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By Mike Sloan Apr 4, 2015 will have live Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) on CBS results and play-by-play at approximately 4 p.m. ET.

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Artur Beterbiev vs. Gabriel Campillo

Round 1

Beterbiev opens the fight with some hard left jabs, keeping the Spaniard at bay and on the defensive. Loopy overhand right from Beterbiev is clean and Campillo’s knees immediately buckle. He’s in trouble and is quickly sent to his knees with a follow-up flurry. He’s up and allowed to continue, but he’s shaken and not fully steady. Beterbiev is taking his time and after a minute passes, Campillo seems to have his head cleared. Hard right/left from the Russian rocks Campillo again with about 30 seconds left in the round. All Beterbiev. 10-8 Beterbiev.

Round 2

Campillo appears to be okay as he fires off a series of jabs from his southpaw stance. Beterbiev walks through them and imposes his own rifle of a jab. Campillo is backing away, trying to fully engage his foe. Beterbiev nails him with a powerful right to the gut. Beterbiev is very relaxed and patient, throwing one and two-punch combos. Campillo is clearly uncomfortable with the Russian’s power and winces, even when he blocks the attrition. Beterbiev is mixing up his punches to the head and body, in complete control. 10-9 Beterbiev.

Round 3

Beterbiev is walking through Campillo, jamming his fists in his face when he can, which is pretty much whenever he wants. Campillo, while cautious, is throwing back and is finding a home for his right jab quite often. Campillo is cracked by a sneaky right hand and instantly goes into a defensive shell. The former Russian Olympian is getting inside now, forcing his forehead into the Spaniard’s chest. Another right hand buckles Campillo’s legs with less than a minute left. He is in trouble, but he is able to escape from off the ropes. Beterbiev again is taking his time, not swinging wildly. 10-9 Beterbiev.

Round 4

Campillo is rocked immediately into the frame, once again from that cement-like right hand. Campillo is retreating and backs into the ropes. Beterbiev crushes him with a right uppercut, which snaps his head back. Campillo is in serious peril. Beterbiev slams a right and left into his face, knocking him cold. Campillos crumbles stiffly to the canvas, completely out. The ref never bothers to even count to one, ending the fight. Sensation highlight reel knockout for Beterbiev.

The Official Result

Artur Beterbiev def. Gabriel Campillo via Knockout 0:22, R4

Adonis Stevenson vs. Sakio Bika

Round 1

Stevenson comes out in his southpaw stance and pops his challenger with a meager jab. Bika is a little passive early, not looking to let his fists go just yet. Adonis tags him with a sweeping right to the body but his follow-up left to the head is stuffed. Bika paws with a triple left jab and then clinches as soon as Stevenson gets close. The action is starting pick up as the two light heavies are mixing it up late, but nothing clean lands from either. Very close round but the champ gets it. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 2

They both paw with range-finding jabs until Stevenson rocks him with a loopy overhand right. Bika backs away with a huge grin and then clinches him. Bika misses with a monstrous right and left, but he keeps his posture, avoiding the returning fire. Stevenson is taking his time and tags him repeatedly with the jab. Nice straight left hand lands flush on Bika, whose knees tremble a bit with 30 seconds left. The Aussie is tagged again by a clean right but he grins as he backs away. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 3

Stevenson is in total control with the jab and counter left. Bika keeps on chuckling and grinning, but he’s not letting his hands go as much as he needed. Nice short right/left by Adonis on the inside, which Bika isn’t too big a fan of. Bika is now on the offense as he is walking after Stevenson. A right hand lands cleanly for Bika and it seems to have bothered the champ, who is retreating a bit. Bika misses with a wild right cross that is not even close. He’s off-balance and Stevenson charges after him, but misses his shot. Very close round. 10-9 Bika.

Round 4

Double jab and straight left by Stevenson early in the round. Bika comes in awkwardly and is tagged by a short left hand. The punch rattles him but Stevenson fails to follow it up. Bika nails him with a right but he’s immediately countered a short left from “Superman.” After some posturing, Bika just misses with a loopy overhand right. The two are starting to clinch more and more, which is dragging down the action quota a few notches. Bika is breathing through mouth by the end of the round then misses by a mile with a sloppy right and left. Close round again. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 5

Stevenson starts the round with a series of right jabs and then lands a decent left hand over the jab. Bika is stunned by a short left hand and freezes up. Stevenson jumps on him and throws a flurry, sending Bika to the canvas. The referee rules it a slip and the fight continues. He looked hurt and it looked like a clean knockdown. Stevenson is swarming him and lands another hard left hand. Bika looks hurt again and then eats a second left hand. Bika’s knees buckle slightly and then he escapes to safety. Stevenson backs off, sensing he can’t the knockout, but he nails him with another left hand at the bell. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 6

