"Shamrock vs Gracie" Live Play-By-Play

Mar 10, 2006
Strike Force "Shamrock vs Gracie"
March 10, 2006
HP Pavilion, San Jose, California
Official attendance - 18,265

Full Results here.

Gilbert Melendez v. Harris Sarmiento

Melendez works from the top for most of the round, taking the fight to the mat after eating a knee in the opening exchange. Sarmiento works back to his feet only to be slammed back to the mat.

Round one goes to Melendez 10-9 (Sherdog.com score)

Round two starts with a quick exchange that sees Melendez briefly dropped to a knee before scoring a takedown. Melendez passed to half guard and proceeds to pound through Sarmiento's defense eliciting a tapout at 44 seconds of the second round.

Daniel Puder vs Jesse Fujarczyk

Both fighters exchange quickly, Puder slips under and scores a takedown. After a minute or so of little action, referee Cecil Peoples stands up the fighters. Puder catches Fujarcyk with a right hand in the course of a wild exchange. Puder takes his back after Fujarcyk fails to score a desperation takedown and locks on a RNC forcing his opponet to tap at 1:54 of the first round.

Matt Horwich v. Brian Ebersol

First round starts with Horwich shooting and being stuffed and pushed to his back. He works for a gogoplata but Ebersol defends. Referee Peoples stands fighters back up but it is an instant replay with a triange choke attempt substituted for the gogo before another stand up. Shortly after the round ends.

10-9 Ebersol (Sherdog.com score)

Round two is another carbon copy with another standup. In the restart Horwich jumps to a guillotine off of an exchange but it is defended by Ebersol. After yet another standup, Horwich jumps back to guard. Ebersol finishes up strong in the round with more ground and pound.

10-9 Ebersol (Sherdog.com score)

Round three begins exactly the same way as the last two, Ebersol gaining the top position and pounding away. The fight is stood up yet again and Horwich looks to gain the top position off of a scrammble but is forced to his back again. You guessed it, another referee standup. In the closing minute of the fight, Ebersol scoops up Horwich and powerfully slams him to the mat only to end up in a triangle choke. Horwich struggles to complete the submission but the horn sounds ending the fight.

10-9 Ebersol (30-27 total) (Sherdog.com score)

Official score is Ebersol by unanimous decision 30-27 x2 and 29-28 x1

Mike Kyle v. Krzystof Soszynski

Kyle goes for a flying knee but is caught in the air. Kyle is pushed up against the fence but works himself away before landing a knee to the groin which leads to a brief hiatus to let Soszynski recover. In the next exchange, Kyle throws a jab but ends up catching Soszynski with a thumb in the eye. Soszynski immediately backs away squinting and referee John Schorle intervened and called for the doctor. While being checked by the Doctor, Soszynski says "I can't see" and the bout was promptly halted. After just 2:02 the fight is ruled a technical draw.

Jorge Ortiz vs Eugene Jackson

Fighters circle early trading punches with Ortiz scoring a nice left. Jackson acknowledges the shot and promptly rushes in and notches the takedown. Jackson working from half guard picks his shots and lands a number of solid punches. Ortiz gets full guard back and defends well enough to cause referee Doc Hamilton to stand the fight back up. Ortiz length and Jackson's fatigue lead to "The Wolf" eating another good punch as the round came to an end.

10-9 Jackson (Sherdog.com score)

Round two starts off with the fighters working on the feet and Ortiz getting the better of it. Even thought the fighters are standing, the fight is less than appealing as both fighters seem less than ready to engage as they circle around the cage throwing punches few and far between.

10-9 Ortiz (Sherdog.com score)

Round three begins with blazing pace, at least for this fight, as the opponents actually try to punch each other. The exchange is even but the pace quickly grinds back to a slow crawl. Jackson, moving forward the entire second half of the round but only throwing jabs does just enough to win the round and on the Sherdog.com scorecard, the fight. Sherdog.com scorecard reads 29-28 for Eugene Jackson in a total dissapointment of a fight.

