Timothy Bradley vs. Diego Chaves Results: HBO Boxing Play-by-Play

By C.J. Tuttle Dec 13, 2014

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Undercard Results

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Egidijus Kavaliauskas def. Jamie Herrera via Knockout 0:46 R2
Mikael Zewski def. Jeremy Brian via Decision (Majority Decision) [97-93, 97-93, 95-95] 3:00 R10
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Jose Benavidez Jr. def. Mauricio Herrera via Decision (Unanimous) [116-112, 116-112, 117-111] 3:00 R12
Andy Lee def. Matt Korobov via Technical Knockout 1:10 R6

Timothy Bradley, Jr. vs. Diego Chaves

Round 1

Diego Chaves opens the 12-round bout with an overhand right, setting the tone for the fight. Timothy Bradley Jr. starts his offense off with a stiff body shot, following up with two more. Chaves doing most of the walking down early. Chaves counterpunching well early, with big shots. Bradley comes back with a huge overhand right that lands flush. Bradley lands a nice jab, Chaves is head hunting with his right hand. They tangle up in the corner, referee Tony Weeks breaks them up. This first round has been very active. Chaves ends the first round narrowly missing with an uppercut. 10-9 Chaves.

Round 2

The second round opens with an equally active clip, with Bradley digging hard to the body of Chaves. The two come together and accidentally clash heads, Weeks immediately offers up warnings. If you’re not familiar with Chaves, he has a history of headbutts in his past. On the restart, the pair clash heads again, Weeks brings both men into the center of the ring and warns both fighters. Bradley showing swelling under his right eye early, but he scores a resounding right hand that sends shockwaves through the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Bradley doing real solid work here in the second frame, showing his superior technical boxing prowess. Chaves continuing to throw the rhythm jab. Solid round for Bradley. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 3

Bradley comes out aggressive in the third round, rocking Chaves with a right hook. Chaves seems to be hurt badly, but “Desert Storm” is unable to capitalize. The pair are throwing wild punches, leading to all the head contact early. This time around Bradley lands with a left hook, making good contact. Chaves lands a shot, Bradley counters quickly with a right of his own. Bradley gets Chaves in a bit of a headlock, forcing Weeks to step in again. Bradley lands on the restart, Chaves walks right through it. Better round for Chaves, but Bradley takes it in the end. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 4

Chaves’ corner has gotten the swelling down on this eye very nicely. The pair trade inside the pocket, banging to the body. Chaves ends the exchange with a nice uppercut that seems to do some damage. Bradley working over the body of Chaves, throwing just at the shorts. Uppercut from Bradley connects, this fight is turning into a phonebooth style fight. Bradley continuing to rip the body of his Argentinean opponent, using his physical strength to keep Chaves along the ropes. Bradley’s eye is still continuing to swell up. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 5

Neither man throwing the jab at all here in the first four rounds, this fight is taking place at very close range, with uppercuts being the weapon of choice. Bradley is not letting up on his bodywork, landing tough shots downstairs. The second Weeks separates the two men, they come right back together to fight inside. Bradley finally makes contact with a solid jab. The pace of the round slowed a bit from the previous four, but Bradley imposed his will. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 6

Bradley comes out with some pep in his step early, working the left jab to keep the distance. Bradley realized he doesn’t need to keep the fight inside since he is presumably up on the judges’ scorecards. Chaves trying to close the angles down on Bradley, who is bouncing from side to side, picking his shots. Bradley lands a shot but steps on the foot of Chaves in the process, Weeks rules the situation a non-knockdown. Bradley scores with a left uppercut, Chaves counters with a right hook. Bradley was more active with his movement in the sixth, but didn’t throw nearly as much. 10-9 Chaves.

Round 7

The fighters immediately come together in the center of the ring, culminating in the pair tangling up and Tony Weeks separating. The swelling to the left eye of Bradley is becoming significant, but doesn’t seem to be hampering his boxing. Chaves with a one-two combination which Bradley answers with a big body shot. Chaves lands two glancing right hands, then immediately ties up Bradley before he can counter. Bradley really putting the top of his head into the chin of Chaves, on the way out Bradley lands a stiff overhand right that Chaves responds with a body shot. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 8

The crowd chanting “Bradley, Bradley” as the eighth round opens up. A minute into the round and not too much action to speak of as both men have spent most of the time inside the grasp of the other. Chaves targeting the left eye of Bradley at the jab when he can get it off. The two are standing right in front of each other, seemingly hesitant to throw anything to risky, much unlike early in the fight. Bradley opens up in the final 30 seconds, landing his overhand right multiple times before the bell sounds. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 9

The round opening with Bradley throwing a combination that shuffles Chaves to the side. Bradley throws a right hand that misses wildly, Chaves catches him on the backside with a punch right to the chin. Bradley continuing to win this fight based on his technical output. Chaves does seem to have a little bit of a size advantage, but Bradley is showing his toughness. Chaves gets off a nice combination in the final 20 seconds, one of his nicest in the fight. Bradley eats another shot as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Chaves.

Round 10

The fight has re-entered the phone booth so to speak, with the two trading very closely together. Bradley takes a step backwards, throws a two-punch combination on the way out and then comes back inside to trade. Chaves catches Bradley unabated with a punch, rocking Bradley, but Bradley comes right back with a punch that equally touches up Chaves. Bradley really winding up with his right hand, Chaves narrowly missing the attempts. The left eye of Bradley is almost sealed up now, Chaves has to be well aware of the danger it poses to “Desert Storm.” 10-9 Bradley.

Round 11

The eleventh round opens with a low blow from Bradley to Chaves. Weeks gives Chaves a moment to gather himself, but Chaves is ready to get it back underway almost right away. Chaves continuing to target the eye of Bradley, who has his left hand up high to block any effort at furthering the damage. Nice body shot from Chaves, who seems quite fresh even with all the body shots he has eaten. Chaves catches Bradley as he steps inside, forcing Bradley back at distance. The left eye appears to be functionally closed here. It has to be causing Bradley some of his peripheral vision at this point. Chaves boxing effectively at long range here late, but winning rounds likely won’t win him the fight at this point as we move to the final round. 10-9 Chaves.

Round 12

Bradley’s corner using a bean dip can to stop the swelling to its fighter’s eye. Chaves walking Bradley down, seemingly the more confident fighter here in the final round. Chaves lands a decent right hand to the damaged eye of Bradley. You have to wonder with the sketchy judging decision earlier if Bradley’s eye will distract the judges from the action. Chaves pressing the issue here, but eats a right hand for his over aggressive attitude. Bradley catches Chaves with a shot, but it grazes the head of his opponent. The two turning it on here in the final seconds of the fight, but then raise their arms in unison in a showing of celebration. 10-9 Chaves (115-113 Bradley).

The Official Result

Timothy Bradley Jr. and Diego Chaves: Draw (Majority) [116-112, 113-115, 114-114] 3:00 R12


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