Three-punch combo from the hometown fighter twenty seconds into the stanza lands on the face. Bika takes it well and throws a right in response. Jab/straight left from Stevenson is hard and clean, but Bika is unfazed this time. Bika opens up his arsenal a bit and he’s able to land a few lefts and rights while Stevenson relaxes. Beautiful straight left countered over the right hand floors Bika with 40 seconds left. Bika laughs and says he slipped but it looked clean knockdown. Stevenson nails him with another left, but Bika absorbs it. Stevenson does a quasi Ali shuffle just before the bell but he misses his right/left. 10-8 Stevenson.

Round 7

Between-rounds replays show the knockdown wasn’t as clean as it appeared. The punch grazed his neck while Bika tripped over the champ’s foot. Stevenson starts the round with the jab to the head and body but he’s starting to telegraph his left hand a little. Bika is pressing the issue now as Adonis is backing away. Sakio lands a nice left hand, but he is hit with a carbon copy of it in return. Stevenson wakes up with a minute left and cracks him with a crisp three-punch combo, but the Aussie shrugs it off. Bika is in Stevenson’s face late and trying to slug it out, but they clinch. Bika blasts the champ with a right hook just before the bell but it does little damage. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 8

Stevenson goes to the same tactic he’s been using routinely: jab, jab, straight left. Bika is timing it now, but he can’t quite close the distance to land something hard in return. Bika is more active with his shots but he’s keeping himself a bit too far on the outside, thus forcing his own shots to fall short. Stevenson is setting traps for the left hand, but Bika isn’t giving him a chance to launch it. Bika pops him with a right hand and then smothers Stevenson along the ropes, unloading a flurry of shots. Most are blocked but he’s busy enough to win the round. 10-9 Bika.

Round 9

Stevenson opens the frame with a sizzling combo to the head and body. Another. Bika takes it but doesn’t return the favor. Adonis tags him with a few hard jabs. The champ digs two thudding hooks to the body but his shots upstairs are blocked. “Scorpion” misses with a wild overhand right with 45 seconds remaining. Stevenson has regained control of the bout and then lands a nice left hand. Moments later, Bika is knocked onto the seat of his trunks courtesy of a crushing straight left. Bika is up and hurt but the round is almost over. He’s saved by the bell. 10-8 Stevenson.

Round 10

Bika looks a tad wobbly to start the round but the Montreal fighter doesn’t pounce all over him. Bika backs himself into the ropes, allowing Stevenson to close the gap and swarm him. He goes to the head and body, but Bika is able to block almost every punch. A minute in, Bika’s head appears to be clear. Bika counters a left hand by throwing a double right hand. There is a small mouse growing under the redness around Bika’s right eye. Nice jab by Bika snaps Stevenson’s head back, but Adonis walks right through it. Bika is nailed by another counter left hand and he’s hurt. He falls into a clinch and has to clear his head. Stevenson doesn’t know he’s hurt and allows him to remain in the clinch. They separate but Bika once again is saved by the bell. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 11

Bika’s head is cleared when the round starts but he walks into a few moderate jabs. Stevenson is stalking his foe, trying to set up the left with a series of jabs. Bika is backing up and not throwing many shots. Sakio eats a left hand but he shakes it off through laughter. Stevenson stares at him and then paws with his jab. The action has slowed down until Bika connects with a hard left. Stevenson backs up and then is cracked with a hard right late. He pulls within closely, making the round much closer now. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 12

Bika’s corner is yelling at him that he needs to go for broke, to knock him out in order to win. He doesn’t charge out of his corner, though, and instead lets the champ jab at him. Bika throws a right to the body and then a hard left/right to the head, but Stevenson blocks them. Stevenson starts talking trash, raising his glove during a clinch. Bika lands a sweeping right hand but Stevenson yells at him, exclaiming that he was not hurt. Bika allows him to posture, not jumping on him to score more points. Sakio delivers another thudding right hand directly on the champ’s jaw, but Adonis shrugs it off. They come in and clash heads with about 30 seconds left. Both men grimace but they resume fighting a moment later. Stevenson does the Ali shuffle -- or a generic version of it -- a few times before the bell. 10-9 Bika (117-109 Stevenson).

The Official Result

Adonis Stevenson def. Sakio Bika via Decision (Unanimous) [115-111, 116-110, 115-110] R12


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