Mike Alvarado vs. Brandon Rios 3 Results: HBO Boxing Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Jan 24, 2015

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Gilberto Ramirez vs. Maxim Vlasov

Round 1

Nice left/right by Ramirez right out of the gate but Vlasov takes it well. They jab at each other frantically; there is no feeling out here. Hard straight right hand by Vlasov. Ramirez digs a few shots to the body as Vlasov misses a right hand upstairs. There is some reddening around the right side of Vlasov’s face from the left hands of Ramirez. Vlasov darts in and out as he jabs, but the Mexican pops him with a nice right hand followed by a left. With time running out of the round, Ramirez lands a nice, short right uppercut as Vlasov comes in. Good round. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round 2

They storm out of their corners and rip right into each other. Short left hook catches Ramirez o the chin and it looks like he’s shaken by it. Vlasov doesn’t notice but continues to plug away. Ramirez clears his head and goes right to the body and head. Beautiful right jab by Ramirez snaps the Russian’s head back. Ramirez unfurls a vicious left/right to the body but Vlasov takes it well. Vlasov eats a right/left but comes right back with a hard right through the guard. Ramirez pops his foe with a hard left after he is nailed by a right to the jaw. Very good round. 10-9 Vlasov.

Round 3

Jab/left hook by Ramirez to start the third. Vlasov comes right back with a left and right of his own. Ramirez walks right into a stiff right hand and his legs wobble briefly. He recovers quickly and answers with a right/left to the face. Ramirez crushes his opponent with two hard uppercuts to the body. Vlasov backs away but doesn’t throw. Ramirez again rakes the gut with shots and Vlasov might be hurt. Vlasov finally throws a jab but it’s weak. Ramirez patiently looks to get inside and then again goes to the body. The Russian opens up late but the round is about over. Big round for Ramirez. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round 4

Vlasov appears to be refreshed as he storms out of his corner with a combo upstairs. Three vicious hooks from Ramirez unload on Vlasov’s body. He stands there and takes them, but he doesn’t punch back. Vlasov pops him with a right uppercut as the Mexican comes straight in. Vlasov lands a right to the face but pays for it with two left hooks to the body. Ramirez is almost going exclusively to the body now, late in the round. Vlasov absorbs the onslaught and cracks his foe with two rights to the mouth. Nice six-punch combo to the head and body from Ramirez late. Hard right cross by Vlasov at the bell. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round 5

Ramirez is warned for a low blow after he lands a borderline left hook to the body. Vlasov cracks his foe with two lead right hands, but Ramirez walks right through them. Ramirez goes to the body again with a right/left, the latter of which seemed to bother the Russian. Vlasov recovers some energy and delivers a hard right uppercut/cross combo, his best effort of the fight. Blood now trickles from Ramirez’ nose but he fires right back with a right and left to the head. Ramirez seems pestered by the bloody nose as he paws at it and shakes his head a few times. Vlasov gets a burst of energy and throws several punches, though most of them miss. Close round. 10-9 Vlasov.

Round 6

They trade decent leather in the center of the ring for the first 30 seconds of the round; Vlasov mostly to the head, Ramirez mostly to the body. Ramirez again visits the body with power. Vlasov is undeterred and pops him with a right hand. Another. They aren’t hurting Ramirez, but Vlasov can’t seem to miss with that straight right hand. Beautiful jab by Ramirez followed by a left hook to the belly. Very close round. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round 7

Ramirez peppers him with a few jabs before going back downstairs. Vlasov nails him with another straight right hand but it’s not too hard a shot. They stand head-to-head and rip each other with uppercuts to the body midway through the frame. Ramirez remains busier than Vlasov as he rakes him with shots upstairs and down. Hard left to the nose by Ramirez late in the round. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round 8

Ramirez continues where he left off: digging rights and lefts to the body. Ramirez is beginning to back away now, looking to set up counters ass Vlasov walks right after him. The Russian lands a decent right hand but eats another double dose of hooks to the guts. Sweeping right hook by Ramirez. Vlasov is starting to wear down as he has to absorb two more hard left hooks to the body. Two more rights by Vlasov at the bell but it’s not enough. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round 9

Swelling has formed under the left eye of the Mexican. Vlasov is very active early in the round but he’s not landing anything clean or hard. Ramirez again plants his left hook into the body. The Mexican eats a left hook as he dips low to dig a right to the body. Ramirez lands three rights to the ribs. They jab at each other, but Ramirez is more on point with his. Ramirez again goes to the body. With 30 seconds left, Ramirez lands a hard right and left to the ribs. Short left hook by Ramirez just before the bell. 10-9 Ramirez.

