‘Rampage’ Backs ‘Shogun,’ Blames UFC

By Sherdog.com Staff Oct 27, 2009
Quinton Jackson says Mauricio “Shogun” Rua was robbed Saturday in his decision loss to Lyoto Machida, and “Rampage” is pointing his finger at the UFC as the culprit.

“I was watching the fight this weekend with the director of the A Team movie, the movie crew & a couple of actors & I never been ashamed to be a part of MMA till now,” reads a Monday blog post on Jackson’s Web site, www.rampage-jackson.com. “The UFC looked like assholes this weekend. The main event was boring. I anticipated that because let's be real.. Machida is a boring fighter. But Shogun getting robbed like that was pretty cut throat. Then you hear Joe Rogan say you "you have to beat the champ to be a champ." & that made me think the UFC are full of s---! Not to be whiny here but I still don't feel like I've been beat in the UFC.. but I'm not champ anymore. If the UFC gives Shogun an immediate rematch because of the controversial loss then that would validate everything I have said about the UFC in my recent posts & why I'm pissed at the UFC. But yet he deserves one & so have I deserved one against Forrest.

“The reason why I was ashamed of the UFC is because some people around me were saying that the UFC is becoming corrupt like boxing & asked me is that stuff real? Most of the people from the A Team movie were just watching it because I was watching it & they don't know much about MMA & were starting to get into it but last night they didn't have anything good to say about my sport. So I was so ashamed.”

It should be noted, however, that the UFC does not select judges. That responsibility belongs to athletic commissions such as the California State Athletic Commission, which assigned and oversaw the officials who worked UFC 104.

Jackson also criticized his portrayal on “The Ultimate Fighter 10” in his Monday blog post: “They never should have tried to make me look bad cause I'm the wrong person to pull that type of crap with. Cause I don't give a f--- about the TUF show or about the UFC.”

The post concludes with a call to action.

“The UFC needs to get some new judges before I even think about coming back,” it reads. “I want the hardcore fans to go back & watch all the fights that you thought was kinda shady with the judges in the UFC & TUF & write down the names of the judges so you guys can complain & have a voice. Do your homework. This sport wouldn't be what it is without the fans. Its hard for me to believe that the UFC is so successful & has over 100 shows & can't tell who wins a fight. How is it that they can't tell who wins a fight on an important title fight? Me doing TUF 10 & seeing how they edited it now & seeing how Wes Shivers lost his fight is making me very skeptical about the UFC. Note to TUF: Anybody involved in making the TUF show do me a big favor... Don't look at me cause you're fake. Don't talk to me cause you're fake. Don't even think about me cause you're fake. & if you do you might just get cussed the f--- out.”
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