Trainer on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Next Fight: ‘Amir Khan is No. 1 on the List’

By C.J. Tuttle Sep 17, 2014
Amir Khan could be next for Floyd Mayweather. | Mike Sloan/

While the boxing world continues to sway in the shadow of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s second consecutive defeat of Marcos Maidana, it’s already time for speculation about who “Money” will be fighting next.

Mayweather has made it clear that as of now he only intends to fight twice more before retiring and focusing solely on his next endeavor of promoting fights under Mayweather Promotions.

On Tuesday, trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. gave some insight as to who he believes his undefeated son will fight the next time he enters the ring, and it’s not Manny Pacquiao.

“More than likely it won’t be Pacquiao,” Mayweather Sr. told “I would say Amir Khan is No.1 on the list, but that’s still not even permanent. There’s still a few other fighters out there. I can’t say who’s permanent unless they ask for it.”

Amir Khan might not be the strongest opponent on the table for Mayweather, but he does have a large contingent of fans in the United Kingdom, as well as in India and Pakistan. That gives him some drawing power, much as Maidana had with the Latin contingent in both his fights in Las Vegas.

But with the name Pacquiao swirling in the air, Khan is not the most popular choice.

Immediately following the “Mayhem” pay-per-view, Mayweather said: “if the Manny Pacquiao fight can happen, let’s make it happen. But Manny Pacquiao needs to focus on the fight that he has in front of him. If he can get past that fight, let’s make it happen.”

Pacquiao is scheduled to face Chris Algieri in November. What seems likely in a boxing purist’s perfect scenario is “Money” finally fighting “Pac-Man” in a retirement bout sometime late in 2015.


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