10-9 Jackson (29-28 total) (Sherdog.com score)

The official score is 29-28 x3 Jackson

Josh Thomson vs Clayton Guida

Guida shoots in as Thomson tried to kick but "The Punk" locks in a guillotine that looks tight. Guida escapes and begins to work the ground and pound. Thomson looks for an armbar and then lands a nice upkick as Guida backs out of his guard. After Guida jumps back into the guard, Thomson slaps a triangle attempt on him but before he can sink it deep, Guida picks him up and slams his way out of it. Thomson is cut near the right eye and Guida is pounding away after escaping a rolling kneebar. Thomson goes for another kneebar and is unable to get it but he down get the top position and eventually the mount. The round ends shortly after.

10-9 Guida (Sherdog.com score)

Thomson's right eye is badly swollen and closing. Guida starts off the second round by planting "The Punk" in the fence and starting the ground and pound assault all over again. Thomson goes for another kneebar but is, once again, unsuccessful. Thomson looks like he has a omaplata sunk and the crowd reacts like Guida is tapping but he continues to work his way out of it. Thomson's eye is bleeding badly and Guida is still on top and in control. Thomson is warned by referee Herb Dean for an upkick to Guida while he had a third point on the ground. The round ends shortly after and Guida is clearly dominating. Sherdog.com scorecard has it 20-18 for Guida.

10-9 Guida (Sherdog.com score)

Round three begins with Guida getting caught in what looked to be a fight-ending guillotine but Guida will not give in and fights his way out of it. It was very close to being over. Referee Dean stands up the fighters and deducts a point from Guida for pawing at the cut over Thomson's right eye. Guida shoots again on the restart and after initiallly being stuffed, he elevates Thomson and slams him to the mat. After another restart Thomson scores with a knee but Guida scrammbles and gets the top position again. Referee Dean has to stand the fighters up once again after Guida continues to take liberties by gouging Thomson's cut. He takes a second point away. Sherdog.com scores the third round 9-8 for Thomson due to the deducted points.

9-8 Thomson (Sherdog.com score)

Fourth round begins with a stiff left uppercut by Guida who then proceeds to put Thomson on his back yet again. Thomson goes for a week armbar attempt but is rebuffed. The fighters are just scrappin now with Guida throwing downward and Thomson throwing upwards. Thomson tries for the armbar again but can not sink it but he does land another nice upkick.

10-9 Guida (Sherdog.com score)

Thomson's eye is nearly shut as the fifth round begins. Guida scores another takedown and settles into Thomson's guard. Guida continues to work from the top and aside from a occasional upkick he has dominated the entire fight. Guida goes for the RNC but thomson escapes back to his feet only to be locked back up and deposited back to the mat via a double-leg takedown. With less than a minute left, referee Dean stands teh fighters back up and Thomson goes for the kill with a flying knee but it fails to find its mark and Guida puts him on his back once again. The fight ends soon after and it looks like Thomson is the victim of one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.

10-9 Guida (48-45 total) (Sherdog.com score)

Apparently there was only one point deducted in the third round because the official scores are 49-45 x2 and 49-46 x1 for Clayton Guida.

The pro-Thomson crowd boos as Ryan Bennett trys to interview Guida after the fight but he gets off one quote before he is drowned out. He tells the crowd, "I am looking for Ashton Kucher becasue Josh Thomson just got punked!

Cung Le vs Mike Altman

Cung Le opens with some nice high kicks. The fighters circle as Le continues to find his mark with his kicks -- he has yet to throw a punch mid-way through the round -- and Altman already has blood trickling down from the bridge of his nose. More explosive kicks find the target and in highlight reel fashion the fight is over as Le lands a spinning back-kick to the chest followed by a right to the chin that sends Altman crashing to the mat. Cung Le wins by KO @ 3:51 1R

Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie

Frank lands a low kick to open the fight and then follows up with a right hand that buckles Gracie to the mat. Shamrock follows up with three punches to a stunned Gracie as the towel flies from his corner. Referee Doc Hamilton was already on the way to the rescue and he pulls Shamrock off at 0:21 of the first round.

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