Trainer Firas Zahabi’s Wish for Georges St. Pierre Is to Find What Makes Him Happy

By Staff Mar 7, 2014

It’s not clear if Georges St. Pierre will ever fight again.

Regardless, Firas Zahabi wants his fighter to find happiness in whatever he pursues. In an interview with the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show, the trainer discussed GSP’s mindset, his current status and more.

On whether St. Pierre will fight again: “I think the only way Georges could really stay away is if he finds something else of interest to do. I think he’s a competitive guy. He’s still got a lot of energy in him. Just Monday he was rolling and he was having some good matches and he was tidying up the technique after … . It’s just a fun process that we’ve grown up with that I don’t think we could just stop. I think Georges loves competing. That’s part of him. I think it’s always going to be there, and he needs to find something else or he’ll end up back in martial arts. I hope in the end he finds what makes him happy, whether it’s martial arts or something else, making movies or whatever.”

On whether St. Pierre still has room to improve if he does come back: “If Georges decides to fight again, for sure we’ll bring him up to date. He’s a very trainable guy. He’s a very intelligent guy. I definitely wouldn’t want him to stop evolving or just use what used to work. I don’t believe in using what used to work; I think you have to use what’s going to work, what’s the new way because people figure things out. If you’ve got a really good double, people figure it out. If you’ve got a real good uppercut, people figure it out. It doesn’t take as much time as everybody thinks.”

On what he’d like St. Pierre to avoid: “I don’t want him to do like other fighters have done where they retire and they come back and get beat up by some kid. That’s what I don’t want him to do because I really believe you letting these younger generations build their name off you, it’s bad because they’re not that level and you give them your name. I think when you reach a level like Georges, you have to take care of that name and the guy that you allow to fight, it’s a privilege as well. … Now he’s still in his prime. Now he can fight anybody. I’m talking about five, 10 years from now, if he still wants to fight and this and that, I wouldn’t want him to do a short training camp or something crazy like that. It would have to be a real intent to win.”

Listen to the full interview (beginning at 33:08).


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