Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook: Showtime Boxing Play-by-Play & Live Updates

By Mike Sloan Aug 16, 2014
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Undercard Bouts

Omar Figueroa, one of the most exciting younger fighters in the world today, was able to keep his unbeaten record intact and retain his WBC lightweight title with a thrilling ninth round stoppage over Daniel Estrada. The two tore into each from the opening bell and traded vicious combos throughout every round until it ended.

Estrada kept coming right at Figueroa, keeping the Weslaco, Texas-based fighter in a slugfest, though it didn’t deter the champion whatsoever. Figueroa had no problem adjusting to the Mexico City fighter’s aggression and wound up pummeling his foe in the end.

After Estrada (32-3-1, 24 KOs) began to fade toward the latter stages of the seventh round and into the eighth, his corner reportedly had thought about throwing in the towel. He was far behind on the scorecards and the fight was almost stopped between rounds eight and nine – from Figueroa’s corner due to a nasty laceration from a clash of heads – but they allowed him to continue. His corner may regret the decision because early in the ninth, Figueroa (24-0-1, 18 KOs) floored Estrada with a perfect overhand right and then forced referee Raul Caiz to finally stop it exactly a minute into the stanza.

After the bout, Figueroa mentioned that he is going to 140 in his next bout because making the lightweight limit has gotten to be too difficult.

The first time they locked horns, Sakio Bikaand Anthony Dirrell fought to an exciting, sometimes sloppy draw. In said battle, Cameroon-born Bika was able to retain his WBC super middleweight title but because it was such a close encounter and due to its entertainment value, the second go ‘around was staged.

However, tonight in the co-main event inside the Stub Hub Center in Carson, Calif, the rematch was a sloppy, sometimes exciting tussle that had the near-capacity crowd restless and uneasy. Oftentimes they booed the action, which consisted mostly of clinching, wrestling, takedowns and low blows. With that said, Dirrell (27-0-1, 22 KOs) was a step faster than the reigning champion and landed far more telling blows throughout the fight and was awarded a unanimous decision victory.

When announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr. announced the Flint, Michigan native as the new champion, Dirrell fell to his knees and cried into his hands. Dirrell had just become the second ever fighter from Flint to capture a world title (Chris Byrd was the first) and the second official cancer survivor to capture a world title (next to Daniel Jacobs). Dirrell also recovered from a horrific motorcycle accident as well.

The fight itself was a dirty, sloppy brawl where surprisingly only one point was taken, from Bika (32-6-3, 1 KOs) in the eighth for repeated low blows. But Dirrell was also hit when he stumbled to the ground and the two tumbled and tossed each other to the canvas several times. Still, Dirrell was able to fire off and connect with enough impactful blows to win most of the rounds, winning via tallies of 114-113, 116-111 and 117-110.

Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook

Round 1

Porter fires off two left jabs to start the fight. Brook sticks his own jab in Porter’s mouth. They clinch and swat at each other ineffectively. Both men feeling each other out, but Brook lands a decent left hook to the head. Nice left/right to the face by the champ. Porter delivers two left uppercuts on the inside and then follows it up with a right to the head and then a left hook. They clinch and separate, but Porter fires off four more shots to the head and body. Lead right hand by the Cleveland native but Brook shrugs it off. Brook stalks him and lands a clean, stiff jab. Brook misses a straight right and then connects with a glancing left hook. Porter walks right at Brook but misses three straight punches. Hard left jab/straight right by the English bloke right at the bell. Close round. 10-9 Porter.

Round 2

Brooks lands two nice jabs right off the bat. The clinch and Porter whacks him with three thudding rights to the ribs. Porter dips low and charges right at his foe, landing two to the body and then a grazing shot upstairs. Jab by Brook. Another. Porter is stopped in his tracks by a jab while trying to land a left hook. Brook is backing away and using his jab, but Porter is bobbing and weaving nicely, crushing him to the body. Brook fires off a jab to the body. They clinch again and the American lands a few to the body. Porter is very aggressive, but Brook meets him with a clinch. They accidentally clash heads but it appears as though neither man is cut. Brook cracks him with a terrific right hand and then a left. Porter charges in again and clinches. Blood is trickling down the left eyebrow of Brook; it’s confirmed it’s from the butt. Porter is trying to get inside but the Brit is jabbing and moving well. 10-9 Brook.

