Mayweather Says MMA Fighters ‘Not Being Treated Fair,’ Plans to Promote MMA Events

By C.J. Tuttle Oct 11, 2014
Floyd Mayweather says he wants to increase MMA fighters’ paychecks. | Photo: Mike Sloan/

Most of the time, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. puts his mind to something, he does it. For now, it seems like his mind is on entering the business world of mixed martial arts in the very near future.

In a recent interview, the undefeated boxer-turned-promoter addressed fighter pay in MMA and how he plans on turning the tide.

“If you want to be treated fair, come over to Mayweather Promotions. We believe in the talent winning. That’s what we believe in,” Mayweather told “We believe in treating our boxers and our MMA fighters fair. I want a lot of MMA fighters to get in touch with Mayweather Promotions.”

Mayweather recently received his boxing promoter’s license in the state of Nevada, meaning he can now hold his own events. In addition to boxing, “Money” made it clear that he plans on promoting MMA cards too.

“I look forward to putting on my first MMA show also and having me some MMA champions. Like I said before, Floyd Mayweather loves to think outside the box. We’re not just one-dimensional. We are very versatile and we have an open mind,” Mayweather said. “When I get into the MMA game, I want them to make more money than they’re making, because from what I hear, they’re not being treated fair. Once again, I don’t have nothing to say about nobody. I’m only talking about what I’m here to do. I’m here to treat fighters fair. I’m here to treat MMA fighters fair, and I feel that the talent should win.”


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