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By Mike Sloan Jun 6, 2015's live Premier Boxing Champions on NBC play-by-play kicks off Saturday at 3 p.m. ET.

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Dominic Breazeale vs. Yasmany Consuegra

Round 1

Consuegra walks out of his corner and throws two jabs and a left hook, but they all fall short. Breazeale is cautious as he paws with the jab, and slowly backing up. Consuegra already looks a little tentative trying to get inside the long reach of the American. Consuegra comes over the top with a nice right hand about a minute or so into the round but Breazeale takes it well. Breazeale is calm and backing up, but the Cuban cracks him with another overhand right. Breazeale is very sluggish as he’s cracked by another right hand, but he’s not hurt. Consuegra digs a straight right into the stomach of the much taller Breazeale and finishes the round by avoiding a powerful right hand. 10-9 Consuegra.

Round 2

Breazeale paws with his left jab but it’s not landing clean. Consuegra is now backing up early in the frame as the 2012 Olympian walks toward him, pecking with the jab. Consuegra throws another loopy right hand but this time Breazeale catches it. Dominic’s jabs are starting to pick up steam and he looks more awake with a minute left. Consuegra doesn’t appear as comfortable now, as he continues to back up. The Cuban keeps throwing that right hand, but he’s telegraphing it now and making it very easy to block. Breazeale digs a double left hook to the body late. Consuegra ducks down to throw a right to the body but he’s nailed by a short right hand. It’s clean and it takes him off his feet with a few seconds left in the round. He beats the count rather easily and the round ends immediately. 10-9 Breazeale.

Round 3

Breazeale comes out at a more brisk pace, throwing a series of jabs. Consuegra is more cautious now and clinches whenever he can. The Cuban pops his foe with a nice right hand but Breazeale walks right through it. He lands another a minute in. Consuegra tries to get inside but he walks right into a beautiful right uppercut and he’s stiffened. He is clipped by another as he falls onto his face. He is in bad shape but beats the count and allowed to continue. Consuegra tries to come forward but Breazeale clubs him with another right hand, flooring him again. Consuegra is able to climb back to his feet, but he’s gasping for air and is wobbly. From there, the referee intelligently calls it off.

The Official Result

Dominic Breazeale def. Yasmany Consuegra via TKO (ref stoppage) 1:49, R3

Robert Guerrero vs. Aron Martinez

Round 1

Guerrero moves forward as he feels out his foe with the jab. Martinez is a little cautious early, not throwing his hands at all. They come together and Guerrero pops him with a nice left hook. They clinch along the ropes, which allows Martinez to rake the taller Gilroy fighter with loopy right hands until they split. Martinez continues to try and get on the inside, digs to the body and head, but Guerrero blocks most of them. ‘The Ghost’ tags him with a left and right, but neither punch is terribly hard. Martinez now backs up as Guerrero stalks him with the jab, trying to set up the straight left. Not much transpires for the final 30 seconds of the round. It’s a close one but Guerrero gets it. 10-9 Guerrero.

Round 2

Guerrero misses two powerful right hands but he clips Martinez with a left early in the frame. Martinez is unfazed and clinches, then proceeds to digs to the body. A few nice overhand rights from Martinez, followed by a hard pair of lefts to the body forces ‘The Ghost’ into the corner. Martinez is in his face, swarming him with an array of punches from all angles. Guerrero is cool and collected, blocking most and then hammers him with a left hand that backs up his foe. Martinez seems hurt by it, but he dives right back into the trenches. Guerrero reverses him briefly as they stand forehead-to-forehead, slamming shots to the body and head. They sing wildly late, going toe-to-toe for a few moments. Guerrero pops him with a left, forcing Martinez to grin and shake his head “no.” Good round. 10-9 Guerrero.

Round 3

Martinez lands a nice short right hand very early into the round but the former world champ isn’t bothered. Guerrero is more than willing to brawl with the shorter contractor by trade and the action is solid. Martinez remains right in front of Guerrero and giving it everything he has, but his lack of power is starting to betray him already. Guerrero digs several hooks and uppercuts to the head and body, but Martinez’ chin is sturdy. Martinez forces Guerrero into the ropes as he plugs away. Good round for the underdog and he steals it with a flurry of punches, though most of them are blocked. 10-9 Martinez.