Round 3

Between rounds, the cut on Brook’s eyebrow is pretty nasty but not fight threatening. Porter sticks a hard left jab in his face right away. Porter is jabbing and then ducking under to get inside, but Brook ties him up. Brook pops him with a jab and then nails him with a right. The champ lands a nice left hook but it’s not too powerful. They clinch again and again as Porter tries to bang his way inside. Porter lands three right hands to the ear while they clinch. Porter is charging at him like a linebacker, meeting a clinch. Brook moves away and jabs Porter again. P:orter is gunning for the knockout but he is stuffed by Brook’s distance. They clinch again. And again. Nice left jab by the Brit. Brook lands a hard right hand but Porter returns the favor. Porter is backing away now, looking to turn the tables. Close, close round. 10-9 Brook.

Round 4

Brook’s cut is under control to start the round. Porter is very aggressive early; he jabs and fires a right hand. Brook counters with a right of his own. They clinch and Porter lands a series of shots to the ribs until they separate. “Special K” just misses with a monstrous overhand right. Porter eats a jab and then plugs away at the body before they clinch. Bob and weave and then a right to the body, left to the head by the champ. Porter eats a jab. The American misses with a leaping left hook, but Brook can’t make him pay. Porter misses with another left hook but Brook misses with a counter left. Hard left and right to the body by the champ, but he eats a right hand coming in. They clinch. Porter is continuously trying to bully his way inside, but Brook is unfazed. Porter is all over his opponent along the ropes but he can’t quite get his punches off as well as he’d like. Nice left hand by Porter at the bell. 10-9 Porter.

Round 5

They fire off a flurry but clinch. They start to brawl on the inside. They clinch again and do the same. Shaun, again, is all over Brook but is ineffective with his shots. Lead right by the Brit misses its mark. Nice, clean left jab by Brook. Another. Porter lands a right to the body on the way in and then they clinch. Porter hits him with a series of rights in the clinch. The cut on brook has opened up a little more than a minute into the round. Porter dodges a nice left/right by his challenger. Jab-jab-jab by brook to keep Porter at bay. Porter, bouncing on his toes, lunges in and digs to the body. Porter slips a jab but misses with a right uppercut/left hook combo. Slick 1-2 by Brook and then lands a left hand near the bell. They clinch and Porter goes to the body. Very close round. 10-9 Porter.

Round 6

Porter just barely misses with a wild right/left hook to the face. Brook lands a stiff lab. Porter charges in and fires away at the body. Along the ropes, Porter digs to the ribs again. Brook moves away and uses his jab to create space. Porter leaps in with a sizzling left hook but the Brit takes it well. Brook now bouncing and moving side-to-side. Porter connects with a series of lefts to the face; Brook clinches. Brook tags him with a stinging right hand when they separate. Porter scowls and then swings wildly with a right. He charges right at Brook and digs low and then to the head. Right to the body by Porter. Porter is cut badly around his right eye; unsure if it’s a from abut or punch at this time. Porter dips low and goes to the body and then head Brook jabs and then clinches. 10-9 Porter.

Round 7

Between rounds, the cut on Porter is at the top of his eyelid, a very bad spot. Replays show that the cut came from a nasty clash of heads. Porter swarms Brook with a series of strikes but they are mostly blocked. Left hook by Porter glances off Brook’s gloves. Porter is suddenly hyper aggressive and charges right at his foe, slugging him in the body. Huge left hook by Porter, but the Brit’s sturdy chin negates its power. Brook is unfazed and simply sticks a jab in his mouth. They clinch and then on the way out, Porter clubs him with an overhand right. Nice jab by Brook again. Porter charges in but Brook ties him up. Again. Porter leaps with another left but it misses. Two jabs by brook clip Porter. Porter tags him with a left hook on the way in, but he’s quickly smothered by Brook. They separate and Brook lands a hard right uppercut. Porter is momentarily stunned and backs away. Brook chases him down and lands another right hand along the ropes. Porter looks shaken and he grabs on. They trade blows for a few seconds until the bell. 10-9 Brook.

