Sengoku 10 Quoteworthy: A Black Belt in Intensity, Devoured Macadamia Nuts & Silva Wants Barnett

By Tony Loiseleur Sep 24, 2009
“You could consider me an employee of Sengoku. So Sengoku hires me to fight in their ring, and it’s up to them who they choose whoever I will fight. I'm going to rest a bit and then get back to training hard to fight other tough heavyweights. But if I have to name someone, I'd say Josh Barnett since I know he's a very strong opponent and is known to be a very good fighter.” -- Antonio Silva both not picking and picking his next fight

“There are two organizations asking about my availability, but nothing has been set yet. The best would be for me to fight in the Sengoku ring as well as in the States. I have a family, daughters, mouths to feed, so I need to fight and earn money to support my family. From here on out, I'd like to fight here and in the U.S.” -- Silva

“I felt his face hit my fist a lot. That's what I felt.” -- Dan Hornbuckle answering the question, “What did you feel during your fight?”

“There's no pressure to replicate [spectacular knockout wins] since that's what a black belt in intensity does -- produce knockouts, entertaining fights, get the crowd behind him and then become the champion of Sengoku.” -- Hornbuckle touting his “black belt in intensity.”

“No, I think I deserve that shot at the title [first].” -- Kazunori Yokota on the prospect of allowing Satoru Kitaoka first dibs at a title shot.

“I'd rather not fight on New Year's Eve. Cutting weight is rough, and I'd like to take some time off.” -- Maximo Blanco joking about fighting on Dec. 31

“I just leave all the thinking to my trainer, [Jason “Nobunaga” Suttie]. I just do the job they give me in the ring, and whatever path they choose for me is what I do. I don't really know how to develop my MMA career. It'd be better to ask my trainer.” -- Antz Nansen on his future in MMA

“Every loss in my career, I knew that there was something in training I could have done different, something I could have improved. This training camp was great, everything went right, but in the ring, everything went wrong. I don't know if you've ever had a day at work where everything bad that could happen does. I had that day today, and it was in front of all of Japan. It was a little hard. I don't know what I could have done differently. Everything going into the fight felt great, and going into the ring, he just beat me to the punch on everything.” -- Nick Thompson on his loss to Hornbuckle

“Whose macadamia treats and may I have one? [Thompson points to a Japanese reporter's empty box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.] Empty? This day keeps getting worse and worse.” -- Thompson
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