New York MMA Bill Dies Again in 2011

By Mike Whitman Jun 23, 2011
The Empire State will not legalize mixed martial arts in 2011, as the proposed bill to sanction MMA in New York has stalled once again in the State Assembly and will not make it to the floor for a vote.

The bill appeared to gain momentum through 2011, as it passed through the state’s Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development committee, as well as the Codes Committee. Additionally, a version of the bill also passed in the State Senate earlier this year.

However, the bill ultimately fell during Monday’s meeting of the Ways and Means Committee when it failed to be placed on the committee’s agenda, preventing committee members from voting on the bill. Without the approval of the Ways and Means Committee, the bill cannot be brought to the floor for the full Assembly to vote. Though there is reportedly a slim chance that the bill could be revisited by week’s end, the committee will likely adjourn until January without voting on MMA regulation.

Not surprisingly, Zuffa LLC, parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has been among the bill’s strongest supporters, holding press conferences, writing editorials and paying for independent economic impact studies in an attempt to introduce MMA regulation to both the people and government of New York State. However, it appears the UFC will have to wait at least another year before the promotion headlines Madison Square Garden.

“All we want is an up or down vote in the Assembly,” UFC official Marc Ratner told on Thursday. “So far, we haven’t been able to get that. We’ll keep on fighting for MMA in New York.”
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