Round 10

It’s likely that Vlasov needs a knockout to win the fight entering the final round. Vlasov storms out but walks right into a stiff right jab. Vlasov is more aggressive than he’s been and goes to the head with his right hand. Ramirez fires shots to the head and body, and then escapes out the side. Vlasov is all over him, but he is smothering his power by getting in too close. Ramirez throws a right/left to the head and then the same combo downstairs. Hard straight right hand by the Russian with a minute left but Ramirez doesn’t blink. Another. Another and suddenly Ramirez is retreating. Vlasov looks to land some more damage, but finally Ramirez skirts away out the side. Vlasov unfurls a monster right hand but misses as time expires. 10-9 Vlasov (97-93 Ramirez).

The Official Result

Gilberto Ramirez def. Maxim Vlasov via Decision (Unanimous) [96-94, 97-93, 97-93] 3:00 R12

Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado

Round 1

They cautiously stalk each other for the first 45 seconds, with Rios pawing with a few jabs. Alvarado has yet to throw a punch a minute in. Rios throws a three sweeping right hands, all of which miss. Rios lands a hard right hand as Alvarado just keeps his guard up. A few uppercuts find a home on Alvarado’s face, which is already reddened. Rios is throwing all sorts of punches while Alvarado simply covers up. Alvarado looks awful and disinterested inside the ring as he gets torn apart on the inside and outside. Alvarado is bleeding from the nose and mouth and finally throws a few decent shots near the bell. All Rios. 10-8 Rios.

Round 2

Alvarado throws a few left hands to start the round but Rios swarms him. Rios rocks Alvarado with a right uppercut. Rios is all over him. Rios ducks under a wild right hook and digs to the head and body. Rios punches his way in and rakes his foe with an uppercut. Left hand wobbles Alvarado, who looks ready to go. They clinch and on the break, Alvarado drops Rios with a punch to the groin. Jay Nady warns him for the infraction. Rios is ready to go but walks into a left/right. They go forehead-to-forehead and tear into each other but Rios rocks him again with the right uppercut. Rios unfurls a dizzying flurry to the head and body but Alvarado tries to fight back. Rios is all over Alvarado. 10-9 Rios.

Round 3

Alvarado’s corner is begging him to throw punches between rounds. Alvarado misses a wild right hook and pays for it with a left/right to the face. They fight inside and Rios snaps his head back with uppercuts. Rios throws caution to the wind and unloads a cloud of punches all over Alvarado, who can only cover up. They separate and Alvarado tries to regain his composure. Rios lands four straight nasty hooks to the body while Alvarado just stands there, covering up. Alvarado is rocked badly by a right uppercut and then falls to his knees from the follow-up shots. He’s up at eight and is allowed to continue. Rios is all over his rival, cracking him with uppercuts and vicious shots to the body. Nady is looking closely and ready to stop it. Alvarado finally returns the fire but he has nothing on his punches. They go toe-to-toe for the final 15 seconds of the round but Alvarado is in bad shape. 10-8 Rios.

Nady is telling Alvarado’s corner that he is going to stop it. His corner yells back, saying he is fine. The ringside physician holds up two fingers and asks Mike how many finger he’s holding up, and the answer is “four.” The doctors tells that to Nady, who immediately waives it off. The official ruling is a TKO at the end of the third for Rios.

The Official Result

Brandon Rios def. Mike Alvarado via Technical Knockout (Doctor Stoppage) 3:00 R3


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