The Official Result

Garry Tonon def. Marcin Held via Submission (Ankle Lock)

Gi Match: Keenan Cornelius vs. Dean Lister

The ADCC rematch starts with Keenan circling away in this no-gi match. Lister yanks down on the skinnier Cornelius’ neck but can’t get the standing guillotine. “The Boogeyman” does the “grabbing-fingers” pose at Keenan, who laughs and returns the favor. The wrist control/clinch game continues until Lister finally shoots in for a single. He misses it and Cornelius immediately seizes the right arm for a kimura. Lister rolls out of it but he falls into an arm lock, but then turtles up to free himself completely. After a quick scramble, the Atos fighter takes the UFC vet’s back and applies a tight body triangle. Lister is calm and moves his back to the mat, preventing the choke. Cornelius lets go of the body triangle and they scramble to their feet. Lister charges at him and forces the lankier combatant down and to the edge of the mat. They restart in the center where Cornelius switches from butterfly guard to a triangle attempt. He misses the choke and reverts back to the butterfly. Cornelius switches to a full closed guard as Lister stays low and tight. Lister opens up and goes for the heel hook, but Cornelius rolls out of it and springs back up to his feet. Cornelius shoots in for a double leg and gets it, but Lister looks for the arm-in guillotine. Defends it and then scoots over to side control. Keenan isn’t very tight on Lister. Cornelius shoots up and races to Lister’s head, who quickly turtles up at the midway point.

They scramble again and Cornelius immediately pounces on the larger man’s back, looking for the rear naked choke and then the arm lock. Lister defends, but Cornelius switches to the triangle from the back. The triangle is very tight, but Lister is defending just enough. Lister rolls over to his knees, but Cornelius refuses to let go. Lister tries to explode out once more but it’s of no use; Cornelius forces the tap from the triangle around the nine-minute mark.

The Official Result

Keenan Cornelius def. Dean Lister via Submission (Triangle Choke)


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