Round 8

Porter races and lands a four-punch combo to the head and body. Porter clinches and then moves out, landing two jabs. Porter backs away and regroups. Brook is now stalking Porter down, jabbing and weaving. Porter clinches. Porter isn’t throwing as many punches as he was in the last few rounds. Brook tags him with a chopping right hand. Porter grabs on. The champ looks to be second-guessing his attacks and eats two jabs. Hard right hand by Brook, who has seized control of the bout. Porter clinches and digs to the body. Porter tries to slug it out, but Brook smothers him along the ropes. Brook connects with a punishing jab. They clinch again and again as the crowd grows restless. Porter finally opens up and swarms him, but his punches mostly miss. 10-9 Brook.

Round 9

Brook lands a glancing left hook to start the round. Porter backs away, missing a jab. Brook is calm and lands a jab. Another. Porter tries to charge in but he’s stuffed. Hard right/left by Brook, who then eats a left hook in return. They clinch. Porter is bleeding badly from his right eye now. They clinch again. Porter is slugging away on the inside. They brawl in the proverbial phone booth. Porter dishes out a series of shots tot e head and body on the inside. They separate and Brook lands a left jab. The English chap switches to southpaw but quickly reverts back to orthodox. Hard right/left by Brook but the champ returns the favor. Clean right hand by the challenger, forcing Porter to clinch. Porter digs to the body. They grab and brawl again. 10-9 Brook.

Round 10

Brook rifles two jabs in Porter’s face, forcing s clinch. Porter looks sluggish to start the round. Porter tries to brawl but Brook thwarts it. Blood is trickling down Porter’s face again. Hard jab/right hand by the challenger. Porter backs away and brook fires off two lefts and a right. Porter seems a little cautious and is not as aggressive again. Brook looks relaxed; he is controlling the action. Porter tries to get inside but Brook holds on. Lead right hand by the Brit. Brook misses a left but counters that with a hard left hook; Porter answers with a right hand to the face. Both feint and then Brook lands a jab. Porter backs away across the ring and then eats a short left hook when he tries to fire off a combo downstairs. Porter fires off a right at the bell. 10-9 Brook.

Round 11

It appears as though Porter might need to score a knockdown to even up the cards; it’s that close. Porter starts the round by backing away and then lands a loopy right hand to the head. Hard left jab/straight right by Brook. The challenger lands two more and then Porter retaliates, but Brook negates it. Brook is stalking his foe and jabbing away. Porter is bleeding badly again. Porter again is backing away, looking to counter. Shaun lunges in with a left hook but it’s blocked. Brook again stalks him and lands the 1-2. Porter clinches and then digs to the body and head. Porter is all over him, but most of his wild punches are blocked. Porter connects with a right and left. Brook cracks him with a scorching left hook, but Porter shakes it off. Big right cross by the challenger, but Porter takes it. Porter resets but can’t get his shots off. The American digs to the body but Brook ties him up. Right hand glances off Porter’s head at the bell. 10-9 Brook.

Round 12

Porter likely needs a knockout in order to retain his title. Porter rushes right at Brook after they touch gloves. Porter is all over him to the head and body. Brook ties him up. Porter is going wild trying to escape the clinch. Brook is very calm, picking his spots but Porter is ultra aggressive. Sweeping right hand by Porter badly misses. Porter charges right at Brook but the Brit ties him up. Huge, wild left hook just misses Brook’s jaw. Brook ties him up wisely, smothering the attacks. Brook lands a right/left as he exits the clinch. With a minute left, Porter might need a miracle. Porter swarms him with a wild flurry, but Brook parries most of it. Again Porter is gushing blood. Brook continues to tie him up, negating the attacks. They miss lefts and rights. Big overhand right by the challenger with ten seconds left. Porter tries to unload a combo but he is denied via clinch. The crowd boos as time expires. 10-9 Brook (116-112 Brook).

The Official Result

Kell Brook Def. Shawn Porter Decision (Majority) [Adalaide Byrd: 116-112 Max Deluca: 117-111 Dave Parris: 114-114] R12 3:00


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