New UFC Owners Lay Off Dozens of Workers Including High-Profile Executives

By Mike Sloan Oct 18, 2016
As it stands right now, the blockbuster sale of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to WME-IMG in July for over $4 billion hasn’t benefited everybody employed by the world’s most powerful mixed martial arts promotion.

According to multiple news outlets, the new owners of the UFC are set to unleash a wrath of layoffs, which would cause roughly 80 people -- almost 15 percent of the company’s workforce -- their jobs. The layoffs will reportedly occur in various departments across the company including licensing, public relations and production, though there likely won’t a reduction in the UFC’s event schedule.

After news broke of the imminent layoffs and recently added that Chief Global Brand Officer Garry Cook, Chief Content Officer Marshall Zelaznik, Executive Vice president and General manager of Asia Ken Berger and Senior Vice President of Global Content Jamie Pollack have all lost their jobs.

In recent weeks, several prominent figures within the company have all resigned, including longtime matchmaker Joe Silva, UFC Brazil Vice President and General Manager Giovanni Decker and Vice President of Public Relations Dave Sholler.

According to various sources, WME-IMG plans on making the changes to bring in its own people, resulting in a reportedly very low morale within the company, particularly at the Las Vegas headquarters.


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