'Mayhem'-Diaz Feud Escalates

By Mike Whitman Dec 14, 2010
The bad blood between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Team Cesar Gracie has been well documented in the last few weeks, but the feud escalated to new heights.

While the war of words dates back over a year to Miller's 2009 clash with Jake Shields, most of the current back-and-forth has been inspired by a proposed fight between Miller and Shields' teammate, Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz.

While appearing on the Sherdog Radio Network, “Mayhem” speculated as to why the fight has yet to take place.

“They’ve started spitting out, ‘Oh, 178.’ Meanwhile back at the ranch, Nick Diaz is saying, ‘I’ll fight middleweight. I’ll fight middleweight.’ OK, well, just not against me, right? That’s how it is,” said Miller. “He’s bologna, this guy. These guys don’t want to fight me. He doesn’t want to fight me, so now he’s like making it, ‘Oh, Mayhem turned down the fight.’ I didn’t turn down a fight. I never got offered a fight.”

Miller continued to insist that he was ready to make the fight a reality, and that Diaz was to blame for the holdup.

“This beef is brand-spanking-new. Let’s do it now. Let’s do it now. Stockton is a bunch of sissies,” he said. “I’m at the table. I’m at the table with a plate of yams, sitting there ready to spank his ass, but he doesn’t want to come to the table. He wants to sit in his bedroom with Cesar Gracie and cuddle.”

On Tuesday, Team Cesar Gracie responded with a statement of its own, appearing on Graciefighter.com. The statement claimed that Miller had done little to warrant a shot at the welterweight champion, pointing out that he had lost to the only Team Gracie fighter he had ever faced in Jake Shields.

This rekindled the Twitter feud that Shields and Miller had participated in last year following their November 2009 Strikeforce bout, which was won by Shields. After some back-and-forth from both sides, Shields tweeted this comment in November of last year:

“I’m on to bigger & better fights like always. I mean ur last real win was when you beat up your girlfriend and got arrested.”

Shields' comment, which reappeared in today's Team Gracie statement, was in reference to Miller's December 2005 arrest in Hawaii, where he was charged with breaking into his girlfriend's residence and physically assaulting her male friend. Miller was acquitted of all charges later that month. In response to the comment, Miller's manager Ryan Parsons sent Sherdog a statement of his own:

“It's unfortunate that GracieFighter.com and Jake Shields have resorted to touting such an unfounded accusation against Jason Miller. It's one thing to hype a fight, another to falsely accuse someone of assaulting a woman, in our opinion one of the worst types of violence.

“However, coming from a team that seems to not only condone but brag about violence outside of a professional bout, perhaps it shouldn't be very surprising. Given the serious nature and implications of the post fight brawl, I can imagine that these comments would be highly offensive to Strikeforce, Showtime and especially CBS.”

Sherdog contacted Shields for his take on Parson's comment. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt responded with this:

“I’m not really bringing it back up, so I don't have many thoughts on it. I think there's definitely some truth to those allegations, but I’m not trying to re-bring that back up as long as 'Mayhem' isn't talking s--t. So, I don't have too much to say.”

According to Shields, both Miller and their feud is in his rear-view mirror.

“We were talking crap back and forth on Twitter, so I’m not too worried about it. I’m over the whole thing. I’m not too interested in it. I’m past that in my career,” said Shields. “As far as I’m concerned, he's just trying to stir up the fight with Nick, which I have nothing to do with. If they want to fight, that's fine. I'll help train Nick for the fight, but I have no interest in 'Mayhem.'”

Sherdog will stay current on the rumored fight between Miller and Diaz and will report updates as they become available. Readers may view the entire Team Gracie statement at Graciefighter.com.
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