Premier Boxing Champions on NBC ‘Quillin vs. Zerafa’ Results & Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Sep 12, 2015's live PBC on NBC coverage kicks off at 4 p.m. ET.

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Cornelius Bundrage vs. Jermall Charlo

Round 1

Bundrage fires off a few rangy jabs to start us off. Meanwhile, Charlo stays back and sticks out a few shots to the body. Bundrage misses a right cross to the head but Charlo doesn’t make him pay.Charlo is now walking forward at the midway point. Short counter right hand to the temple floors Bundrage. He quickly gets up but he is wobbly. Charlo is patiently looking for another opening, but Bundrage’s legs are very gelatinous. They trade stiff jabs with 40 seconds left. Charlo avoids a loopy overhand right, but is allowing the champ to clear his head. They clinch, but Charlo rattles his head and body with uppercuts. 10-8 Charlo.

Round 2

Bundrage lands a jab right away but he still looks a little unsteady. Charlo remains calm, setting up his offense behind the jab. Charlo throws a few more jabs as he walks the champ backward. Bundrage looks uncomfortable with the challenger’s height and reach; he can’t get his jab working. A telephone pole-like jab from Charlo drops Bundrage onto the seat of his trunks. Cornelius is up and he is very frustrated. Bundrage comes right at Jermall, who pops him with a few more jabs and then a chopping right hand. Left hook by Charlo is mostly blocked, but it moves Bundrage backward anyway. They exchange rights at the bell. It’s all Charlo. 10-8 Charlo.

Round 3

Bundrage fires off a series of jabs, but he’s backing up and looks unsteady. Charlo drills him with a huge lead left hook and Bundrage is rocked badly. A flurry of shots to the head and Cornelius is down again. He’s up and the ref warns him that he’s watching him closely. They continue and Charlo is all over him. Bundrage is in full survival mode, moving away and backing up. Charlo swarms him but he can’t land anything powerful at the moment. Bundrage continues to run from his aggressor with a minute left. Two hard jabs from Charlo snaps the champ’s head. A left/right to the head and Bundrage is down yet again. Bundrage is trying to get up but he’s out. Johnny Callas intelligently calls it off. Huge knockout win for Charlo, who just won his first ever world title.

The Official Result

Jermall Charlo def. Cornelius Bundrage via TKO (2:33), R3

Peter Quillin vs. Michael Zerafa

Round 1

Quillin creeps out to meet Zerafa in the center of the ring. He unfurls a sweeping right hand but he just misses Zerafa’s beard. Zerafa sticks with the jab as he seems very cautious early. Hard right to the body/left to the head from “Kid Chocolate” and Zerafa slinks out to his left to escape. Nice straight right to the face by Aussie but Quillin takes it well. Quillin tags him with a left and right to the head after being tagged by another lead right. Peter nails him with a powerful left hook and it buckles Zerafa’s knees. He’s forced to clinch, and Quillin allows him to do so. Another right to the head by Quillin ends the round. 10-9 Quillin.

Round 2

Zerafa comes out with the jab, but they are more rangy than anything. Counter left hook by Quillin forces his foe to stumble across the ring. Quillin is very patient, waiting for Zerafa to make a move. Zerafa is tagged by another lead left hook a minute in. Fierce jab by “Kid Chocolate” snaps the Aussie’s head back. Nice overhand right by Quillin, followed by a left hook to the ribs. Zerafa is there to fight and he lands a decent combo late. 10-9 Quillin.

Round 3

Zerafa pops out a few jabs until Quillin catches him with a right cross. Quillin isn’t busy at all while he moves forward, looking for openings. Nice overhand right by Zerafa a minute in, his best punch of the fight. Zerafa lands another right to the head. Quillin is tagged by a left uppercut on the inside, this after landing a left hook of his own. Two jabs by Quillin land nicely, but he’s countered with a right cross on the way in just before the bell. 10-9 Zerafa.

Round 4

Zerafa comes out with a couple of jabs early. Hard counter right cross by Quillin appears to have rocked Zerafa, who backs off. They trade some serious leather in the center of the ring, but Quillin’s punches are cleaner and harder. Zerafa hangs tough and then is forced to clinch. They come apart and Quillin quickly goes to the jab. Quillin doubles up the left hook but the Aussie’s whiskers are tough. They exchange jabs at center ring until Zerafa dishes out a decent flurry. 10-9 Quillin.

Round 5

After a few jabs, Zerafa opens up with a nice combo to the head and body. Quillin patiently stalks him, not letting his hands go as much as he probably should. They open up a wild exchange near a corner and a left hook rocks Zerafa badly. He still stays in there and swings away but he stumbles back into the ropes. Quillin quickly closes the gap and drills him with a perfect straight right missile right through the guard. Zerafa crumbles down into the ropes and he is out. Arthur Mercante rushes in and decides not to count and waives it off.

Zerafa remains down on his back along the ropes. He appears to be awake but they are putting a neck brace on him. They are loading him up on a stretcher and they have a breathing mask/bag on his face. Zerafa is awake and it seems as though they are just taking precautions with him. Quillin is happy he’s won, but there is great concern on his and his team’s faces. He’s out of the ring now and being slowly taken back to the dressing room to an ambulance. Commentator B.J. Flores said he saw Zerafa’s eyes and said they are still glossy and that they have just closed. It’s a pretty scary situation right now.

Dr. Michael Schwartz, who is the leading ringside physician, says his team is following proper protocol and that Zerafa is headed to the ER for testing and evaluation, including a CAT scan. He said Zerafa was awake and talking to him, answering every question. He believes the Aussie will be fine.

The Official Result

Peter Quillin def. Michael Zerafa via Knockout R5: no time was announced due to the medical situation.


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