The Best MMA Workouts

Apr 28, 2016

Alexandr Litvinenko is a Ukraine-born martial artist, stuntman, movie director, and actor. He is an accomplished fighter in multiple martial arts including kickboxing and Taekwondo. Alexandr became somewhat of an internet celebrity after he was invited to the no touch martial arts training camp. He went to this event with an open mind and completed the seminar. What made Alexandr famous online was a video that leaked. Namely, the no touch master wanted Alex to experience the power of this martial art for himself. The pair kneeled facing each other. Then the master created an allegedly impenetrable chi ball between them. He made the fatal mistake of inviting Alex to punch him. The end result was painful but hilarious to watch as no touch master’s face lit up with fierce hits from Alex. No touch master flailed about slapping like a preschooler.

Alexandr created a training system designed for those who desire to achieve combat-ready fitness. Sponsored by Under Armour, and directed by Litvinenko, comes the Combine Training, short series of MMA Hard Workout motivational videos displaying bits and pieces from Alexandr’s system of exercises.

First comes some really hard running in an urban environment where steep elevations, stairs and such are incorporated as obstacles. Then we see car tires getting hit hard as they are stacked at on a pole in the style of makeshift makiwara. Tires are versatile pieces of equipment, apparently, as they provide for a number of different uses. After a bit of cycling on the bike trainer, our champ proceeds to jump on tractor tires or kick them, as they are suspended from the chain. It’s a good way to practice those clinch knee kicks.

Swinging on parallel bars is great, as it builds up strength, and works muscles rarely exercised by other machines. It’s back to tractor tires, as sledgehammers comes next. I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t enjoy hammering things. Hitting the tractor tire with a hammer is great because it is not only about power production, but it focuses on power production in the opposite direction. You drop the hips to swing into the tire, making this exercise great help to wrestlers, judokas, and other rotational sport athletes.

Then comes the new array of bar-inspired exercise, such as swinging from the bar and hanging upside down for inverted push-ups. One of the most amazing simulators is of course the cross-country ski trainer, which simply engages all of the body’s muscles.

Next in line are the exercises with weights to build up strength. Our champ was lifting some heavy junk, from decrepit heaters, to rusty weights, to tossing boulders, to the rather dangerous-looking leg press. More gym trainers come to play, with standard rotation of leg extension exercises, to other weight machines.

Finally, at the peak of the training show, our champ is chased by a car, giving powerful incentive to those running exercises!


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