Round 4

Guerrero begins the frame with his right jab as he rifles it out there three times. Martinez, of course, is looking to duck under it and get inside. Guerrero keeps him away with the jab until they clinch. Martinez isn’t as busy midway through as he’s backing up. He wasn’t hurt by anything but Guerrero is now pressing the issue, setting up his straight left behind the jab. Martinez gets inside but his head is snapped back from a hard left uppercut. Martinez clinches and is looking to maul ‘The Ghost’ but Guerrero ties him up. Guerrero keeps his back to the ropes for a long while but he’s digging body shots. At the 10-second mark, Martinez unloads a flurry of shots to the body. Guerrero drops his guard and then is nailed by a huge right/left hook, flooring him. He is hurt badly but he gets up at seven. The bell ends the round right then. 10-8 Martinez.

Round 5

Guerrero comes right after him to start the fifth. Huge left hook by Martinez and it’s clean. Robert backs up on unsteady legs and is pressed into the ropes. Martinez is all over him and Guerrero is very foggy. ‘The Ghost’ clinches tightly in an effort to clear his head but Martinez is on him like a pit bull. Guerrero breaks free and moves to the center of the ring but he’s nailed by a slick straight right hand. They trade blows in the center of the ring and Guerrero still looks buzzed. Martinez has slowed down a little, maybe punching himself out with 30 seconds left. Guerrero continues to play the inside game and the action is intense until the end of the round. 10-9 Martinez.

Round 6

Guerrero is bleeding from the nose and his left eye is swollen to start the round. He comes right after Martinez, who is more than willing to slug with him. Guerrero plugs away at the body, but Martinez is still looking to bang with him. Nice left/right to the head, right to the body from the favorite; his head finally looks clear at the midway point. Martinez isn’t quite as busy in this round, Guerrero nails him again and Martinez backs away. Guerrero is pressing the issue and has seized control of the round. He jabs nicely and then digs another left to the body. Nice comeback round for the former champ. 10-9 Guerrero.

Round 7

Martinez is backing up to start the round as Guerrero chases him down. ‘The Ghost’ continues to use his jab well and digs several lefts and rights to the body. Martinez is still game and tries to brawl with him, but Guerrero is in the zone now. He cracks him with a nice jab/left hand, backing Martinez up. He’s landing several clean shots late, but Aaron is tough, still trying to brawl with him. Martinez clinches and presses his forehead into his foe’s chest and then lands a big right hand but Guerrero walks right through it. 10-9 Guerrero.

Round 8

Guerrero comes right out with his jab, pressing forward and landing his left hand. Martinez backs away but he’s anxious to get inside and make it a war. They clinch, but Guerrero slams a few hooks to the ribs and then a right upstairs. Martinez is talking to him now, but they split up. Guerrero again pops him with the jab but he misses with a massive left uppercut. The action slows down a little as Martinez can’t get past that jab now. Triple jab by Guerrero and suddenly Martinez can’t any punches off. It’s all Guerrero now. 10-9 Guerrero.

Round 9

Guerrero comes out but it’s clear that he wants to keep the fight in the center of the ring. He’s circling around, keeping his rival at the end of his jab. Nice overhand left by ‘the Ghost’ and then he follows it up with a right hook. Martinez tries like mad to get inside but the long jab is preventing it. Martinez is growing more and more frustrated as Guerrero will not allow him inside. Nice right jab by the former champ again, but Martinez counters with a hard right/left to the body. Finally, the underdog finds his way inside and forces a brawl. He lands a hard right to the body and then a clubbing right up top. Just before the bell, Martinez nails him a beautiful overhand right, his best punch in several rounds. He keeps it close. 10-9 Martinez.

Round 10

it’s plausible that whoever wins this round will win the fight; the knockdown earlier in the fight could be the difference in the scoring. Martinez comes out and charges right after him, trying to slug it out. Guerrero is calm, sticking that jab out there. Guerrero digs a nasty left uppercut to the stomach, but Martinez counters with a right to the body in return. They trade blows on the inside, but an errant low blow rocks Martinez. Guerrero is warned and when the fight resumes, Martinez comes right after him. They duke it out until Guerrero gets free and lands a nice jab. Nice right/left by Robert with a minute left. Martinez backs up and swings away, but Guerrero pops him with another short left hand. Very good action late and they go toe-to-toe until the bell. Another close round but Guerrero got it. 10-9 Guerrero (95-94 Guerrero).

The Official Result

Robert Guerrero def. Aaron Martinez via Split Decision (95-94, 94-95, 97-92) 3:00, R10


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