TUF Crowd: Schoonover vs. The Bottle

By Sherdog.com Staff Oct 23, 2009
You asked and we found the answers. “Ask the TUF Crowd” gives you the chance to throw your burning questions to the cast following each episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 10.”

Darrill Schoonover, who was portrayed as a zealous recreational drinker during Wednesday’s episode, gets this week’s most-asked question.

What’s up with the drinking morning, noon, and night? You couldn’t find something else productive to do in the house or were the editors having their way with us again?
–- George in Texas

Darrill Schoonover: That was some editing. I drank the first two days when I was at the house, but the episode made it seem like I was drinking right before my fight and basically every day.

After my fight with Zak (Jensen) -- it was actually my birthday that day -- so after I won I drank that night too. Then after that, that was it. I stopped again for my next fight. They just put the drinking in before the fight to make it seem like I was drinking before my fight.

It’s just TV and I guess they’re trying to get ratings. It p---ed me off, but not too much.
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