Premier Boxing Champions on ESPN ‘Garcia vs. Malignaggi’ Results & Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Aug 1, 2015

Danny Garcia makes his welterweight debut against Paulie Malignaggi in the Premier Boxing ChampionsESPN headliner. Sherdog's coverage kicks off at 9 p.m. ET.

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Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergio Mora

Round 1

Both men come out tentatively, with Mora throwing out a few rangy jabs. Jacobs is cautious, tossing a few jabs out as well. Mora misses with an overhand right and then is tagged by a double right cross. Mora falls onto his back but gets right back up. Jacobs goes in for the kill, but he walks into a left hand and gets dropped. Jacobs is up but he’s wobbly. Mora is calm and collected, taking his time. Jacobs is still loopy as he tries to clear his head. Daniel tags him clean right at the bell after a wild round. 10-9 Mora.

Round 2

Mora pops off a few jabs to start the round as Jacobs covers up. Jacobs’ head looks cleared early as he fires off a double jab, but he misses with his follow-up right. Mora is awkward, as expected, making it difficult for Jacobs to land clean shots to the head. Jacobs lands a decent right hand and chases after Mora, who backs himself into the ropes. Daniel tries to unload a flurry but Mora slithers his way out to safety. Mora finds himself pinned along the ropes and Jacobs nails him hard to the body and then clubs him with an overhand right, dropping him. Mora is up but he’s in pain. Referee Gary Rosato is asking him if he can go on, but Mora is pointing to his ankle. He can’t continue and the fight is waived off. Mora is extremely upset and saying, “It’s broken. I heard it pop.”

The Official Result

Daniel Jacobs def. Sergio Mora via TKO (ankle injury) 2:55, R2

Danny Garcia vs. Paulie Malignaggi

Round 1

Garcia comes out with a left hook but it falls short. Malignaggi is cautious as expected, looking to counter with the jab. Garcia jabs to the body several times, waiting for an opening. Malignaggi is tagged by a stiff jab and he stumbles back and then a right hand lands on his jaw. He’s okay; more off-balance than anything. They exchange errant blows to the body at the midway point, but neither has taken complete control of the fight. Garcia misses a right but grazes his foe with the left at the bell. Very close, passive round. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2

Garcia lands a clubbing left to the head and follows it up with a right. Malignaggi stumbles back a step, but he is not hurt. Malignaggi fires back with a right and left, but Garcia blocks them both. Garcia returns to his pocket and proceeds to bust up his opponent’s body with jabs. Malignaggi continues to back up, flicking out the jab while Garcia walks forward, slowly stealing the momentum. Garcia lands a decent left hook to the head, but Paulie mostly blocks it. The action gets a little testy late when they clinch as they are both warned for pushing down the head (Garcia) and low blows (Malignaggi). 10-9 Garcia.

Round 3

Garcia lands a jab and then a left hook. It’s clean, but Malignaggi takes it well, shaking his head “no” to Danny. Malignaggi backs himself into the ropes and he is nailed by a thunderous left to the body and then a right to the head/left to the body combo. He clinches quickly before splitting. When they separate, there is blood trickling out of a cut near Malignaggi’s right eye. Malignaggi is starting to look a little frustrated as Garcia calmly stalks him down, peppering him with scattered jabs and lefts to the body. Malignaggi is warned for shoving his left elbow in Garcia’s mouth during a break. Garcia ends the round with a right to the dome. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 4

Garcia misses with a few left hooks, but Paulie ducks very low to avoid them. Nice right hand on the jaw from Garcia that was masked behind the jab. Malignaggi walks right through it and shakes his head, but he doesn’t counter. Garcia continues to walk him down, digging sparce hooks to the body. Not much action late as Malignaggi isn’t willing to engage. Garcia cracks him with a perfect straight right as Paulie lunged in and he almost touched his glove to the canvas, just before the bell. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 5

Malignaggi is a little more active early, throwing a plethora of jabs. Garcia pops him with a nifty overhand right, but it doesn’t hurt the Brooklynite. Paulie flicks out several jabs as he backs away, but Garcia doesn’t blink on his way in with another right. Garcia keeps throwing to the body and following it up with a loopy right cross or overhand right, but Malignaggi continuously ducks down very low to his right. Garcia should consider throwing a left uppercut after a while but he keeps winging his shots upstairs. Malignaggi backs up and rips Garcia’s ribs with a right hand and lands a few jabs late, Malignaggi’s best round. 10-9 Malignaggi.

Round 6

They come out firing early, throwing hard rights and lefts. Malignaggi tags him with a right, but Garcia returns the favor with a harder right of his own. Garcia digs to the body and then misses with a left uppercut. They exchange along the ropes and Malignaggi trips up, slipping down to his knees. It’s ruled a slip and when he gets up, a new cut before his right eye has emerged. Garcia plugs him with a left jab/overhand right. The blood is streaming down Paulie’s cheek now, but Garcia targets the body. Malignaggi backs up, pawing with the jab while Garcia chases him down, landing more and more punishment to his foe’s guts. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 7

Garcia is relaxed and patient early before he drills him with a right to the face. He throws another before landing a decent right uppercut on the inside. Paulie backs away and is clocked by a loopy overhand right. Garcia now jabs to the chest, trying to get Malignaggi to take the bait. Garcia is in complete control with the jab, backing Paulie up with them. Malignaggi can’t quite get out of the way as much as he was earlier in the fight as he continues to eat jab after jab. Garcia goes to the stomach again just before the bell. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 8

Malignaggi backs up as he pecks with his jab. Garcia stalks him into the ropes and rakes him with a double jab and then a follow-up right hand. Malignaggi just misses with a sweeping overhand right but Garcia is not in position to capitalize on the miss. Double jab, thudding right to the body from Garcia as Malignaggi backs into the ropes. Malignaggi looks a little hurt and Garcia crushes another right to the intestines. Malignaggi’s right eye is starting to swell shut as he starting to get pounded. Sweeping overhand right from Garcia is off target by mere inches. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 9

The ringside physician is inspecting Malignaggi’s cuts just as the round starts, but it’s brief. He’s allowed to continue and Garcia picks up right where he left off. Malignaggi appears to be in survival mode now, throwing fewer and fewer punches while Garcia is still applying the pressure with the jab and body work. Malignaggi continues to duck down very low to his right, but Garcia seems content on throwing jabs and right crosses; the left uppercut is there for the giving. Garcia cracks him with a right/left to the body. Malignaggi backs up and is nailed by another nasty combo to the body. Malignaggi is hurt now and disengages completely. Garcia closes in and goes to the guts again before nailing him with a right to the head. Malignaggi is in serious trouble and just as Garcia smacks him with a combo to the head and body, veteran ref Arthur Mercante Jr. stops it. Malignaggi immediately protests, but his disapproval is terse.

The Official Result

Danny Garcia def. Paulie Malignaggi via TKO (ref stoppage) 2:22, R9


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