Premier Boxing Champions on Spike ‘Stevenson vs. Karpency’ Results & Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Sep 11, 2015's live PBC on Spike coverage kicks off at 9 p.m. ET.

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Errol Spence Jr. vs. Chris van Heerden

Round 1

Spence is cautious early, looking to establish a distance, tossing out a few jabs. Van Heerden is lanky and snake-like, but he’s not throwing anything in the first 45 seconds. Nice left and then a right hook to the head by Spence, but the South African blocks them both. A few more stiff jabs from Errol and Van Heerden’s left eye is already red and swelling up. Van Heerden is looking to get inside but Spence disallows it. Another sizzling jab from the Texan, who was seized absolute control of the meeting. 10-9 Spence.

Round 2

Van Heerden comes out with the jab but his falls short a few times because Spence’s hits him first. Van Heerden lands a double right to the body but his left to the head is blocked. Spence remains cool and pops him with a few more jabs. Van Heerden lands a straight left but he’s immediately countered with a jab and then a right hook. Spence’s speed advantage is severe early. Van Heerden’s left eye is swelling almost shut with a minute left. Hard left to the body from Spence that follows a brilliant right to the face. Triple jab by Spence. Van Heerden goes to the body but his left to the head misses. Big left to the grill by Spence, but Van Heerden backs off and shakes his hips and head at his foe. All Spence. 10-9 Spence.

Round 3

Van Heerden clinches and then slugs three hooks to the body as soon as the round starts. Spence returns the favor with body shots of his own. Another powerful jab by Spence and then a sharp right to the head. Right to the body/left to the head by Errol that shakes Van Heerden. The South African slugger quickly clinches, looking hurt for the first time. Van Heerden backs off and has to swallow yet another jab. Van Heerden stumbles forward, trying to force a brawl, but Spence shucks him off and sticks him with a few more jabs. Van Heerden now backs into the ropes and tries to fire back, but his shots miss by a few feet. Hard left hook by Spence freezes Van Heerden for a second before he fires back. Van Heerden is tough, though, and continues to swing away but he is grossly overmatched. 10-9 Spence.

Round 4

Van Heerden cracks Spence with a solid straight left to the ear, but Errol walks through it. Spence is more aggressive early, though he’s still setting everything up with the jab. They come together, but Spence backs off and when he does, he nails his foe with a beautiful right hook. Van Heerden loses his mouthpiece, but he digs deep and swings to the head and body. Van Heerden is bleeding from the mouth and when he gets it put back in, referee Allen Huggins deducts a point because he deliberately spat it out. They continue and Spence quickly rips a right to the body. Van Heerden continues to fight but the end seems to be looming. Spence lands potshots whenever he pleases and seems to be a round or two away from ending this battering. 10-8 Spence.

Round 5

They storm out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring to trade leather. Van Heerden continues to try his best, but Spence is tagging him from every angle. Left/right to the head by Errol before he rips a few nasty uppercuts to the guts. Spence is willing to stand forehead-to-forehead and trade blows with the brawler. Van Heerden’s left eye is basically shut now but he keeps coming. Spence lands several more jabs before digging a plethora of hell to the midsection. Van Heerden springs to life and throws four shots to the head, but Spence rolls with them all. Nice flurry, capped by a straight left to the face by Van Heerden, who suddenly has come back into the fight. 10-9 Spence.

Round 6

Van Heerden explodes out of his corner and throws several punches, but Spence fends them off. Three jabs and then a sizzling straight left to the jaw by Spence. Right back to the jab goes Spence, and suddenly Van Heerden can’t any punches off. Right/left to the head, followed by a murderous right to the body by the Texan. He goes back upstairs and then to the body again. All Van Heerden can do is try to defend. Spence ends the round by landing a few more jabs and then a left. 10-9 Spence.

Round 7

Spence attacks the body as soon as they meet in the center of the ring. Van Heerden backs into the ropes, where Spence tears into him with a furious barrage of shots to the head and body. Van Heerden counters with a right hook to the head, but Spence is unfazed. Van Heerden jabs to the body and then comes upstairs with a left. Spence dives into his foe’s chest and rips into the body. Van Heerden enjoys it and swings away. Van Heerden stays along the ropes and Spence drills him with a double left to the head. Van Heerden is rocked and has to take a knee. He’s up at seven and is allowed to continue. They come together where Spence crashes a left uppercut to the stomach, dropping Van Heerden again. He’s up and willing to fight on. The 10-second clapper sounds and Van Heerden walks away, thinking it’s over. Luckily for him, he covers up as Spence chases him down. 10-7 Spence.

Round 8

Van Heerden fires a left to the body and then a right hook. Spence loses his mouthpiece after being tagged by a right. Spence just misses with a monstrous left to the head. Three-punch flurry to the head, and then a blistering fuselage of uppercuts to the body. Van Heerden is in serious trouble as he backs into the ropes. Spence tears into him and Huggins finally stops it. Van Heerden is one of the toughest dudes Spence will likely ever face.

The Official Result

Errol Spence Jr. def. Chris van Heerden via TKO :50, R8

Adonis Stevenson vs. Tommy Karpency

Round 1

A couple of jabs from Stevenson before he tags him with a straight left to the ear. Karpency takes it well, but he can’t counter. Adonis misses with a massive right hand and then resets before using the jab. Karpency lands a glancing right cross but he misses with a wild left hook. Stevenson counters him with a short left to the head. There is some swelling underneath Karpency’s right eye midway through the round. Double left to the face by Karpency but Stevenson drills him with a counter overhand left. Karpency’s knees buckle and he almost goes down before correcting himself. Stevenson backs off, looking to set another trap. Karpency misses a right hook at the bell. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 2

Stevenson comes out with a few jabs to the head and body. Karpency is very stiff and slow. Stevenson cracks him with a nice right to the head, but “Kryptonite” counters him with a nice right hook. Karpency opens up with a three-punch combo before backing off. Stevenson is not very active late in the round, allowing Karpency to get some decent shots off. Right to the body and then a straight left to the jaw. Karpency is rocked badly and then stumbles into Stevenson, who drills him with a right hook. Karpency flops onto his face and tries to get up, but he rolls over and into the ropes before finally getting up after the bell. He’s saved. 10-8 Stevenson.

Round 3

Adonis drills him with a straight left immediately and Karpency quickly crumbles. He’s up at referee Afu’s count of nine, but Tommy’s corner throws in the towel. It is over.

The Official Result

Adonis Stevenson def. Tommy Karpency via TKO (corner threw in the towel) :21, R3


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