Massive MMA Facility Opening in Spain

Jun 10, 2003
Since last April, a reported more than $2 Million USD was invested in Valencia, Spain to construct a 2,000-square-meter facility to host a Vale Tudo/Self Defence academy.

This venue has already been acquired by Alejandro Iglesias, the head-coach of S.H.O.O.T.-Spain ( This huge Academy is to be called I V A D and will be the S.H.O.O.T. International Headquarters.

The I V A D will be provided with such equipment as:
  • Professional ring and a professional octagon

  • Two 250-square-meter rooms for group training

  • Eight instructor-to-trainee classrooms

  • Police self-defense section

  • Women's self-defense section

  • Bar and lounge section

  • Multimedia conference room

  • The First University School of Self-Defense Sciences (the E U C A D, Escuela Universitaria de Ciencias de la Autodefensa) which will grant the first University Degree in Self-Defense Sciences which is in an administrative process to be officially recognised by the Spanish government.
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