Report: War Machine Attempted Suicide in Jail By Hanging, Now Being Held in Isolation Cell

By C.J. Tuttle Oct 16, 2014
War Machine reportedly attempted suicide in his jail cell this week, but a corrections officer intervened before he was successful.

According to a report from, a Clark County Detention Center officer came across War Machine, formerly known as Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, sitting on the floor of his cell with his feet upright on the bunk. Upon further inspection, the officer found that there was a piece of linen attached to the leg of Koppenhaver’s bed while the other end was wrapped tightly around his neck.

The officer responded by cutting the linen from Koppenhaver’s neck and calling jail medics. According to a report from the Las Vegas Review Journal, Koppenhaver’s lawyer Brandon Sua said that the inmate’s vital signs had “completely stopped” and that he was “pretty much dead” when the officer found him.

Medical personnel revived Koppenhaver and he was then moved to an isolation cell for closer observation. Sua went on to add that there were “several” suicide notes left inside the jail cell.

Clark County Detention Center officials weren’t immediately available for comment.

Koppenhaver was arrested by the U.S. Marshal Service and local police at an Extended Stay America Hotel in Simi Valley, Calif., on Aug. 15 following a week-long manhunt. Koppenhaver did not show up to his court date on Wednesday, but his lawyer’s said on his behalf that they hope to have the opportunity to negotiate with prosecutors. He is currently being held without bail.


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