Semerzier Appeals UFC on Fox Loss, Wants Peralta Rematch

By Mike Whitman Nov 15, 2011
The management team of UFC featherweight Mackens Semerzier has filed an appeal with the California State Athletic Commission following Semerzier’s controversial loss to Robert Peralta at UFC on Fox 1 last Saturday.

SuckerPunch Entertainment Managing Partner Brian Butler-Au confirmed Tuesday to that an appeal has been filed.

Semerzier was defeated by Peralta at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. After two hard-fought rounds saw both men hit the canvas, the 145-pounders exchanged hard shots in the third frame. During a flurry, the top of Peralta’s head accidentally struck Semerzier on the temple, buckling Semerzier’s legs and allowing his foe to finish him off.

In real time, it looked as though Semerzier was simply felled by one of Peralta’s punches. However, upon review using instant replay, it appeared it was actually Peralta’s head which caused the knockdown. As referee John McCarthy did not see the accidental collision of heads, the fight was ruled as a technical knockout victory for Peralta.

Butler told that the CSAC confirmed it has received the appeal. Additionally, Butler asserted that he plans to follow up with CSAC Director George Dodd.

“What happened to Mackens was a very unfortunate accident,” said Butler. “We hope the CSAC sees how clear this case is and does what is right. I don't think you can have a stronger case to show that the end of this fight was caused by the foul. We would like this turned into a no-contest, and then aim for a rematch as soon as possible. We think Mackens and the fans deserve to see how this fight would have ended without the foul.”


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