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Adrien Broner vs. Ashley Theophane

Round 1

Luis Pabon is the referee for this junior welterweight championship affair (for Theopane only). Broner sticks a left jab into his foe’s chest immediately before backing away. Theopane is coming forward but he can’t land anything. Broner is very defensive early, not letting his hands go. Theopane tags him with a glancing overhand left and then another. Broner shrugs them off and goes back to his jab. Broner digs a left uppercut to the body left after tagging him with an errant left hook. They miss some wild blows at the bell. Close round but Adrien gets the nod. 10-9 Broner.

Round 2

Theophane paws with his jab early but nothing is landing effectively. Broner is very stiff and rigid as he walks toward his foe, pushing out his jab here and there. The London native tags Broner with a pair of jabs and then an overhand right, but Adrien shakes them off. Broner digs to the body and then seems to hurt Ashley with a shot to the noggin. Broner is down but it’s correctly ruled a slip by Pabon. Theophane rips a left hook to the ribs but he’s popped with a short right for his effort. 10-9 Broner.

Round 3

Theophane comes forward but he appears to be very defensive with his feints and punches. Broner is tagged by a right to the head and puts his back to the ropes, allowing his foe to rip into his body. Broner easily covers up, unfazed. A nice right to the gut from Ashley, but “The Problem” answers him with a left to the body in return. They trade blows but Broner’s right hand is a missile, rocking Theophane in the process. Theophane stumbles into a corner and covers up while the Cincinnati fighter tears into him. Ashley escapes to his right and regroups. Broner lands a few more decent shots upstairs before the round ends. 10-9 Broner.

Round 4

Theophane has regrouped and is aggressive early, digging to the head and body. Broner isn’t bothered as he waits for his spots to land. There is some swelling around Theophane’s left eye but as of now it’s not giving him any issues. Broner is seeking for one-punch bombs at the midway point, not looking to set them up with combs. A right uppercut on the inside rocks the Brit, who is backing away and trying to clear his head. Theophane is getting lasered late in the round and survives the round. 10-9 Broner

Round 5

Broner continues to throw one shot at a time, allowing his opponent to land scattered jabs and body shots. A nice left hook to the dome for Theophane, but Adrien doesn’t budge. There and now is some swelling around Theophane’s right eye now. Broner digs a few vicious hooks to the body at the midway point. Ashley misses a few loopy left hooks by a mile, allowing “The Problem” to rake counters to the ribs. The action has slowed considerably late while Broner remains in total control. 10-9 Broner

Round 6

Theophane tosses out a few wild overhand rights but misses. Broner seems content to just hang around and throw punches once in a while, not setting anything up. Theophane picks up his pace a minute in and starts to dig feverishly to Broner’s body. Ashley pops his foe with a few head shots, but there is no power behind his punches. Broner is slowing down, allowing Theophane to get back into the fight, though Adrien nails him with a nice right late. A right to the body, followed by a left hook up top for the Brit. 10-9 Theophane

Round 7

They trade jabs early, but Theophane digs a left to the gut. Broner pops him with a pair of jabs in return, but Theophane’s punch output is far greater than Broner’s at the moment. Ashley is tearing into his foe’s body almost exclusively at the midway point while “The Problem” basically just looks at him. Broner continues to fire one shot at a time and the crowd is growing restless. Broner is nailed by a left hook and right to the head, but Adrien shakes his head “no.” it’s all Theophane late but his punches aren’t hurting the heavy betting favorite. 10-9 Theophane.

Round 8

Between rounds, it’s noted that Broner has two small cuts above and below his right eye. Broner remains inactive, save for single shots here and there. Theophane continues to dig to the body but he’s very active with his offense. A few punches to the head for Theophane as Broner backs off with nothing in return. Boos are starting to cascade into the ring with 45 seconds left. Theophane lands a few decent shots to the stomach late as Broner backs off. Very close round and Broner looks tired at the bell. 10-9 Theophane.

Round 9

Broner buckles Theophane’s knees with a scorching right uppercut on the inside. Ashley stumbles into the ropes and covers up and Broner goes after him. Broner drills his foe with a lead right as Theophane staggers to his right and then another. Theophane shook his head “no” and seems to motion to Pabon, who calls off the fight as Broner chases Theophane across the ring. Theophane is immediately protesting but the fight is officially over.

Replays show that while Theophane was covering up, Broner landed a nasty left uppercut to the groin. When Theonphane stumbled away, he motioned to Pabon that he was hit low, but the ref mistook it for him looking for him to be rescued.

The Official Result

Adrien Broner def. Ashley Theophane via TKO (ref stoppage) R9, 1:10


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