Rousey: No Way Tate Will Be Prepared

By Staff Mar 3, 2012
Miesha Tate is the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion, but Ronda Rousey doesn’t think she’ll be ready when they meet in the main event of Strikeforce’s March 3 card in Columbus, Ohio.

“We prepare for the worst-case scenario,” Rousey told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show.” “We prepare for a five-round brawl, but I know that there’s no way that she can be adequately prepared for me. Every week I’m wrestling with world-champion and Olympic-medalist wrestlers, and she has no one like me. She has no clue how to deal with a style like mine.”

Rousey was a bronze medalist in judo at the 2008 Olympics. She began fighting in MMA in 2011 and won all four of her fights via submission in less than a minute each.

“All the other girls that I’ve fought, they all thought that they knew,” Rousey said. “They all thought, ‘Those other girls got caught with that, but I’m double jointed,’ or, ‘I have never been submitted before,’ or ‘I have a grappling background.’ She might have all these reasons in her head why she thinks she should win, but she picked up her first singlet when I was training for my first Olympics.”

Tate has more experience in the cage than Rousey, having fought 14 times with 12 wins. However, Rousey dismisses Tate’s time in the sport when compared to her own years on the judo mat.

“I lucked out that I was already prepared for women’s MMA when it became popular,” Rousey said. “I feel like she was walking around high school, started wrestling and then a few years ago thought it’d be nice to do some MMA, whereas I’ve been doing this for a decade and a half.”

Tate has had plenty of success in her four years of fighting, though. She’s won six straight, including her arm-triangle submission of Marloes Coenen to win the Strikeforce title. That doesn’t mean Rousey is going to show her much respect, however, leading up to their fight.

“Screw everybody’s idea of what sports are supposed to be like,” Rousey said. “I did what sports are supposed to be like and I was living in my car. So you know what? Fine. I’m going to talk a bunch of s--t and I’m going to pose for a couple of pictures and I’m going to break a couple of girls’ arms and I’m not going to feel the least bit sorry for that. Because you know what? At least I can feed my dog.”

Listen to the full interview (beginning at 1:55:15).


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